It was the 31st of March. The day before April Fools. I stepped out of the office, soaked. As a joke, my colleagues had sprayed me with water from a watering can. I frowned, remembering the incident. Usually, I would only leave the office in the evening. But when I found out we weren’t going to be doing any work, I just got up and left when I got sprayed. Absorbed in my thoughts, I turned around the corner and bumped into my annoying friend. 

“Hi Karen,” said Stan.

“What,” I said annoyed.

“Why are you wet?” he asked.

“Don’t ask,”

“Anyway, like my ring?”

  It had a purple flower on it. It had some tiny wordings on it. I tried to get a closer look. 


A gush of water hit me in the face. I realised the wordings said “TRICKED YA!”, in big, bold letters. I felt so mad at him. He was always so annoying with his crazy tricks and pranks. “Ugh,” I said, spluttering out water.

“It didn’t hurt you. You were already wet,” explained Stan. I didn’t say anything but merely walked away.

 “Hey!” said Stan hurrying beside me. “Wait up!”

  I walked as fast as I could without running.

“There’s something I’ve got to tell you!”

I continued walking at my rapid pace, not stopping to hear what he had got to say. I stopped in front of my house and fumbled in my bag for the house keys. I took them out and inserted them into my door. Then, I stepped inside.


 A bucketful of water splashed on my head. I thought I couldn’t get any wetter but I was wrong. I saw Stan rolling on the grass, snorting with laughter.

“Hehe,” he laughed. “You fell for my trick. I did try and tell you,” he added, seeing the mad look in my eyes. I went into the house and slammed the door. He had tied a bucket full of water on the ceiling inside my house. Only I had keys to my house. How could he have gotten in? I smacked my head with my hand. I was foolish to give him the spare keys.

  I quickly ran to the shower, taking big steps so the floor wouldn’t get wet so I had to spend a whole afternoon moping it. I threw down my wet clothes on a basket and turned on the shower to “Hot”.

  A blast of icy water came on me. I shrieked can turned off the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel and dialed the Water Company.

“What’s the problem?” came a man’s voice. 

“My heater is broken,” I replied. “I turned the shower to “Hot” but instead, I got ice-cold water in the face!”

  I expected him to be serious but he just laughed. 

“Sorry,” he said. “It was just a joke,”

 I felt so mad I could burst! And that is why I hated April Fools. If everyone was pranking me so much today, then they would prank me even more tomorrow! I swear no matter what, I will not get tricked tomorrow!

  I forced myself to put on some soap and then go into the cold shower. Then, I changed into some clothes and went to get myself some lunch at a cafe’.

  I ordered a vegetable salad and a delicious apple pie. Soon, the food arrived, I saw one lonely lettuce in the bowl but the pie looked tasty. It had cream and some golden syrup.

  The waitress put down the bowl on the table and I looked up expecting to receive the salad but the waitress smacked it on my face. 

  I wanted to smack her face with the table! 

“It’s just a joke,” said the waitress hastily looking at the murderous look on my face.

  “Anyone who orders pie will have it smacked on the face,” read a poster in the cafe. I went out of the cafe’ in a huff and went to the pond to wash my face that was covered in cream.

  There was an ice-skating programme going on. It wasn’t really skating on ice because it wasn’t winter. The ice-skating was happening indoors. The temperature was really cold and there was a huge frozen pond. Plus, it was for free! I hurried into the building, not minding the cold and grabbed a jacket and a hat that some people were offering. I put on some skates and stepped on the frozen pond. I put one foot in front of the other and began to skate.

  The ice broke and I was in icy-cold water. My teeth chattered. As if I had enough of ice. As if I had enough of water! A few people pulled me out. They explained that the ice was very thin. Why was everyone tricking me!

  I got home and dried myself feeling hungry. It was already night so I put on my nightclothes, thinking the day was a waste. I got into bed and I remembered what I had said. I will not be tricked tomorrow! Yeah! I grabbed the mini calendar that I kept on my bedside table. Tomorrow was the 2nd of April. Which means…

Oh no! I’ve been tricked!

March 28, 2021 05:24

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Valerie June
23:00 Mar 28, 2021

This was hilarious! The repetition in this story really helped infuriate the protagonist. The part about the apple pie and the detail with the sign explaining it was a nice touch as well.


10:57 Mar 31, 2021

Thank you :) The story was kind of hurried as I did it in one day so I tried to write as much as I could.


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Ryan LmColli
19:42 Apr 08, 2021

First of all, a big thank you for such an excellent critique of my story. And coming from someone who's heading the leaderboard this is very humbling. I gave read a couple of your stories, and as I had mentioned I am a huge, huge fan of writing skills. Let me tell you, this is my first attempt at a longer story though I have penned four full length novels besides two books of poems. I wrote this on my phone, and hit the sent button without so much as a second look. Also, it's something to do with my phone button keys- I get confused and at t...


05:19 Apr 10, 2021

You're welcome, have a great day too.👋


Ryan LmColli
13:12 Apr 12, 2021

Dont forget to like and follow me for content!


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