Nepós and Fotiàs

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Fantasy Fiction

I am the lost child of the Blue Tribe. Blue Tribe possesses the water spirit which is known for its purity and innocence.

The other tribes — Soil and Wind — respect the Gods' decision to give rise to the Blue tribe as their highest spirit rulers of the world called Earth.

The people of the blue tribe are called Νepó while the soil tribe is called Láspi and the wind tribe is called Aéras. Nepós rescued me during the first massacre of the Blue and Green tribe.

Ah... yes, the Green tribe. Known for their burning temper and hideous traits. They are called Fotiá. They possess the fire spirit — the most dangerous spirit made by the Gods.

They hated the Gods, Fotiás hated how they created perfect spirits that provoked the Green tribe to hide in the dark and became the shadow of the Earth.

The Gods saw how pure and holy our land is, while the Green tribe was considered as filth and demons of the world where Fotiás lurk and dark magic exists.

The villagers of the Green Tribe swear that they bear no wickedness upon the world but the Gods reckoned that they are mocking their beliefs and that the Gods' decision was false.

The Green Tribe was forced to be executed but they fought back and killed the Gods with dark magic.

The Blue Tribe, Nepós, saw their evilness and declare the first battle in St. Chróma. The Láspis and Aéras did not interfere with their conflict and protected their tribes.

The Blue Tribe won the war with the blessing of "Άγαλμα Αγνότηταςe" — translated as Statue of Purity. The statue was built from the blood of the dead Gods that gave them strength and guidance to defeat the Green Tribe.

And I was there, I was crying relentlessly while watching them killed themselves to death. The Nepós found me and rescued me from the middle of the dark massacre.

It was a victory for the Nepós, the Blue tribe got the revenge they needed to justify the Gods' death.

After the first massacre, they inhabited the Earth peacefully. They took me into their tribe and named me "Blu".

I was comfortable with my Dada's care. Dada is the son of the elder, the Old Nepó, which guides them and leads them. They dressed me up and feed me. They cleaned me and baptized me.

Equanimity reigned over the Earth. Yes, the world was indeed harmless and quiet. Not until...

"Blu, I want you to run with the others. Promise me that you will run and never stop," my Dada who saved me from the first massacre is now saving me again.

The forest was circled with green fire! Nepós are screaming for help! Green Tribe ambushed the Blue tribe. They declared the second massacre without the Nepós knowing about their wicked schemes. 

"Blu! Did you hear me?" Dada exclaimed which made me look away from the Nepós draining their water energy to put off the fire spreading wildly in our forest.

I quickly nodded and mumbled, "Y-Yes, Da." My breaths were rapid and intense. He wrapped his hand around my hair and used his water energy to calm my spirit by kissing my forehead.

"They need you, Daniel!" a Nepó called Dada. They did not understand how the Fotiás became strong and that they succeeded in ambushing the Blue tribe. 

He looked at the Nepó who called him and created an unsettled expression plastered all over his face. He then looked back at me and ordered, "Go now." He went towards the others to help them.

Dada took in a deep breath and unleashed his water energy. Dada clenched his fist and opened it, releasing a bright light shaping into a massive sphere of blue water.

When he was occupied by holding his energy to keep flowing, I peeked at the Fotiás swiftly slashing through the Nepós water defense. Some Fotiás got through the water wall and fought some Nepós with their burning red swords. Fotiás swords used to be green but somehow the swords burned red. It made me wonder if it has something to do with their sudden great strength.

I saw a myriad of dying warriors of the Blue tribe, dark blood oozing out from their bodies. It was sickening. All of them were brutal. The battle slowly devoured Nepós and Fotiás burnt them to the ground. Dada saw me and yelled, "Blu! Go!"

I bit my lips and started running away from the battle place and went to the woods. I ran and I ran. Dodging the twigs and tearing the huge leaves blocking my way. I was breathless but I did not stop.

But when I heard a scream — it was a very loud and dreadful scream — I stopped and looked back. A green smoke fogged the sky and I watched it slowly turned to a red... bloody red.

"They were defeated..." I breathlessly uttered. My feet are walking towards the smoke, my body is shaking and weak while my chest continues to take in countless sharp breaths.

I went back to see the person who saved me. I went back to look at the tribe that kept me safe. I went back to my true haven. 

I hid behind a thick and tall bush while the Nepós are lifelessly lying on the ground. I even saw the Statue of Purity crumbling down to the ground. The Old Nepó and... Dada.

I gasped when a bloody hand touched my shoulder. I was stoned. I can't move. A Fotiá draws his mouth near my ear, leaving his warm breath on the skin of my neck.

"Good job, Prodótis. You made us, Fotiás, proud. You made the Green Tribe proud.." he whispered and let out an evil laugh.

"Y-You destroyed them..." I stuttered and slowly lifted my cheeks, forming a wide, victorious smile, "We did it..."

"Yes, we destroyed the Statue of Ignorance given to these foolish corpses!" he exclaimed.

He stood in front of me with blood sliding down on his hand. He grinned widely as he saw my overwhelmed face.

"Thank you for destroying that statue of purity. We are grateful to have you, offering yourself as our savior."

"You are welcome, Old Fotiá..."

"No, you shall call yourself as God... everyone must call themselves God!" he shouted and the others cheered.

"The Gods failed to be our Gods," he caressed my hair before adding, "Now, who shall conquer the world other than us? Isn't that right, my child?"

February 26, 2021 18:15

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B Easton
07:35 Mar 11, 2021

Good story. I had fun reading it


Meggysa Nine
16:54 Mar 11, 2021

Thank you, Easton. I am so happy that you enjoyed it. ❤❤❤


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Meggysa Nine
03:49 Mar 02, 2021

Lol. I think it doesn't fit in the given prompt. Aish. 🤣


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