“The world is a dangerous place,

not because of those who do evil,

but because of those who look on and do nothing.”                                      -Albert Einstein

Death is inevitable although how and when one faces death is what is destined. The blaring lights of blue and red filled the streets, my heart pounding, vision getting blur, the noise around unbearable for me. I take out the pills and swallow them trying to process what was going on around me. Why was I even here? How did all of this happen?

‘Maya!’, Donovan called letting me in through the barricade tape.

‘What is going on?’, I asked “Richard.” There was a long pause, “he was murdered. Mike saw him in the office with two bullet shots. Who would have thought that a police station itself could become a crime scene? No one is safe in this world, I’m telling you this Maya.’, Donovan said.

‘Where is the rest of the team? Is everyone here?’, I said ‘Yeah Right there.’, he said pointing towards a group of people who were standing together being questioned and interrogated.

The Precinct34 police station was established for the safety of the Precinct34 street. We were a team of eleven in total. Mike, Richard, Logan, Donovan, Ethan, Daniel, Jenni, Sienna, Layla, Lana, Delancy and me. But right now; we were all suspects waiting to be questioned.

“Maya!” Layla called out to me, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m trying to process all of this. Where is Delancy?” I said “She is being questioned right now. We all will be.” Layla said looking down. “How did all of this even happen.” I sighed looking around. “No one knows. Richard, Mike, Ethan and I were working for the night shift. We decided to take a break and go around for a while, Richard just said he wasn’t in the mood so he would stay. So, we left the station for a little walk. We were just around the corner of street when we heard gunshot and we ran back like crazy and there he was, just lying there. Lifeless. We all ran around looking for something, a person or maybe a clue but all in vain as the street was perfectly still and lonely. People started waking up looking out of the windows, curious about the source of sound. And here we are now.”

We were all questioned one by one, evidence was gathered, the station sealed.

Thoughts ran wild in my mind while me and Delancy made our way to the store after the questioning. None of this made sense.

“Why is this even happening; its driving me crazy. I can never imagine Richard being the kind of guy who would have beef with anyone. Why would this happen?”, I said looking around for some beer cans. “It is surprising. But I think sometimes misunderstandings happen. Maybe he triggered someone unintentionally. You see our brains are an amazing weapon but most of the times it ends up controlling us and make us do things we might not intend to or things we should not do. Don’t think about it so much Maya I’m sure they’ll find the murderer soon. There must be evidence.” She said.

“Delancy.” I looked at her. “I think I should visit a therapist. This isn’t right. I feel like I need help.” said looking down. “You always have us Maya.” Delancy said. “But if that’s what you need then you should.” Delancy said.

The handle felt icy in my fingers as I opened the door. The door swung open making Lana jump.

“You guys, what happened?”, Lana asked “Ummm a murder.”, Delancy said sarcastically. “I know that everyone is talking about it but who and what exactly?”, she looked at us searching for answers.

“It’s Richard.” I said hoping she would take it calmly.

“What she looked at both of us. Richard; the one who lived with Donovan?”, she asked. “Yes.” Delancy said opening up beer cans for three of us.

Me, Lana and Delancy were very close friends. We have been friends for a long time now; ever since we were ten, we even attended the same college and now here we are working and living together. They’ve been with me through thick and thin. It had always been hard for me to keep going but they all made it so much easier for me. My father was a murderer who killed my mother. I still remember that night when he came home drunk and killed her and all I could do was watch and cry in silence. It still gives me anxiety and nightmares; it still haunts me like a ghost standing in front of you staring at your soul no matter how much you try not to look at it. And tonight, it was another murder of someone close to me. The memories from the past had come rushing in my mind the moment I saw the body at the station. I was overwhelmed. To be honest I wasn’t that close with anyone at the station, Delancy was my only very good friend. But Richard’s murder was going to bring problems upon us.

“Should I tell them?” Lana asked looking down. “Tell them what?”, Delancy looked at her with a piercing gaze. “About Donovan. About what happened. It could him, right? I have no doubt its him”, Lana said tears threatening to fall. “Well only if you want to.” I said looking at her. “It’s up to you Lana but I think you should think about this. To be honest I wouldn’t want my friend to involved in a murder case. I know what he did was wrong and he shouldn’t have. But Richard’s murder has made things more complicated. What happened last night with you was wrong. But you have no proof whatsoever. With Richard dead we have no proof, nothing to support your statement. Trust me when I say this Lana, Donovan will get what he deserves.” Delancy said.

What happened yesterday night was no mystery to us. Lana had been dating Donovan for quite a while now. However yesterday Donovan did what none of us saw coming. He slipped a pill in Lana’s drink (well that’s what we think since Lana doesn’t remember anything about yesterday) and Lana ended up at his apartment. Things got nasty even in the morning, right from Lana threatening Donovan to him losing his temper.

“Richard saw everything happen in the morning. When he hit me, threatened me.”, Lana said.

“Lana, if that’s what you want then you should probably do it.” Delancy said looking at her.

