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Christmas Inspirational Drama

                       Jeffery’s Wish

    He climbed up in Santa's lap with a giggle. Jeffery may be only six, but he sure isn't shy.

Poor, Santa, didn't know what hit him.

"I want a superhero for Christmas, Santa. Do you know which one I want?"

"No little boy I don't. What is your name?

"My name is Jeffery Simon. I'm so excited. The superhero I want is five feet eleven inches tall"

    "That's a big superhero Jeffery. Are you sure you want one that tall?"

    "Oh yes, Santa, you see he is very brave. He protects me. You are the only one that can get him for me, Santa. I asked my grandma about it. She told me to ask you. You see my mom died when I was born. I must have been the reason. Grandma said that I wasn't the reason. But anyway, I never knew her. So, grandma has been raising me till my superhero comes.

Santa's eyes got big with confusion.

"Does this superhero have a name Jeffery?"

"Oh yes, Santa, he’s, my daddy. He's in Af, Afghan.”


    "Yes, that place. It's a long way from here. He's fighting bad people. I haven't seen daddy in a year. Do you think you can get my superhero for me, Santa?"

A tear trickles down Santa's cheek. He wiped it quickly.

"I don't know if I can, Jeffery. Santa will try."

    "That's good enough for me, Santa. I believe you can do it. Thank you for that"

Jeffery jumps down from Santa's lap and runs to his grandma. She hugs him tightly and takes his hand, and they head to the car for home.


On Christmas Eve....

"Jeffery, come help grandma hang the stockings."

Jeffery stops his drawing at the table and walks to the den where grandma has hung two stockings over the fireplace.

    "Where's Daddy's stocking grandma? You forgot his stocking. You know the blue one." Tears start to well up in his eyes, and they start spilling down his cheeks.

"Wait, Jeffery, please don't be upset. Here it is in this box. Let me wipe those tears. There that's better."

She picks up the stocking and hands it to Jeffery. Then she lifts him up to reach the mantle. He gently hangs it on the hook.

    "Thank you, Grandma; I'm sorry I got mad. It's just daddy's not here. And if his

stocking is hanging here; I can look at it and pray for him to come home. He's my superhero you know, Grandma."

    "Yes, Jeffery he is a superhero. I pray for his safe return every day. Let's go to the town square tonight and join the caroler's. What do you say?"

"I don't know, Grandma, I want to be alone for a while. Do you mind?"

"No, I will make some cookies. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me. Will you be, okay?"

    "Yes, Grandma, I will be fine. I hope Santa can get what I want for Christmas this year. I do want my superhero, Daddy, to come home. But if he can't right now, I understand. But Grandma,

I do ask God to keep him safe till he can."

    "Hey! That's it. Maybe if I go to church service tonight and pray, God will hear me and help Daddy. Grandma, can we go to Christmas eve service tonight?"

"I don't see why not, Jeffery. I'll stop what I'm doing and get ready. Change your clothes. I'll be ready shortly."

Okay, Grandma right away. I hope God will hear me tonight. I will pray hard. I

better hurry."

    "Jeffery, are you ready? I'm going to start the car, come along."

"I'm coming, Grandma, just give me a couple of minutes."

As grandma opens the door, she sees a man in uniform walking toward her.

"Hello, Madam, I have a telegram for you. Sign here please."

"What a telegram. Who would be sending me a telegram? What's wrong? It's my son, isn't it?"

"I'm sorry madam."

Grandma holds the envelope tightly in her hand. “Oh, dear Lord, I need your strength. Please help me to be strong."

She opens the envelope and reads the message....

"I am sorry to inform you that Captain Simon is 'missing in action'. There was a mortar attack on his command of soldiers. Several were killed. Captain Simon was not found among the dead. We will continue to look for him. Regrets, Major


"Oh no, please, Lord find him and keep him safe. Jeffery, I've got to hide this letter, so Jeffery won't find out. I'll put it in my purse."

 Jeffery comes up behind her...

"Okay, Grandma, I'm ready to go. I've got to pray hard and hope God hears me."

