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Julia was lying on the lawn in her home's garden with her eyes glued to the sky. It was one in the morning and her parents were already asleep. 

The sky was clear, cloudless, and the moon and stars were the only thing that lit up that dark and stuffy Ghosttown street. 

The sky has always fascinated Julia, but the stars made her dream. She loved to spend August nights looking at the sky for shooting stars. There was always a shower of stars in the second week of August, and this year, Julia had one more reason to conjure up with the stars - she was hopelessly in love with her new neighbor, Tobias. A boy who had everything the other boys she had ever been with in a relationship didn't have.

Tobias was kind, intelligent, attractive and fascinated by the stars like her. She had seen him more than once from her bedroom window, gazing at the stars.

She closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to be lying there with Tobias by her side watching the stars.

Tobias looked at her and asked her to let go of her hair.

Julia had a beautiful hair, very well looked after, but she spent most of the time with him tied up. Now, Tobias wanted to see how she looked with her hair loose and lit by the moon.

She removed the rubber band, swung her hair to loosen it more easily, and put the band around her wrist.

"You're beautiful!" Tobias said with his blue eyes shining.

Julia smiled sheepishly and didn't know what to say, but managed to say "Thank you."

She used to look shy when someone used to flatter her.

And when it came to Tobias, she was completely embarrassed and even more in love.

She knew it was just a dream, but she wanted to stay in it forever. Only there she would have the courage to look at Tobias in that way, with desire and passion. And there, he was able to returned it.

Tobias took her hand, and they both fell back on the grass again. For Julia, everything was perfect. Tobias was with her and the sky was completely starry.

"It was amazing if we could count the stars, don't you think?" Julia said, breaking the silence.

"What would be the fun about that?" He replied, squeezing her hand a little tighter, their fingers intertwined. "That way we would lose all this beauty. You will notice that the more the hours pass, the more and more stars are lit up in the sky. It would never be possible to count them."

"You're right," she said.

Tobias' voice was like a lullaby for her. A sweet, cheerful and attractive voice.

"Besides, if it weren't for the stars, I wouldn't be here in Ghosttown and I would never get to know you." He continued.

She raised her face slightly to look at him.

"It was the stars that brought me to you, Julia." Tobias rolled over her and their eyes met, full of desire. "And you don't even know how grateful I am for that."

Tobias leaned over her and his thin lips met her full, pink lips. Julia's dream was coming true within another dream. How sad the reality was. It was better to get lost in the dream.

Julia felt a whirlwind of good feelings running through her body. Feelings she had never experienced with any other boy in real life. She had never thought it was possible to feel butterflies in her stomach. She had never felt them before with any of her boyfriends. But there it was, with Tobias everything was different. The feeling of butterflies in the stomach was both uncomfortable and fantastic. That little nervous of being completely in love with someone. The feeling it was to love someone.

Julia couldn’t be happier. In fact, she could, if her dream came true.

The kiss increased in intensity and Julia was completely surrendered to Tobias, but she knew that when she woke up, she would be alone in her garden again, while Tobias would already be in his tenth sleep. So she tried to stay even longer in the dream. She didn't want to let go Tobias's hand, ever. With him, she felt safe and loved, even if that love was only in her best dreams.

"Don't go, please, don't go." She moaned between the kiss, afraid to wake up.

"I have just arrived." A voice said, and she woke up from her longed-for dream.

 When she opened her eyes, Tobias was looking at her with a confused look.

 "What were you dreaming of?" He wanted to know.

Oh, gosh!

 “Hah… nothing." She stammered. Then she wondered if she could be dreaming again. After all, why the hell would Tobias be there at that early hour? And with her? "Are you really here or am I dreaming?" She pinched herself, trying to figure out if it was a dream or reality, but she was still undecided.

"I couldn't sleep, so I went to the window and saw you lying here, I deduced that you were watching the stars, so I thought about coming here to keep you company."

Awww! He had noticed her. She could never imagine that he would notice her.

"Ah, yeah, I was." She stammered again. "There is a shower of stars today."

 Tobias sat next to her and leaned back slightly, leaning on his hands. "You don't mind my company, do you?"

 Only if I'm crazy! She thought.

 "Of course not." This time, her voice did not come out with stutters. Her dream was finally coming true. She would see the stars with Tobias. And it wasn't in dreams. He was right there, sitting next to her, just inches from her and his face was lit by the moon, and she had never seen a being as beautiful and as perfect as he was.

 "Why don't you let your hair down?" he asked. "I want to see how you look with him loose and with this fantastic moonlight."

"Okay." she replied. Her shyness seemed to be gone. She removed the rubber band and waved her hair in the night breeze and it shone with the moonlight.

 "You are so beautiful, Julia." He said, and at that point, a shooting star crossed the sky and Tobias kissed her.

The stars brought him to her. From dream to reality.

Julia couldn't be happier.

July 21, 2020 16:59

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Ciaran O'Neill
13:36 Jul 23, 2020

Your story openings with a strong hook that engages the reader then moves to engaging and well-written dialogue. To make your dialogue flow more I would consider tagging your dialogue. Keep it simple!


Susana Franco
18:03 Jul 23, 2020

Hello Anthony, thank you so much! :-)


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Metaxia Tzimouli
10:28 Jun 25, 2021

Well done! I don't usually read love stories, but this was charming!


Susana Franco
11:42 Jun 25, 2021

Thank you very much Metaxia :-)


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