Drama Sad Suspense

Raven's POV

That's the thing about this city. They took my husband's life away. . It was just me and my 2 month old son, Zane. Their promises ripped apart every family. Including mine. I wanted to leave, I wanted to give Zane a wonderful life. They wouldn’t let me leave, they wouldn’t let anybody. So my only choice was to stay in my apartment, and try and adapt as best as I could. 

Zane’s wailing could wake up everybody. I bolted out of my bedroom and into the living room where his crib was squeezed tightly in the corner. My room didn’t have enough room for his crib and my bed, so I had to put him there. I lifted him out, holding his head. 

“Oh Zane…” I breathed, slowly bouncing him on my chest. 

His heavy breathing became soft coos. I rubbed his dark hair on top of his head, reminding me of his father. 

The next morning, I got a call from my mom. 

“Hey Raven? How are you doing?” She asked with a smile in her voice. 

It was such a relief to hear her soothing voice. 

“Surviving. I haven’t gotten my check yet…” Holding Zane in my arms while he slept.

I heard her sigh. “Well, have you asked your boss when you will get your check?” 

“I don’t know, Mom.” I responded. 

“How is Zane?” She asked, as I adjusted the phone to my other ear. 

I laughed. “Zane Lane is good.” I looked down at him.

After talking, I thanked her for talking and ended the call. 

The rest of the day passed in a blur. That night, Zane was in his baby swing while I caught up with work. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I grabbed it and turned it on revealing an unknown caller. I declined it. 30 minutes later, it called again. I again declined it. What was the deal with that number?

2 hours later 5 police officers broke down my door and held up their guns pointing at me. I screamed, and darted to Zane. I scooped him up while he wailed. 

“Put that baby down!” They screamed. 

I held him close to me and shook my head. 

“Now!” They screamed, pulling the trigger. 

I sobbed and put him on the couch. He started to cough, his face turning red. 

“Don’t hurt me please!” I begged, putting my hands up in the air. 

“Are you married to Hunter Copper?” One of them asked, their guns still pointed at me. 

Zane screamed. I swallowed and nodded. 

“Why did you decline our calls?!” He barked.

“I-I don’t answer those calls! Please can I hold my baby?!” I wailed.

“NO!” He yelled.

He rushed over to Zane and held his gun towards his head.

I ran over and held my body over his. I love you Zane.


Zane's POV (15 years later)

"I miss you mom..." I said, lightly brushing my fingers over her grave.

Grandma came and sat next to me.

"Its not your fault, dear. Its the cities." She wrapped her arms around me.

"She gave her life for mine. T-That's not fair." I coughed out.

"You can't blame your mom. She loved you so much, she wanted the best for you."

"They killed dad, they killed mom. Who else?"

She sighed and rubbed my neck with her cold hands.

"Don't worry, dear. This city will get better. I hope." She stood up, reaching her hand out to mine.

I said goodbye to mom one last time, and made our way to the car.

"What did grandpa say after mom was killed?" I asked.

She laughed and shook her head.

"Its the cities sin. Your grandpa was a wise, silly man. He blamed the city for her death. Which is the first thing he actually got right."

I chuckled and ran my fingers through my hair.

"What was mom like?" I asked, trying to break the ice.

She thought for a second, as we turned towards the freeway.

"A feisty one she was. She didn't take no for an answer."

We shared a laugh.

"But, she was a great woman. She loved you so much."

I nodded and sighed.

We stopped at a stop light and she put her hand on my shoulder.

"Did you know your dad used to call you Zane Lane?"

I scoffed and started laughing.

"That's right! So did your mom. The last call that we had, she called you that." She got off the free way and onto the main road.

"You will see her one day. Along with your father." She looked at me, and smiled.

"You have a lot of your dad's looks in you. You know that?"

I laughed, looking out the window.

"Oh come on! You are a handsome young man."

"Maybe the city killed dad because he was so handsome?" I joked around.

She shrugged and giggled.

"The city is such a harsh dear. Its just life..." She breathed.

"Why couldn't mom leave?" I responded, wiping my tears.

"The guards are blocking the exits. You can't. In fact, you can see them right there." She pointed out her side of the window.

We zoomed past a huge wall with a gate. Next to the gate was a lot of guards (too many to count) standing. On top of the huge wall was guns, and cameras.

We turned, and the sight of them disappeared.

"Why so many?"

She shrugged.

"Innocent people wanting to get a good life?"

Like mom.

That night, I layed in my bed and looked at the ceiling. I held a picture of mom and dad up and looked at it. They were in a garden, holding me, and laughing. I smiled. I put it on my chest and hugged it.

I love you too, mom.

HeYyYy! How is you?? Good? Okay so I know this is pretty sad, but I thought it was a interesting idea. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! I had a really fun time writing and coming up with the story line. Did you like it?? Make sure to follow me as I post once (maybe twice) every week! Thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys soon! Bye!! *huggies*

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