Whoa! whoa! There! I shouted to my horse to stop. His nose flared and the hot steam coming from his mouth was a clear indication that we had been going very fast. I pulled at the reins and he came to a standstill, just in time too. We were at the brink of a cliff, one minute more and I shuddered to think what could have happened. I dismounted and tiptoed gingerly to the edge of the cliff, still holding tightly to the reins of my horse. I looked down and caught my breath as I imagined what would have happened, had we taken one more step. The ravine below was filled with sharp pointed rocks and doubtless would have made mincemeat of our bodies.

I should be more careful, I thought still trembling with the horrible thoughts of what could have happened. I patted my horse and led him away from the edge and whispered,” Good job, White Lightening! I had given him that name because not only was he fast but his mane was as white as the drifting clouds overhead.

He was very gentle and was always surprising me with his magical behavior. This was not the first time we were in danger and he had come through with flying colors. Magical, I say, because that was what it was, my adventures with White Lightening.

I lived with my mother, sister and stepdad in a townhouse in the Northeast area of Scotland. We had just moved there from Japan and we were trying to settle down to life in the U.K. I was struggling to fit in at school and my whole family was experiencing what I called culture shock. There was so much to get used to, the food, the accent, the neighbors and the transportation to mention a few.I felt cut off from everything I knew and would wake up in the middle of the night hoping this was a bad dream only to open my eyes and realize that this was no dream. We had actually left my grandparents my friends and cousins, packed our favorite toys and belongings, boarded a plane and landed in Scotland .

This house was our second habitat in a year, my parents had to change jobs and my sister and I had to change schools. So here we were in another new house ’settling down’ . So you can imagine my delight and utter amazement when I discovered this portal in my house. Our house was situated on the bottom of a hill with my room facing the hill. I opened the French doors one day and realized that I was in a magical portal. I found White Lightening waiting for me and as I climbed on his smooth back, I was immediately freed from my world and could ride to my heart’s content. 

Riding White Lightening was the joy of my life and I was surprised we had bonded so well. Even though I had ridden horses before on my school’s field excursions, I did not own one and so my delight was doubled at the thought of having this beautiful horse to myself!

When I had ridden to my heart’s content, I would reenter the portal and was back in my room.

This went on for awhile until my sister became suspicious. One day as I reentered the portal, I found her waiting for me in my room.

’ Where were you ? she asked. I was calling you to show you my latest creation’.

 My sister loved to draw and she was always surprising me with her artwork. Her manga drawings were incredible and she had created her own website where she posted her creations for others to view.’

 Uh, uh, I was in the bathroom’, I lied feeling guilty, and surprised at how fast I had come up with a response.

 I loved my younger sister, and we were always together. She was two and a half years younger than me and we had shared many adventures together, except for this one.I was so enamored with my secret portal that I didn’t feel like sharing,. At least, not yet.

She had her way of escape, and I had found mine. I needed this outlet. I thought justifying my behavior.Sharing it with someone would only spoil it for me. Besides she might feel strongly about sharing it with our parents. I felt this would destroy the magic, and I would be caught up in the world of reality, feeling trapped in this new world with no way of escape. I would tell her one day, but for now, it’s my secret and I wasn’t ready to share.    

My sister seemed satisfied with my answer, and so I was relieved for the moment. Still feeling guilty about keeping secrets from her, I devoted my entire attention to her drawings which was no hard task, since she was very good at what she did.

Then I began to think about my experience that day, What if I hadn’t stopped in time? What then? I would be lost forever without anyone knowing what had happened to me. Oh! the pain that would bring to my family. I was old enough to know the pain that would ensue from such a demise. My family would be forced to suffer for the rest of their lives not knowing what had become of me.

The Law enforcement agencies would be suspicious and baffled and might even hold my parents accountable for my disappearance.I could just see my mother distraught with worry and bewilderment. What would they tell my grandparents? I know they would be heartbroken. I could see the sad looks on their faces. 

           Could I put them through this suffering? Did I have the heart to let them spend the rest of their lives not knowing? Did they deserve this? They were kind and loving and provided for me and my sister the best they could. I felt ashamed of myself and even though I was just imagining these events I was left with a sick feeling in my stomach. I knew then and there I couldn’t do this to them. I would have to tell them about the secret portal. I probably would have to take them through it and let them meet White Lightening, if they didn’t believe me.

So I made up my mind and went to the spot where the portal was thinking this was my last adventure. I approached it with fear and sadness, thinking how I would miss having this escape.

I waited at the spot where I usually stood and expected the magic portal to open, but nothing happened. Surprised, I put my hand up searching for the entrance and expecting the portal to open, but nothing happened. Frantically searching for the portal to open, I didn’t realize my mother had entered the room and was looking at me with a puzzled look on her face.

‘What are you doing?’ she asked.

“Oh, nothing”, I replied, thinking how foolish I must have seemed to any onlooker.

After reminding me it was going to be her birthday the next day and we were going horse back riding at the local stables, she left the room after checking to see if I had picked out the clothes I would wear. 

Well, needless to say, I was never able to find the portal again and was left only with the memories I had had. I surely missed White Lightening.

Knowing that no one would believe me, I said nothing and told no one about my secret portal.

The next day, we went to the local stables . Guess what? I saw a horse that looked just like White Lightening. I asked the attendants if I could ride him. To my delight, I approached him and called him White lightening. The attendant was surprised,

“How did you know his name?” she asked.

‘He looks like White Lightening,” I said smiling.

I patted his back and smiled knowing I could get to ride White Lightening any time I visited the stables.

April 20, 2020 01:19

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00:01 Apr 27, 2020

I enjoyed reading your story so much. It was really sweet and touched my ❤️. I really love the synchronicity within your ending, the part where she finds White Lightening in the real world. Great story.


Cynthia Obinabo
20:25 Apr 27, 2020

Thank you for your kind comment Cynthia. You made my day!


22:34 Apr 27, 2020

I'm so glad!! You should definitely keep writing :-)


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