Relationship Beyond Tradition

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Historical Fiction Romance Thriller

"Divina ! Divina !" the girl fainted "what happened to you dear?" asked her mom with tears. 

"Nothing.I feel tired ma"

"You never ever listen to my words !"

"You're not eating anything properly for two weeks," also not sleeping on time ,

Divina moved from that place and went in her room and locked it.

"What had happened to 

Divina?" her mother asked herself. While she was talking, her husband Hebron came. "What are you blabbering always? 

Can 't you shut your mouth for a while "asked Herbon. He had his lunch and went back to his work as he was a taxi driver in bangalor city. The mother called "Divina! come out. have your lunch. "

"No ma. I don't want anything. I want to sleep for a while. "

Divina came out of her room in the evening and her mother said her to have tea.

"Atleast have tea now",

As soon as she had the tea,she felt like vomitting but somehow she managed infront of her Mom and her brother Hamelton and went inside her room.

  In a jerk ,she had a doubt of being pregnent, Divina checked the date of her menstrual cycle in a hurry and got shocked.

"Oh God ! Would it be...?"

She got ready and planned to go to her friend Beryl's house to find a solution for her doubt.

   "Mom ! I'm going to Beryl's house.Will be back in two hours".

"Take care dear!" So

Divina called her friend

over Mobile phone.The mobile

started ringing ting a-ling,

ting a-ling.But Beryl did n't

picked up her call and she reached her house.

"Aunty, where is Beryl?"

"She is sleeping" said Beryl's mom. She rushed to her room and made her wake.

"Beryl ! Beryl !get up"

"Its me, Divina"

"Why Divina? what happened to you?"

" I had a doubt".

"What ........! What happened?"

"I had a doubt of being pregnant".

"What ............!"

"Yes ! Is there anyother way to abort ?"

"What are you blabbering ?"

"No. Nothing"

She hesitated to inform Beryl and returned back to her house.

"Is anything wrong with you

Divina ?" asked her mom.

"No Mom. l'm okay!".

She called her boyfriend

Dong Lee, but he didn't attend

her call as usual.She became worried and her heart started to beat faster 'lub-dub, lub-dub' than before.Tonight she got a call from her boyfriend

"Dear! What happened?"

"I got many calls from you several times" asked Dong Lee.

   Divina bursted out and said about her doubt of being pregnant . The next day Divina and her boyfriend went to a hospital to clear their doubt and the result showed "positive ". She cried aloud out of fear but Dong lee held her and said " you are mine , I will never ever leave you ". She hugged him with tears and they went back to their houses 

"Divina! Where did you went? "asked her brother. 

" I went to meet Beryl"  

"No! You are lying to me

I saw you in a hospital ".

"Wha..........t!" She replied with a shock by rolling her eyes.

"Which hospital? What happened ?" her mother came hearing their conversation.

"No! nothing Mom" said Hamelton.

   Divina found that her brother knows the matter but didn't revealed it to their mom as it hurt her, 'cause getting pregnant before marriage is an unfair thing in their country,India.

   Hamilton came to Divina's room to have a conversation.  

 "Divina ! "he called with 


 "Bhaiya! forgive me! "said Divina with tears. 

His anger turned to pain after looking his sister with tears. She revealed the entire thing to him and said "He will never leave me bhaiya! "

"Give his mobile number" he said and took it from her mobile. 

 "Don't hurt him, bhaiya" said Divina.

He went without replying her.

Next Morning, Hamelton went to Dong Lee's house and met him.He promised "I eill marry her but I need time to speak to my dad".Hamelton became angry but he didn't showed it for the sake of his sister Divina.

"Okay" he said.

    As the days moved on there was a change in Divina's body.The mother called Divina and told ''Divina! Tell me what's wrong with you?" Divina stood still with tears.Hamelton revealed the truth.On hearing the truth, her mother fainted, her dad slapped her.She fell down.Hamelton holded his father but he shouted. ''Do you know what you have done?" Hamelton sprinkled few drops of water on the face of their mother.She opened her eyes but she couldn't realized the person around her."who are you?"what are you doing in my house?"She started questioning everyone who were around her.

  The entire family was shocked and broken down in pain .Her father started to hurt Divina with the arrow of words.

 "Do you know about our tradition?" Divina got depressed out of guiltiness.At the same time,her boyfriend changed her mobile number inorder to avoid Divina.The entire situation made Divina irritated. she started to isolate herself from others.she sat silently in a place for hours,that made Hamelton worried.He decided to find a solution for her life.He went to meet DongLeo's father.As he was the deputy collector,he got appointment on,06.06.2015 at 4pm. He met him "sir ,I am Hamelton brother of Divina"

 By his introduction,his face changed.Even though Hamelton explained the entire matter and the situation of his sister,He just keep on neglecting his words."your son promised to marry her"he said finally.

   "What the hell you are talking?" He shouted.

"Yes!He promised to me two years back. We respect his words ,but he had broken our tradition out of freedom."

"Oh God!Is this true?"

"Yes sir, I want to see my sister back with a smiling face. Sir,give me a word of promise for my sister's life".

   The old man..moved here and there and said "Abort the kid"

"She can't, sir. Please try to understand her health condition."

"No! She should do it. Tell her to change her mind" 

"What are you telling, sir? Please understand our situation. Please accept her." 

"No, she won't be a perfect match for our family."

"So, cheating girls in the name of love is your family's tradition. Right, sir?" Hamelton shouted at him and returned home.

The next day ,Dong Lee called Divina and hurted her with words of sword and made her die by soul and said,"The child in your womb is not mine. don't tell lie to spoil my life. Assure me not to disturb my family and me"

She cried and threw the mobile phone.It has broken into pieces alike her heart!

September 04, 2020 18:45

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