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It’s been a long road and finally I am glad it is nearing it’s end.

My name is Nan and Today I am 73. It’s a good number. I think I shall cherish it for another 73 years. So on this special occasion I thought it fitting to share with you my ten favourite things. I know what you’re thinking. You wander how in 73 years a person could have only ten things to call favourite. Ha ha.

It’s rather simple. After so many years, things become really simple. The canvas is painted and the special things kind of stand out against the background. Know what I mean?

Well here they are. I call them Nan’s Special Ten.

10. The thing I call my number ten is something many have already admired. It’s something that’s not so reliable and it never stays in just one place. This thing I love and call it number ten is the seed of so many dreamy days. It is like a mind that is never full because as soon as it envisions one thing, it wipes it away and starts with another. It reminds me of the beauty of all my thoughts and experiences but it also teaches me to let go easily. As this thing is, so is my mind; a vast reservoir of thoughts, ideas and imaginations. This thing I truly love are the clouds that wisp across the sky making their shapes and patterns and thrilling me in the process.

9. This thing I love, I call my number 9 is something that is free for all and yet we cannot all acquire. It is a pure thing and some may even call holy. Without it we are parched and our lives are not prolonged. It gives invigoration and rejuvenation purifying us from the inside out. It is a shame and I have cried many days for the babies that could not be afforded it. Shame on men who create conflict and have no respect for the need of all men women and children to have access to pure, fresh and clean water. The thing I love number 9, is water.

8. This thing I love, I call my number 8 is something that colors my world and I think maybe yours too.  The creator must have delighted himself on the day he made them in his ‘make wonderful things’ room. What could be more delightful than these? They are red, they are yellow, they are purple and sometimes crimson. I can tell the difference. The creator gave them the primary colors and they made their own combinations of pure delight. In the morning they greet me and glisten in the rays of sunlight, dripping their dew as tears of joy to see me. In the evening we both close ourselves off to the world as we take rest in preparation for a new day. My number 8 are the beautiful flower.

7. This thing I love, I call my number 7 is something that I alone can see. Well, I think it is I alone. Who knows, perhaps you have seen them too. Sometimes on a warm summer day, I lean back in my rocking chair. When the sun is in just the right angle, it streams like rays through my bedroom window. Then I see them. Dainty little particles bobbing the path of the sun ray. They move along with such ease that I get jealous. They don’t let anything hold them back and I want to follow their lead. I feel special that they let me see them on those rare moments. They represent my hope.

6. This thing I love, I call my number 6 is something that makes me feel alive. I run my fingers through it and the warm gritty feeling makes me know I am here. Sometimes there are others moving through its warm chunky texture and they are also energized by this lovely brown substance. We have a give and take relationship that I would not trade with another. I give it seed, water, and fertilizer. In return it gives me green beauties, healthy foods and joy. This thing I love is soil.

5. This thing I love, I call my number 5 is something that I can't do without. It is dark and quiet. It is mysterious with no words but I understand it’s purpose. It takes away all my anxiety and all my weariness. I look to it and it says ‘Give!’. I comply. This thing I love is the night.

4. This thing I love, I call my number 4 is something that I cherish. I can’t do without it. To be honest, no one can for very long. When it is clean, it is good. When it is dirty it can be so dangerous. When it is forged in the presence of mountains and forests, it is the best. It’s crisp invigorating essence opens my mind and my lungs. I take it in deeply and I feel like I can soar above mountains and swim a

thousand miles in the sea. This thing I love is  the good crisp air.

3. This thing I love, I call my number 3 is something that is not always plain to see. There is a plot and often many characters. They are smart, they are dashing , they are sinister at times but all very appealing. This thing takes me away from my world and into another. It allows me to be privy to a grand scheme and I love the sense of purpose I feel. I love a good mystery novel you see.

2. This thing I love, I call my number 2 is something that I have grown to love over the days, months and years. At first it was black and bitter and I couldn’t understand the passion others had for it. But as I travelled the world sampling the arabica and the africas, the tunisian and the columbian flavors and taste buds were more than tantalised. Can you imagine there are those that add milk, coconut and vanilla essences, orange, chocolate and even plum to this delightful thing? I love a good cup of coffee.

1. This thing I love, I call my number 1 is something unlike all the others. It has been so many things over the years. It has been brash and naive, simple and repulsive. It later became bold and pig headed. It’s a wonder it survived all these years. But experience made it wiser. Loss made it more grateful. Life made it more respectful. Today it is my favourite thing of all but I could not say so 70 years ago. No, but today is different. My most favourite thing of all- is ME!

So there it is, my list of all favourite things. I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe even recognized a few items from your list. Cherish it with me and have a grand day yourself.

December 28, 2020 15:24

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Luna G
23:56 Jan 03, 2021

Aw, this was cute. What a very precious character you have written and I adore her lol. This was a very fun read and I loved that your character was an older person.


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