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This preface so real (profess aerial), yours truly chokingly (chicken or egg thing) conceived in sin (rated quirkiness), i.e. Cincinnati, Ohio (asthma most up to date version of Matthew Scott). Any attempt for garden variety generic fecund woman (applicable to mother dearest back during her pro creative years), whose departure early May 2020 delineates fifteen blockchain twelve month calendrical time spans) tries to successfully counteract biologic reproductive force to whit deserves grudging testes meant to garner at least tidbit prematurely ejaculated kudos (by Dickens). Hence in figurative nutshell explains mein kampf, where once virile papa, (now nonagenarian widower) once unleashed squirt, viz male organ, subsequently (son ova gun) now writ off as sad sack. Pitiful seaman trick unwittingly issued e - dick, a just dessert and apt trick. No fallacious disputatious spewed forth after swell vasocongestion. Erection didst intuit to activate downward thrusting trend, never faltering, nor thwarting penile servitude. Animalistic propensity in full swing, where offspring of genetic inheritance since Eve soffit to nibble verboten fruits a damn prickly outcome. Brake fasting abruption disrupted hardened half cocked drill bit. Attempt made to hit bulls eye courtesy time tested kit and caboodle, which oft times bore illicit propagation of species. Indomitable overbearing gen net tickle till foreplay liberated dill lib writ lee, pointedly and instinctually continue human race. A wool wide threadbare web slickly steeped with lit richer replete with nutty buddy knit tee gritty prurient details. Bacchanalian debauchery recounted attired as (convent chin null) nun such breakable classless habit. Nonetheless what a dog send to gift and empower women to inhibit any unwanted pregnancy (of childbearing age) knowledgeable with concocted abortifacient. Sacrilegious against patrimonial sacerdotal heft prohibited at every turn. Reproductive female choice needed to quit motherhood, while still within throes of childbearing years. Since time immemorial strong arm tactics (think forcible mandated heft imposed) to lyft uber penetration. Degradation deepened, no doubt begetting both parties miffed, especially within throbbing throes far drift from coy till provenance, one agitated fitbit feeling royally screwed particularly virility predicated on loose sing penultimate glue stick within seeker writ slit.

Unique one in a bajillion (give or take a million here or there) gametes (the cells used during sexual reproduction to produce a new individual organism or zygote) doggedly, yet inexplicably, metaphorically become linkedin yielding, (apropos of human biology) render one of a kind genetically constituted progeny. More often than not (if prenatal precautions followed), the miraculous product pairing a requisite gamete witnessing union of male and female reproductive cells (each comprising half the genetic material of the organism) facilitates healthy never before configured offspring.

Mister Kuntz, our family piano tuner, whose arthritic hands brought storied career to an abrupt end informed papa of young self taught pianist/piano tuner, mover jack of all trades. Christopher Wren said twentieth century polymath namesake of Sir Christopher Wren, an English scientist and mathematician and one of the country's most distinguished architects, best known for the design of many London churches, including St Paul's Cathedral, the aforementioned former a reincarnation (self taught electronics maven, poetic piano builder, comic strip creator...) of latter also considered founder of Royal Society, whose scientific work highly regarded by Sir Isaac Newton.

I took an immediate liking to said young man, a small number of years older than my post adolescent self, which extremely multi talented supremely gifted fella also strongly resembled diminutive version of purported rendition supposedly depicting the revered Jesus Christ. He also evinced profound scars on each frequently gloved hand donned without holes for fingers. Nonetheless we got on swimmingly.

Though extremely blessed with innate abilities said unsung hero, (who could also hold a tune, while playing fiddle) within his then approximate couple dozen years old existence. His earlier tragicomic life chock full of reform schools think truancy, scofflaw, jail (substance abuse), delinquency, et cetera. Despite his colorful and storied formative boyhood, he emerged into manhood relatively unscathed and received unconditional acceptance courtesy loving parents of mine. The measure of worthiness I learned to imbue (imbibed while steeped within birth family of origin) tended to withhold judgement unless of course flagrantly violent treatment doled out as attested when yours truly anointed as token scapegoat by various and sundry bullies.

