Adventure Mystery Suspense


Deceit (Part 2)

(Read part 1 first)

I noticed they left my flute as they were in such a rush. I scooped up the flute and felt the weight of it in my palm. The smooth brass felt amazing against my bruised and beaten skin. I continued to explore the room I was in. I walked around the walls; all cement, the huge metal door, and a small child-like chair. Something brushed my hand and my head shot down. The corpse was no longer where it used to be. Terrified, I quickly glanced around the room. I felt my face reddening and the walls closing in. I rushed to the door and started pushing, pulling, and banging, pleading for an escape. I felt my chest tightening, as I ripped the handle clean off the door. The door collapsed. I grabbed and did not hesitate to get the hell out of there. After I rounded the corner, I heard someone's voice. I knew that voice! Finleys. I raced to where it was coming from, and saw not Finley? But I knew I heard his voice. Puzzled, I backed away cautious not to make any noise.

I almost bumped into someone. A dark shape took form. I gripped my flute tightly. “Shhh.” The figure whispered. It gestured for me to follow it, skeptical I did. It led me around the corner to an all-white room. It looked like the inside of a marshmallow, an evil marshmallow, but a marshmallow nonetheless. I sat in this blob-like chair, god it even felt like a marshmallow. I noticed the figure creeping out the room and three new ones emerging. I quickly realized I was stuck. The chair wrapped around me. The goo tightening around my arms and legs. I tried to scream just as it covered my face. I was more trapped, scared, and alone than ever. I felt so empty inside. It was awful. I couldn’t tell how much or how little time had passed, all I know is that it got me thinking. Good and bad. Evil and nice. Deceitful and honest. It's all boring. It just doesn’t matter. It all just goes around and comes around, again and again, and again. Like a spiral, forever tightening and forever widening. Someone is always going to be good and someone is always going to be bad. There is no way around it. There has to be good to balance out the bad, otherwise, we would all just like in a giant hell-hole. 

I guess enough time had passed because I awoke to hands gripping me tightly and the sound of scurrying footsteps. As I attempted to glance around the room, I started to panic. Everything was black. I felt as if I was trapped in a permanent state of darkness. The scurrying had stopped. As someone carefully placed me on the ground, I was released from the darkness and I found myself standing in front of a mirror in an all-white bathroom. I watched as a figure rushed out of the room, they muttered something I barely heard. “Wash up quickly now, we wouldn't want to piss off the master.” I did as I was told I splashed my skin with ice-cold water, and combed my hair back. I found a plain black dress laying on a bench for me, I quickly pulled off my plain tattered t-shirt and pulled the dress on. I raced out of the door once, I was done, finding a figure in a red cloak waiting for me. I couldn’t see their face, as they led me down the narrow hall, but I knew something was off. I made my way quickly and quietly, cautious not to make any noise. We arrived at a tall, blood-red door. The figure left abruptly, leaving me stranded in front of the door. Sighing, I raised my hand to knock. The door creaked open just before I laid my hand on the carven wood. 

I walked down the red carpet, taking in the room. It was made of rock, with jagged edges poking about. I noticed the floor had skulls, sprawled upon it. At the back edge of the room, sat a throne. Upon it, I saw the last person I ever expected to see. Finley. My, Finley. I rose to his feet and greeted me with a booming voice, “HELLO, VERILA!” Terrified, confused, and angry, I shouted back, “WHAT THE HELL FINLEY!” He was taken back by surprise. “Verila, that is no way to talk to your new master. Especially after all I have done for you.” NEW MASTER?! ALL I HAVE DONE FOR YOU?! Yeah, sorry Finley, but I don’t see myself thanking you ANYTIME soon. I stood there in silence. I was stunned. How could he of all people do this to me? He was my person. He had hugged me, kissed me, and had loved me for god’s sake. I turned to leave, to where? I didn’t know. As I started to make my way back to the door, Fin screamed at me like he was five years old or something. “VERILA, HAVE I NOT BEEN AN AMAZING FRIEND, THEN BOYFRIEND, THEN FIANCE TO YOU FOR ALL THESE YEARS?” 


I ran out of the room before he had the chance to reply. I kept running and running and I ran straight out of the building. I found myself in a forest surrounded by thick oak trees and piles and piles of stones. I heard the sound of fast pace rushing water. I ran towards the water in hopes of finding a sailboat or something. Alas, to my surprise there was none. I slouched against a pile of rocks. “Great, I thought, I’m trapped here. God knows where on some island my fiance made to keep me, what imprisoned? Enslaved?” Sighing I picked myself up off the ground in search of some way off the island.

May 04, 2021 18:48

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