The Darkness of the Light Journey to Find the Sun

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Adventure Fantasy Fiction

Dear Unborn Baby Daughter, this is day one. I am writing this letter to you today hoping that you will not have to read it until you are an old woman. I don’t know if our world will still be here by the time you get old. The sun is dying, Baby Girl, and I  am scared. Death is always all around us and I am not scared of death. But, I never thought that the sun would die. But, it seems to be happening, Baby Daughter. The days are slowly getting darker and it seems that we don’t even have seasons anymore. It is just one long day, day after day. The days are all the same. 

Day Six

Baby Daughter, this is day six of the dying sun. The once vibrant sun is slowly becoming draped in the shadows of the impending darkness. Nobody knows how to stop it. Maybe because when it was time to prevent it we did nothing. Now, baby daughter, we are paying the price. I miss opening my eyes in the morning and feeling the sunlight come inside my bedroom window and feeling the warm sun kissing my cheeks like a gentle lover. I miss the invigorating feeling I felt in the morning as I started the day outside inhaling the crisp air as the sun worked its magic and recharged my spirits and gave me a renewed sense of purpose. I fear that I will never feel that again. The sun doesn’t illuminate my path any more. All I feel is darkness in my soul. 

Day 39

Baby Daughter, you are closer to coming into the world and the sun is closer to dying. Baby daughter, when I feel that when I was born  I had a heart full of dreams and I know that you will too. My days were filled with dreams and bright sun. I feel that you will not ever feel the sun and your dreams will have to be lived in the darkness of the shadows where it will always be night. If this happens, Baby daughter, I hope that it will not break your spirit. I hope that somehow you will take some joy in visiting the parks as I did when I was a child and swaying back and forth on the swings even in the darkest of days. 

Day 58

Baby Daughter,  the world has become  more bleak. The sky is darker now. It’s the darkest I have ever seen. When I go out at noon to the store or to run some errands during my lunch break at work the noon sky is covered with dark clouds and the sun’s rays try to shine in between them but baby daughter, you can barely see the sun now. But, there might be hope for you when you come into the world and for everyone else in this world. Elora, your soon to be honorary aunt, who is also an award winning astrophysicist, told me something interesting when we had lunch together last week under the dismal skies. When we were kids there was a popular mythical artifact that everyone knew about called Luminara. At least we thought it was a myth and didn’t exist but maybe it does, baby daughter, and if it does it is rumored to hold the power of the sun. Luminara is looking for it right now with your dad and a few other astrophysicists. I am hoping this is the answer. I am hoping that when the time comes for you to come into the world you will only see the sun always. 

Day 101

Baby Daughter, today is the day Elara embarks on the long perilous journey which will take her and the group across barren surfaces. She will be armed with her knowledge and brightly glowing lanterns. Her journey will take her and the group past forgotten libraries where the hidden texts will be found which will hint at Lumniara’s location. Along the way the group will encounter more people interested in finding some solution to brighten up the now darker skies again. Kaden will be among the people in that group, looking for the light. If the light of the bright sun is found again it will be the first time he will see the full sun in the sky. Mara is also there. She is a healer and is seeking to heal and restore our great land. 

Elara and her group will venture into the heart of darkness. They will face treacherous landscapes and find some remnants of other civilizations which had crumbled in the absence of the light. They will discover long forgotten technologies of the old world but they will discover one relic of the old world which will help them overcome the obstacles in their way to find the answers they seek. Baby daughter, they are on their way and may all the powers of the world and luck be with them. 

Day 115

Baby Daughter, it is getting close to your birth. I feel you kicking more and more. I know that you are anxious to come into the world and meet me. I am anxious to meet you too. The journey your future aunt is on with your dad will not be without sacrifice and challenges. This journey will test their resolve. They will dive deeper into the secrets of Astra and uncover the truth about the dying sun. It was not a natural occurrence but something more. It had been a consequence of a long forgotten experiment which had gone awry. Elara and her group will be guided by the new found knowledge and they will finally reach the hidden chamber in a cave of a city which had been long forgotten  centuries ago. The artifact will pulsate an eternal glow and hold the potential to reignite the sun and bring back the light which everyone craved. But, as they prepared to activate it, they faced something unexpected, a moral dilemma. Should they alter the fate of their world or let it continue down its current path? That was the choice Baby Daughter. 

Day 128

Baby Daughter, in the end Elara and the group chose hope over despair. With a surge of energy, the artifact transformed the dying ember in the sky into the radiant sun bathing the world in the light and warmth once more.  It felt like everyone had emerged from a long slumber and life began to flourish again. This would also be the day you would be born into the world. Aelia will be your name meaning sunshine.

January 12, 2024 04:23

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