 "We both will, Jeffery."

"What's wrong, Grandma? Why are you crying?"

"Oh, it's nothing, Jeffery, I have some of the flour in my eye, let's go."

They soon arrive at the church....

    "Oh, Grandma, listen to the beautiful songs." 'Hark the herald angels sing'....

"Let's go in Jeffery."

"Let's sit right here Grandma. We can see well in this spot, and God can see us sitting here."

The Minister speaks...

"My dear people let's have a testimony or two before we pray. Who will be first?"

"I will, came a voice from the back of the church. I want to thank God for giving me a wonderful husband and a healthy baby boy."

  "Grandma, what does testimony mean?"

"Jeffery, it's thanking and telling what God has done in your life." "Oh okay, please sir! I want to testify. I don't know if I'm doing this right."

Jeffery stands to his feet...

    I want to thank God for my, Grandma who has been taking care of me. She is the greatest Grandma in the world. You see my Daddy is in a faraway place fighting to keep us free. I want to ask God to hear my prayer. My daddy is in danger, and I want to ask God to bring him home safely. I would really like him to come home for Christmas. I know everything is possible with God. So, I'm asking him now if he pleases to allow my Daddy to come home. I hope he hears me?"

"What is your name son?"

"My name is Jeffery Simon sir."

"Jeffery, God heard your prayer tonight," he said as he wiped a tear away. Remember God knows what is best for us."

The minister continued with the service. When he dismissed the service Jeffery and his grandma headed home....

In the car...

"Grandma, I feel better now. God heard me."

"Yes, Jeffery, he heard you."

"Grandma, I think when we get home; I'm going to go to bed."

"But why, Jeffery, it's only seven pm?"

Jeffery lowered his head... "I want to allow God to have time to answer my prayer."

"Oh, all right, Jeffery, here we are, let's go in. I think I'll finish my baking."

"I'll see you in the morning Grandma, I love you." He hugs and kisses her.

Grandma sits in her chair in the den....

    "Oh, God, please help me to find the right words to tell Jeffery about his father, when he sees his father hasn't come home. I can't keep this from him any longer Dear Lord."

She goes to Jeffery's room and peeks in...

    "Hi, God, It's me again. I just want to thank you for tonight. I learned how to testify. Thank you for that. The Christmas songs were great. I saw so many happy people. God, I know my Daddy is in your hands. I just wanted to tell you that I love my Daddy very much, and he needs me God, like I need him. So, since he is in your hands, no matter what happens I thank you for being there for him, I love you God. Goodnight."


Next morning....

  "Jeffery, its Christmas. See what Santa brought you."

He jumps out of bed and scampers to the den....

"Is he here, Grandma? Is Daddy here?"

"No, Jeffery, your Daddy isn't here. I've got something I need to tell you."

"No, Grandma, I'm going to wait for Daddy to open my presents."

"Please, Jeffery come sit by me. I need to talk to you."

"What is it, Grandma? I know Daddy is coming today. I just know it."

 "Jeffery, please come here."

"Okay, Grandma, I'm listening."

He sits in front of her on the floor looking up at her with wondering eyes.

  "Jeffery, I received a telegram last night before we left for church."

"What's a telegram, Grandma?"

"Well, it's a message in a letter."

"From whom Grandma?"

"It was from Major Paul. He oversees the soldiers where your Daddy is stationed."

"What did it say, Grandma? Daddy is going to be late, isn't he?"

"Jeffery, you know how your Daddy has been fighting to keep us safe?"


"Well, there was a battle going on with his troops and the enemy. A lot of the men were hurt."

"Did they die Grandma?"

 "Yes, some of them did. It was an awful battle. And when it was over, they could find all the men except for your Daddy. He was never found. They call that 'missing in action' Jeffery."

    Grandma, no! Daddy is okay. I prayed hard last night. I know God heard me. Daddy is on his way home right now. You'll see Grandma."

"Jeffery, please listen, Daddy is somewhere. They are still looking for him."

"Oh, Grandma, I don't believe that. He will come home." Tears streaming down his face, he runs to his room sobbing.