“Well, I don’t know if I’m going to report him or not. But I have to tell you guys something.” She looked at us sincerely with pain in her eyes. “I think I’m going to leave this town and go to my parents. I don’t want to stay here anymore. I have decided to go back.” Lana said. “for how long?” Delancy asked, “forever.” Lana said. “I think I’ll be happier away from this town. Going back will heal me, give me time.” Lana said.

I couldn’t believe this. Lana was leaving us forever. But maybe it was the best she could do.

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow evening.” She said. “Lana that is too soon!”, I exclaimed. “Don’t worry. You can always come visit me.” She said.

The night passed by, while we drank down our sorrows until we passed out. The warm ball of light filtered through the curtains waking me up from the deep slumber. I looked around just to find Delancy and Lana lying on floor passed out.

“Lana! Delancy! Wake up!”, I shook them getting up walking towards the bathroom to freshen up.

“Delancy! Maya! You need to come here!”, Lana called out. I came running out to find Delancy standing near the door with phone in her hand. “What is it?”, Lana asked rubbing her eyes trying to adjust and recollect herself.

“Donovan. He is arrested. Layla just called up. All the evidence was found against him.” Lana said. “So, it was him wasn’t it?”, I said. 

“How about we forget all of this and spend the day together.”, Delancy said “Lana is leaving today and I don’t want to waste any more time.” she shouted.

And I must say it was a memorable day for the three of us. We spent the day together crossing off our bucket list and eventually biding Lana a goodbye. Now it was going to be only me and Delancy at home.

“Hey, our team is gathering up let’s visit them on our way back.”, I said looking at Delancy.

“I think I’ll pass. I don’t feel that good. You go I’ll head straight home.” She said looking at me. “are you sure you’ll be okay? I could come with you.” I said looking at her. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry “she said. “Okay then.” I said.

We walked back to the street talking and looking at the beautiful sky. I went to meet the team. We discussed about the whole story for while trying to process whatever happened in the last two days.

After a while we separated our ways, walking through the lonely streets. I swung the door open just to be greeted by silence.

“Delancy!”, I called out. Did she eat anything? I wondered, looking around. ‘She must be in her room’ I thought. I carefully opened the door peeking in, little did I know what was waiting for me.

I fell down in shock and disbelief to what was in front of me. This couldn’t be true.

Delancy was sitting on her chair, a gun on the floor, her figure lifeless and a bullet in her head.

This cannot be happening I shook her hoping she would get up. Hoping I would get up just to know that all of this was just a dream. As I shook her a note fell down from her hand. I looked at it and picked it up and read it with tears in my eyes.

“Dear Maya,

How do I tell you what I have done? Will you forgive me? I did it for Lana. I did it because I saw my friend broken into pieces because of that guy. I killed Richard. Now you might be wondering why Richard? When it was Donovan who played the evil. Because Richard watched. Richard watched all of it and decided to do nothing about it. We always blame people who do evil in our society and forgive the ones who watch it happen. Watching a crime happen in front of your eyes and just let it happen when you could save someone is also a crime. To be honest, death is an easy punishment. One shot and you’re dead. Nothing can trouble you anymore. What truly tortures a human being is having to live when you don’t want to anymore. And that is what Donovan deserved. Donovan was arrested because I wanted him to be. I was behind all of it Maya. Please forgive me.

Yours lovingly,


I cried and I cried. What was going on why was all of this happening to me.

“Maya. Delancy is not real. Lana is not real. I want you to understand that. Maya can you hear me? Lana is not real. Delancy is not real. I’m going to bring you out.”

And Snap!

I opened my eyes, staring at the ceiling. ‘Where was I? What was going on?’

“Maya, how are you feeling?” I looked around trying to comprehend all of this. “Where am I? What’s going on?”

“You are in the hospital Maya. You suffer from multi-personality disorder. Do you recall anything?”

“No. What is happening.” Maya said.

“You suffer from multi personality disorder. You started therapy after the murder happened at the station you worked at. You were transferred to this asylum after that. Your friends Delancy and Lana. They are not real Maya and I need you to understand this. You have been receiving hypnosis as a part of your treatment.”

“What happened about the murder case?” I asked looking at her. “Well one of your colleagues was arrested. Donovan. Yes, he was arrested.”

I looked around. Everything was out of my understanding. If Delancy killed Richard, if Delancy pointed the evidence to Donovan which led to him being arrested. If Lana was abused. If they weren’t real then what was happening? And then it happened. Memories came rushing in to my mind and I recalled all of it. Everything. Me waking up at Donovan’s apartment. Did I shoot Richard? Or was it Donovan? But how? How did I do all of that? How did I shoot Richard and how was I not arrested? How was all the evidence directed to him? It remained a mystery to me. Forever.

July 24, 2020 18:14

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Keerththan 😀
14:40 Jul 31, 2020

Wow!!!!!!!!! Nice job. Keep writing. Waiting for more of yours...... Would you mind reading my story "The secret of power?"


18:21 Oct 06, 2020

Thank you so much..means a lot❤❤❤Sure...i will give it a read@keerththan!


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Janhavi Kathale
20:26 Jul 25, 2020

Woahhhhhh 🔥🔥


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Tanishka Mali
17:33 Jul 25, 2020

A really good twist at the end you have there.


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