Mirrors and monsters

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Crime Sad Teens & Young Adult

It's a lonely life, the days go by slowly, and the time doesn't move. The only sign of a way of time is the meals, and even then, it feels as if they forget about you. But this is fine, they don't need to know that I am the one that must be punished. Well, not exactly me; myย other self,ย the one in the mirror. But in some way, I am equally guilty of the murder. I still don't know what happened, everything is still...unclear.ย 

It was a lovely winter morning, and Justin and Julie woke up early to play, making loud noises around our cabin, waking me up. The fire in our room was the only provider of heat in our house and by the time I woke up, it was gone. So, shivering, I set myself up to go outside and fetch some wood, kissing both Justin and Julie goodbye, promising to be back for breakfast.ย Promising.

I was walking through the forest surrounding our home, where I saw nothing but the reflection of the snow-covered winter trees. Just then, I saw a small broken mirror. Once I picked it up, I saw myself, butย notย really. The mirror was in front of me with a starved face, with lowered cheeks and eyes that were crying, 'Set me free'

I speak, well, me in the mirror speaks, your gut tells you there is something wrong here. You don't move. "Please! Help me, I am starving! I am you, and you are me." Said me in the mirror. There was a pause, I could hear my own breathing. But then, myself in the mirror continued to talk, screeching her demands, desperate, needy, but above all, dangerous.ย "I have waited so long for you!ย Theyย said you would come. They said, heย will come, and you will be free! Free me?" The figure in the mirror, you, but notย you,ย is missing fingers and teeth.ย He has been eating himself.ย Immobile, you keep staring at the mirror in horror.

"I found the mirror so long ago, It will take you to another world they said! It's happening! It's happening! Just let me out and this will all be over, we will be free."

"What do you mean,ย let you out?" You are surprised at the sound of your own voice. "This is not a door, I can't open a mirror." You are desperate not to let him out, and it shows. In fact, this could all be just a nightmare, and you haven't woken up. There can't be another him stuck inside a labyrinth, there is no way there is another world beyond the mirror. There is no such thing as other worlds, right? "This isn't real. I'll turn around, go home, and I'll wake up in bed and will not remember this, because this is just a dream." You smile. Heย is enraged. "Fine, I'll do it myself then!" He goes on, volume rising alongside his anger. "I'll enter your world by force and take everything from you!" At this point, you are not sure if you are the one who is shaking, or if the whole forest is quaking in fear.

Something is about to happen, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. "You should have helped me, you were meant to help me!" You in the mirror speaks, as cracks start to appear in the mirror, and all you want to do is run. Your legs, however, are paralyzed. "You will pay the price, the universe will make you pay!" The cracks are larger now, and all it will take for it to break and for the monster to be let out is one simple push.

"You will regret this." He shoves into the surface of the mirror, shattering it, and as he sets foot into your world, all you can see is red. He runs straight at you, and as you slump into a pile of flesh and bone in the snow, the red fades into black, leaving you unconscious.

It was the sirens that woke you up. Or where you actually asleep? You stand up, feeling wet as if you had just taken a shower. But you were not in bed, actually, you don't know where you are. You try to identify your surroundings, and find yourself in front of the dead fireplace. It is dark, save for the red and blue of the police cars' lights shining through the windows.

There is a loud noise, followed by screams. "Julie! Julie! Is that you? Julie!" But the screams are not those of your daughter: it is theย otherย you.

"It was him!ย Heย did it, he killed them! Take him, take him!" A shot is heard, and a body hits the floor. The other you is gone. But, what did he mean, he killed them?

"This is the police! Put your hands where we can see them!" The light from the police lamps' hits you straight in the eyes, creating white spots in your vision. It is once you've adjusted to the light, and uncovered your eyes that you seeย it. There is red in your hands, and surely your face is covered in blood as well, and it might as well be all of you, because you feel so wet and sticky and nothing makes sense. Julie and Justin are nowhere to be found and youย can'tย hear them.

"Julie? Justin? Where are you?!" The police approach, hitting you, calling you a monster for what you've done. "But what happened? What did I do?!" Every shout is more desperate than the one before, and tears begin streaming down your face, and you wail because a part of you knows what happened, and you don't understand how or why it came to this as your body falls limp beside the cold fireplace.

Death row is lonely, but it is fine. Here there is no chance of finding a mirror in the middle of the woods, leading to another you. The mirror inside your cell is covered, just in case, and the window too. You don't know what you look like anymore, and you don't want to know if you look like the monster in the mirror you saw on that winter day so long ago. Because you are sure of only one thing; the you in the mirror was right, andย you were the monster all along...

October 23, 2021 14:49

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Elliana Ramirez
14:58 Oct 23, 2021

This story gave me goosebumps, Akshara! Scary, and creepy in all the right places. Your action and descriptions kept the story moving at an exciting pace. I loved the ending sentence. :)


Haha, I'm proud of that ending sentence too. Thank you so much, glad u enjoyed reading. ๐Ÿ’•


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Rachel Rose
14:55 Oct 23, 2021

This was thrilling, interesting, creepy too. A bit confusing at first, as I didn't really get what was happening until the last part, but you wrapped it up well at the end! Gave me goosebumps! ๐Ÿ’—


Thank you for this beautiful comment, this inspires me to write more and better. I'm bummed about this story being confusing too, how should I improve writing?


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Ivy Spade
00:56 Oct 25, 2021

Wow! That's a great story! It kept me on edge the whole time!


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Keya Jadav
16:14 Oct 23, 2021

Woah...a total appal. You're a very talented writer Akshara and know exactly how to build up intriguing walls of tension. This is a very unique plot and caves a path, I least expected. The details and descriptions are well put. Great work!


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