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How could both fullfil the mission together? It was impossible! She didn't want to push her luck, she really wanted to take this mission. On the other hand, doing such this mission with him... She couldn't stand it. Then, she desperately asked, "Excuse me, but can't I choose my partner myself?" to her boss. Their boss was a bit of a moody man. He frowned and stared her, "If you didn't like my chosen, you can quit this mission and I can choose a more compatible agent." said in a dangerous tone. "Okay," she said. "Of course I want this and there is no problem. I'll do it with him." and she gave an angry look at her partner for a moment, she hated him extremely. Besides, she didn't know what to do.

Agatha knew why the boss gave the mission both of them. She was more knowledgeable about technological devices, and more skillful and faster on field missions, whereas Leonard could make smarter plans and decisions, and see the dangers better than her. They fitted each other like a key and lock. She knew that their boss probably had thought he was the excellent person to go with her, he knew their situation though. However, Agatha didn't care about any of these. She didn't care how much she went over the speed limit. While she went to her house by her car with her watery eyes that blur her vision, two drops of tears from the past rolled down her cheeks.

The person Agatha knew best about romantic relationships was her mother. Her mother had known her husband had had another relationship with another woman, but she also had children. How a mother could put her children in such a difficult situation? So, she had decided to try not to let her children realize that their marriage had been on a thin thread, and tried very hard to prevent their marriage from spoiling. However, as the children grew older, they could easily understand the situation. They had begun to hate their mother for not divorcing their father because of her weakness. They couldn't understand that their mother had been trying to protect them, until it was too late, and siblings had left each other.

After Agatha had studied extremely hard to be an agent in a secret service, she had achieved her goal. She was now working for the FBI, and she was proud of herself for achieving this on her own. She had known that being weakness bring just worse things. So, she had built thick, invisible walls around herself. She had taught herself having her chin up and her shoulders back, and developed her own self-esteem. Nobody would see the wounds in her.

Three years after her started work there, she had just got back from a mission, and her boss had been looking for one more agent for someone's mission. When Agatha had got back, he had known he had found the right agent. Agatha and Leonard had met this way, although both of them had been working for a long time. However, it wasn't that surprising. There were many agents there, and usually half of them were there, while half were on duty. And it would go on like this. You could never get to know everybody there.

At the first sight Agatha had thought, "What a beautiful and penetrating green eyes he has." at the first sight, while Leonard had thought, "What a strong, tough and cold looking woman, but the colder a steel is, the more fragile it is." and he had felt warm to her and smiled.

After their mission had been over... Agatha had never forgotten those times. She couldn't forget the kiss he gave her the day before they had returned. In that afternoon, they had been under the cherry trees in Tokyo. There had been only one hour for the flight. They had been waiting. A cherry blossom had fallen down on her hair with a wind blowing, Agatha hadn't noticed it, but Leonard had noticed. He had taken it slowly and said, "Do you know, you are as delicate as a cherry blossom," to Agatha, who was looking at him with curiosity, while he had been examining the blossom. He had looked into her eyes, and continued "as strong as roots of a cherry tree and as charming as a cherry?" He had put a tiny kiss on her lips. Agatha could not speak, but had thought, "Well, do you know the power of this kiss, Leonard?" She had felt the sounds of the walls crumbling within herself.

Although she had thought everything would be perfect, before long he inflicted more wounds her heart. After their relationship had started, Leonard had got back from one of his missions with a woman he had saved from terrorists. He had seemed to pay too much attention to her. The first person that had come to Agatha's mind had been of course her mother. She couldn't make the same mistake, she couldn't go on with someone who cheated on her. She had wanted no explanation. She had just broken up with him. Everything had been over. How had she believed? How had she thought she found peace in his green eyes?

There had been water under the bridge.

* * *

Next day, while she was leaving the house in a hurry to catch the plane, Leonard called to pick her up if she wanted. He had been waiting for her for minutes at the airport. "If you become a little more gentleman, I'll throw up, and be late. I have a car. So, I can get there, before you get here. See you." said Agatha angrily. Leonard said, "OK. If you cannot reach, I won't tell anyone to wait." calmly.

Just a few minutes later, Agatha was swearing in the car. There were more traffic jams than ever before. Then, she missed the plane. When she arrived the airport, she couldn't believe. He had indeed left without waiting for her. Before they start their mission, a cold war had begun between them. Her only wish was to be able to return without ruining things, but first, she had to wait for the next flight.

* * *

Maybe they will make peace, who knows?

May 21, 2021 20:48

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Z. A.
18:18 May 31, 2021

I loved Agatha. For me, she is a relatable character. She is stuborn, independent and determined. Also, I liked the tension between Agatha and Leonard.


Deniz Toprak
18:30 May 31, 2021

Thank you very much for the comment and loving Agatha as much as I do! <3


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