"You'll be going to The Republic's base." My commander Alsa said standing over me.

I looked up. "And why would I do that?"

She glared at me. "I know that you are the vice commander." She sat back down and slammed her arms on the table. "But I'm still the commander and you will obey what I say."

I give her a fake smile. "Of course, commander. I will go to the base of my most sworn enemies and risk my life for your needs." Alsa leaned back with a look of satisfaction on her face.

"You will have to steal the blood crystal from their center control room." Alsa said. "Take Maria with you."

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Not Maria."

"She needs experience on the field, and I trust you with my life."

How could I explain this to Alsa without revealing much? I knew something shocking about Maria. I also knew that Maria would die tomorrow. Is this how it would happen? I didn't want to risk it.

Before I could retaliate Alsa answered. "Maria. Take her. It's final."

I shifted in my seat. If Maria did die, it would not be my fault. I have learned from experience that I couldn't stop death. If it was supposed to happen tomorrow, so be it.

I had a secret. I was death. I could make people die, see when people die, and make people come back to life. I always knew that I was different, so when I was thirteen I found refuge at The Insurgents. An organized rebellion against The Republic.

"When am I leaving?"




I dodged death. Again.

I sighed to myself as I slipped in between the two marble columns concealing myself.

Why was I even here again?

I put my gun back into its holster on my waist and stood up. With my back pressed against the column I took out my hands and held them open. The guards who walked by instantly fell to the ground as soon as they reached the range of my powers.

I am death. Again.

Thankfully Maria, my only partner for my missions, was taking out the guards the old fashioned way on my left. I would be too if she was watching me, but she wasn't.

"Come on we're almost there!" Maria said excitedly. I scoffed at her enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong Maria is a brilliant agent. She is almost as good as me. The only thing that set me apart from her was that she cared way too much. Training at the Gliara pressed the humanity out of you. It just seemed that Maria still had some left.

"Yeah I'm coming." I replied in my normal I-don't-really-care-voice. I jumped over the 5 feet wall dividing me from Maria and followed her into the room ahead. There are dead bodies all over the room.

I see death. Again.

Maria jumps over the bodies easily, like she was playing hopscotch. She may seem like a cold blooded killer, but I know the real reason she doesn't look down.

"Is this it?" Maria nonchalantly picks up a crystal. A red crystal. Not red enough.

"Wouldn't you think that the blood crystal would be redder?" I snapped at her. She needs to get her head in the game. I let my eyes lead me to the ceiling where a large crystal hung. A red crystal. Red enough.

"It's that one." I said pointing to it.

"Do you really think that they would hang it in the middle of the room?" She asked as she rolled her eyes.

I pulled out a small device that was attached to my wrist and pressed it. It morphed into a harpoon. Technology these days were convenient, but expensive. "Ever heard of psychological manipulation?" The red crystal looked like a decoration. It was the perfect way to hide it.

Maria nodded, "I guess you are right." I threw the harpoon; it got caught on a decorative molding. Using my right hand I pulled myself to the crystal.

"I'll detach it and throw it down to you, okay?" I called a hint of exhaustion in my voice.

"I got it!" She said standing under me.

I reached to the crystal and pulled it right out of it's metal socket. "Ready?" I threw it down to Maria's waiting arms. She gripped it safely in her embrace and smiled.

"Thank you for all your help." She said a wicked smile creeping up into her lips.

"What do you mean?" I jumped down and unfastened the string around my waist.

Maria took a step back and flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Do you think I would really ally myself with The Insurgents?" She cackled. "You guys are skilled, but are also the biggest fools." She put the crystal in her bag. "The Republic will find you all and destroy you. So yes, I am saying thank you. Thank you for being so stupid." She lifted a gun and aimed it at my temple.

Bang. Nothing.

But only for a few seconds. I stood up as Maria saw the bullet morph into my flesh.

I reject death. Again.

"Actually your the biggest fool." I let out a small laugh." You betrayed The Insurgents, and I'm sure you know what that means."

She scoffed, "The general will be here any minute and you can't hurt him. That would be war."

I sat down on a wooden stool and crossed my legs. "You know Angeline, you should be worried more about yourself."

She reeled back. "You know who I am?" She stuttered. "You knew all this time?"

"I'm tired of answering questions that won't matter in a few seconds." I said.

"What do you mea-." I waved my hand. Maria, or should I say Angeline fell to the ground. She was dead.

I stood over her body. "Nothing matters if you die in the end."

I dodge death, I am death, I see death, I reject death.


What is it?

January 16, 2020 20:10

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