Dear Diary,

Today is my birthday. I just turned 12 years old! My mom got me this neat notebook as a present and she had the great idea that I should write in it every year on my birthday! My mom is so smart and pretty. I can't wait to grow up and be like her!

Besides this diary, Mom remembered to order my favorite unicorn cake from the good bakery on Main Street. That's the one that puts REAL CHOCOLATE inside the cake! Isn't that just awesome?! Mom even asked them to put this type of glitter we can eat on it! The glitter looks so pretty on the unicorn. And the picture of the unicorn looks really great. Kinda like it's going to fly right off the cake!

Daddy couldn't come to the party today because he had to work late but I told him that I would save him a piece of cake. I asked Mom to help me and she said she wanted to save the piece that had the back end of the unicorn because Daddy was acting like a real horse's behind! I thought that was really funny because she used the REAL swearword!

Daddy told me that if I wanted, I could ask him for anything to make it up that he wasn't at my party. I told him I want a unicorn or a bike! He asked what color bike did I want and we laughed a lot. I didn't understand why we laughed, but I like it when Daddy laughs.

I hope Daddy gets me the bike this weekend so I can try it out before summer break starts. Some of my friends leave for the summer and I want to show it off to them! I hope Daddy gets me the one with sparkling tassels on the handles. Those tassels as pretty as the cake unicorn's tail!

Dear Diary,

It's my birthday and I'm 13 finally! Mom says I'm a teenager and will be going through a lot of changes that will eventually make me into an adult but she won't talk to me about what changes. We had two classes in school but I got the flu and missed the first one. Nobody filled me in on what I missed. I asked my friends and their faces turned red and they starting laughing. I don't get it!

Mom got me the unicorn cake with glitter again. The bakery didn't make it the same way they did last year though. No chocolate inside. I was sad about that.

My friend Jessica usually leaves for the summer, but last year she didn't come back. I'm not allowed to have Facebook and I don't have any way of getting a hold of her. I miss her. I have seen her daddy at the grocery store but he is always in the “adult beverages” aisle and I'm not allowed to go down there.

Daddy wasn't able to make it to my party this year because he was away on a trip for his company. He said it was a very important trip to get a different company to hire Daddy's company for something special. It just sounded confusing to me. Daddy said that maybe he'll take us all on a trip this time to make up for not being at my party this year.

How cool would it be to go to one of those hotels that has a water park on the inside! Maybe we can do it right after school gets out for the summer. That would be a great way to start summer break!

Dear Diary,

I'm 14 today! My friend Marcus got me a really pretty gold bracelet that has my name carved on it. He said it wasn't real gold because he doesn't have a job yet but by this summer he will be working for his older brother doing yard work, I guess. I told him thank you then he tried to kiss me!! Weirdo!! I don't even like him like that!

Mom made cupcakes for my birthday this year because she said she was too busy to go to the bakery. I understand, she has seemed really stressed lately. Daddy was at home this year for my party but didn't come downstairs. He worked in his office all day. I even tried to bring him a piece of cake. He thanked me and asked me to put it on his desk, but he never looked away from his computer. He is still in there right now. He hasn't touched the cake yet. He hasn't offered to make up for not coming to my party yet either.

I still don't know where Jessica is. I hope she is okay.

Dear Diary,

I'm 15 years old today. I thought it would feel like I was closer to being an adult but I'm still getting treated like I'm a kid! Mom made more cupcakes this year but I asked her for a cake that had my favorite band on it. Ugh! It's like she doesn't even care! Her hair is really turning gray. She is really letting herself go.

Daddy, I mean Dad, was gone on an other business trip to China again. He has been over there for 6 weeks and said he'll be back in few more. He doesn't answer his phone sometimes and it makes Mom cry. She won't tell me why. I bet she is just going through menopause. I heard old ladies get that and cry a lot. I'll never get it though. I won't act all weird and cry all the time.

There was a new boy in our school this year. His name is Cameron. He use to live in California but his mom moved here for work. He is soooo hot! I hope he wants to hang out this summer. Maybe we can go up to the bluffs and chill.

Dear Diary,

I'm 16 years old and I got my driver's license! WOOHOO! I'm so so so happy! I can drive Mom's van to the gas station and back if I do all my homework most nights. And I ask Dad if I can buy a treat for him when I get there, he gives me more to buy something for myself! It's the best!

Mom actually got me a cute car cake for my birthday this year. She did good. I honestly wasn't expecting that much from her. Dad on the other hand, he once again let me down. I thought he would get me a car for my birthday since he has been working nonstop this year. Like, he totally bought a condo in China! Like, WTF?! I overheard Mom crying on the phone to her friend Joanne that maybe Dad has a second family there since he has only been home with us for a few months this year.

I bet he moved there to get away from Mom's drinking habits she picked up. I know she is drinking a lot because she asks me to take the recycling to the curb and there are always so many empty wine bottles in there!

Maybe when Cameron gets here later, we can try to find where she hides them and try it ourselves. Maybe I'll finally let him get to second base. Maybe.

Dear Diary,

Today is my birthday and I'm 17 years old.

Dad died last month. I guess this is the best excuse he has ever come up with to not make it to my birthday party.

This is stupid. I'm done writing in here.  

April 11, 2020 03:08

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Jeanne Marceau
11:01 Apr 12, 2020

I loved it, related to it a lot, how I idolised both my parents when i was a child but started to see their mistakes as a teen. The transition of the mother was probably my favourite, how the absenteeism of the father started to affect her more and more as the years went by. Just wished it didn't end so abrupt.


Victoria Jayne
14:34 Apr 14, 2020

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the depth of your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I am actually sorry I ended it so abruptly too. I wrote that one in the eleventh hour!


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Hamadryad 77
02:31 May 06, 2020

It's a super neat idea doing one entry per birthday, and I loved watching her change each time. You did well. I like how the short entries made me curious to know more about something the little girl brought up but then it would jump to the next year, and I'm left never knowing what happened. I wish so much that she could have stayed sweet.


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Hannah _ Jane
20:58 Apr 25, 2020

you really highlighted the issues that loads of teens go through . it was in a teens voice using their mindset not like a normal story or retelling . it was beautiful.


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Elaina Wyrd
00:06 Apr 21, 2020

I really enjoyed this, you did a really great job of evolving the character's voice to reflect the changes in their life and their own growth. you really nailed it with the use of the exclamation marks haha you crafted tone excellently! thanks for sharing!


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