He finally cried himself to sleep.

In the meantime, Grandma receives a phone call....

    "Hello, yes this is Ms. Simon. Yes, I have a son named Jefferson Simon. What! Did you find him? Is he alive? O blessed Lord, thank you. Yes, I can come to the army hospital. I'm on my way."

"He wants to see me alone. He doesn't want to see his son yet. Okay, I'm leaving now."

She calls a neighbor to stay with Jeffery and leaves after telling her the situation. #####

As she arrives at the army hospital...

    "Excuse me, I 'm here to see my son. His name is Captain Jefferson Simon. Will you tell me what room he's in?

    "Oh yes, Ms. Simon, we have been expecting you. He's in room 2525.

Just take the elevator to the second floor."

"Thank you so much."

"You're welcome, madam."

As she enters her son's room....

 "Jeff, Oh Jeff, they told me you were missing in action in a telegram. I thought you were dead.

I'm so thankful that you are alive."

    "I'm okay, Mama. I only lost my right leg below the knee. I will be good as new when I heal, and they make me a prosthetic leg."

"Tell me how you and Jeffery are doing? "

    "I'm fine; Jeff, but Jeffery is terribly upset. I had to tell him about you being missing. He thinks you're still coming home. He hasn't given up on your return. He cried himself to sleep this morning he refused to believe that he wouldn't see you again. I left him sleeping. Ms. Dew our neighbor is with him."

    "I want to see him, Mama. I've asked the doctor to let me go out for a few hours. They told me I could. I want to see my son. I miss him so much. There was a time there when I thought I wouldn't see you and Jeffery again. Then something happened while I was laying there on the ground. I heard a child's voice. It said, 'I need him, God, and he needs me'. I thought I was hallucinating. It sounded like Jeffery, Mama."

"That's incredible Jeff. That's what Jeffery prayed last night!"

    "It is? I 've got to see my son."

"They are going to transport me home in about 30 minutes." "All right, I'll go home and wait for you to arrive. See you there."

She hugs him and heads home....

Shortly arriving home, she keeps watch out the window and on Jeffery as he sleeps.

As the ambulance arrives, she meets them at the door.

    "Thank the Lord, you have arrived. Let's get you in the house."

 "Where's Ms. Dew, Mama?"

"I thanked her for staying and told her we would be all right. So, she went home. She said she would come back later."

The two ambulance men ease Jeff in a wheelchair and pick it up and carry him inside the door.

    "I can make it now, thank you so much."

"We'll be back in a few hours Captain Simon. See you then said one of the men."

They closed the door behind them. Jeff turns toward his mother...

"Where is Jeffery?"

"He's in his room asleep, Jeff."

"Okay, Mama, just open his door for me. I want to be alone with him for a few minutes." "All right, Jeff, the door is open."

"Thanks, Mama."

He wheels to the bed and gently touches his son's face.

    "Jeffery, its Daddy. Wake up, I'm home, Jeffery." Jeffery stirs and rubs his swollen red eyes.

"Daddy? Is that really you or am I dreaming?"

"It's really me, you're not dreaming."

Jeffery jumps up and hugs and kisses his Daddy sobbing.

"Oh, Daddy, you have come home just like I prayed you would. I love you so much Daddy."

"But grandma said there was a battle, and the army couldn't find you."

    "They found me after the telegram was sent. I am good Jeffery. I wanted to come home to let you know I'm all right. I just lost my right leg. But the army doctor is going to make me another one, and then I can walk again."

"I'm so sorry you lost a leg, Daddy."

    "Jeffery, I heard your voice praying as I was laying on the ground before they found me. I heard you say I needed you and that you needed me."

"Yes, Daddy, I told God that you needed me, and I needed you. I love you, Daddy. I thank God for answering my prayer. Now we will have a wonderful Christmas because God answered my prayer."

Thank you, God.

December 02, 2022 18:44

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Wendy Kaminski
22:51 Dec 14, 2022

This was so touching, Rita. I am glad for such a happy ending for them all!


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