Another vital life lesson constituted acquiring the importance to forgive, especially when yours truly acquired emotional maturity after exiting those tumultuous twenties of mine, which truth be told... psychological repercussions i.e. echoing reverberations within the windmills of mine psyche unseen blades etching, kickstarting, and scaring deep (purple) prose. Inexplicable difficult to interpret jumbled grooves (feebly striving to qualify as lofty literary Reedsy kool writing) commenced affecting me at start date/time (January 27th, 2020 1700:03 PM) of this writing.

Unbeknownst the about formative circumstances after biological Russian Roulette begat the corporeal essence of Christopher Wren once begat within his mother's womb. Impossible mission to guess any trials and tribulations, when said subject de jure got conceived. Who knows... Maybe series of unfortunate events affected those critically vital nine months in utero development. Hearsay gleaned thru grapevine recounts tidbits whereby his father and mother purportedly severely felt challenged by child, who most likely (purely speculation) bestowed with intelligence reserved for son hashtagged genius. Back in the day (scores of years ago circa early/mid nineteen fifties) far and few between facilities available (unlike resources second decade of twenty first century), when bioengineered offspring can offer swifty tailored (harried styled) custom designed progeny. Invariably (i.e. most likely) exceptional smarts found him antsy, bored, chomping at figurative bit, while strict no nonsense teacher plodded along with material he considered tedious. A hunch his lightning sharp mind leap frogged way beyond his mismatched assigned grade level. Rather than being teamed up with much more compatible classmates, he experienced grinding mental stagnation, which possibly spurred him to take to heart the popular catchphrase attributed to Timothy Leary - "Turn on, tune in, drop out."

Courtesy happenstance destiny found chance acquaintanceship with Christopher Wren when he oriented his life path trajectory toward gainful employment. Any rebellious antiestablishmentarian

streak tempered, mellowed, expended... whereat as school of hard knocks alum, he graduated, deployed, and attuned energies toward much more healthy enterprises.

I can vividly replay and/or conjure poignant episodes riddling pre/post pubescence existential angst veritably intimating, how faith no more prevailed, no matter approbation intimated toward Matthew Scott (me), who exhibited severely emotional/social withdrawn demeanor (profusely sweaty palms to boot), particularly when dextrous self taught piano player tickled who ivory keys constituted a humble individual cue Christopher Wren, this after blood, sweat and tears found his love labour's lost painstakingly working his fingers to the bone sketching than crafting piano.

Hence no surprise, when extreme near simultaneous self consciousness provoked intimidation when in close earshot as said superbly, nimbly, and adroitly, dexterously, magically wielded hand/eye coordination amazingly gracefully, heavenly, and instinctively wrought figment of an overactive imagination, which manifested brilliant creation, whereby two well worked hands fluttered, kickstarted playing vivacious melodies as time tested fingers skittered across seven octaves along keyboard.

Just an aside, but almost every modern piano has 52 white keys and 36 black keys for a total of 88 keys (seven octaves plus a minor third, from A0 to C8). Many older pianos only have 85 keys (seven octaves from A0 to A7). Some piano manufacturers have extended the range further in one or both directions.

Nonpareil innovative ingeniousness regarding gamut encompassing bounteous craftsmanship exceeded superlative feeble ability of English language to codify, glorify, l extant near infinite sensational Renaissance manifested traits exhibited as Christopher Wren nonchalantly evinced one after another exemplary skills, whereby each distinct deft diligent, (albeit diverse dogged pursuit) surpassed outward bounds of any mortal who trod the Earth since time immemorial.

Now concluding reedsy prompt WRITING CONTEST #175: Musical Genius, no later electronically date/time stamped than Friday January thirty first stroke of midnight suddenly finds me curious regarding current whereabouts of Christopher Wren. No idea where within the world wide web said polymath lives. He last hunkered down within quaint hamlet of Eagles Mere (near Williamsport) approximately two plus score years ago, perhaps proud papa of salutary offspring. Once upon a time, he set his sites squarely building architectural vocation. Mysteriousness prevails what became of Christopher Wren polymath including noteworthy sharp music maven, who briefly made habitué at 324 Level Road Collegeville. No idea if oft repeated obscure legend in his own early/mid twenties (eons ago) still alive.

January 29, 2020 03:04

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Jubilee Forbess
05:54 Jul 14, 2020

You've got a wonderful vocabulary, Matthew.


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21:20 Feb 05, 2020

Hey! This is great, you have a strong narrator here that is compelling and thought provoking! However, due to this narrator it's a bit of a struggle to read in parts as it reads somewhat like a very dense academic piece. Good work!!!


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