Two Years Later (Part 2: Where ever you are)

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Fiction Suspense Mystery

Thomas's eyes fluttered open, and sighed when he realized that it was still the middle of the night. Why couldn't this torturous be over?

He swung his legs out of bed and dragged himself to the window. He pressed his head against the cold glass, and looked down at the streets below him. It may have been 3 am but the highways were still brightly lit by head and tail lights.

"It's been a week, and I still haven't found Reanna." Thomas's thoughts kept reminding him. He ran his fingers through his hair, and sighed for the second time.

Thomas then made the decision not to go back to bed; instead he decided to start working early. After getting dressed, Thomas turned on the lamp, and looked through the papers on his desk with a cup of tea next to him.


Reanna paced back and forth in the room she was currently in. Her head was throbbing and there were drops of sweat streaming down her forehead.

"How long have I been here? It feels like it's been at least a week." Her mind felt like it had been tortured.

Reanna scanned the room for the hundredth time, and again saw there was now windows and the only one door, which she knew was locked.

Exhausted, she sighed deeply, and slumped to the wooden floor. Reanna then placed one hand on her head and tightly gripped her hair as tears stung her eyes.


The sudden sound made Reanna perk and tense every muscle in her body. She looked and her eyes went wide as she saw the doorknob twist. There could be two things that could happen: one, this could be Thomas coming to rescue her, or two, it could be her captor Jaxon again.

Unfortunately it was the latter, and her breathing quickened as she saw the smirking face of her so-called cousin.

"Good morning. Are you ready to go?" he asked, keeping the smirk, as he pulled zip-ties out of his pockets.

Looking at the zip-ties caused Reanna's wrists to sting, and pressed them closer to her body. "W...Where?" she stuttered, too terrified to ask anything else.

"My Dad just contacted me, him and the rest of the family are ready to meet you." Jaxon answered, striding closer. Reanna's heart pumped speedily, as he grew closer.

"Stay away!" she screamed, kicking her legs. One of her kicks landed square in the middle of Jaxon's torso, and he staggered back gasping for air.

Seeing her window of opportunity, Reanna jumped to her somewhat wobbly legs, and tried breaking it to the door. However, her plan failed when Jaxon recovered, and grabbed her before pulling her into a choke hold.

"Now are you going to cooperate? Because I don't want to harm my dear little cousin, but I will if that's the only way." Jaxon whispered coldly into her ear.

Just like in the car a week ago, Reanna was once again frozen, too scared to move. The only thing she found the courage to do was nod a little bit.

"Good. Now hold still so I can get the zip-ties around your wrists." Jaxon muttered. Reanna winced when she felt the zip-ties pinch at her skin when they tightened.

"Now don't make a sound." Jaxon warned her, before pushing her forward into the hallway.

Minutes later, Reanna was being forced into the trunk of Jaxon's car. "If your face was plastered all over the news I would let you sit in the front seat with me, but unfortunately...." Jaxon muttered as he grabbed the trunk door to push it shut.

Reanna looked past her cousin, and at the dark sky. "Thomas, I need you." she thought. Jaxon read her face, and his smirk became even more wide.

"Sorry, darling, but your boyfriend isn't coming to your rescue." he chuckled, before slamming the trunk door shut.



Thomas jerked awake to sudden noise, and saw he was still sitting at the desk with paper rummaged around. He looked towards the door where he had heard the knock and stood up to open it.

When he opened it he came face to face with a man he'd never seen before. "Hi. Can I help you?" he asked the stranger.

"Yes, you can. You are Detective Thomas, yes?" the strange man asked. Reluctantly, Thomas nodded, and crossed his arms defensively.

The strange man nodded, and said, "Good, my name is Harris, and I would like to ask you a few questions about Reanna's kidnapping." Thomas tensed, and un-crossed his arms.

"Why would you want to know about that? I should be asking the questions, I am the detective." he argued.

"I'm for the newspaper, and my boss wants an article." Harris retaliated. He then pulled out an ID card from his coat pocket, and showed it to Thomas.

Thomas examined it for a a couple moments, but since he was a detective, he immediately knew that this "reporter's" badge was a fake.

However, Thomas decided to play along, and let Harris inside and sat him down at the table. "Whatever you would like to ask me, do it quickly. I need to go to work." Thomas groaned tiredly.

The detective turned to make breakfast, and as Harris began speaking, he thought to himself, "How am I supposed to get him out of the apartment."

Thomas then looked over and saw his phone. "Just got to keep him distracted, so I can get a message to the station"

"Are you listening Detective? I asked if you know anything about the kidnappers." Harris's voice startled him out of thought.

Thomas quickly turned around, and said, "Yeah, I'm listening, I just dazed out. Sorry, I don't know anything about who took her." However, that was a lie.

Thomas knew that Reanna was taken by her cousin; the one Bella had told him about. "Are you sure, Detective?" Harris questioned further.

Crossing his arms, Thomas frowned and responded with almost a growl, "Yes, Harris. That's all I know."

Harris gave a low chuckle and stood from the chair. He then straightened his vest, and pulled out a gun from his belt. Thomas nervously stared down the barrel, and scowled. "Crap, how am I supposed to get out of this one?" he asked himself.

"I think you do since you spoke to both of my nieces before." Harris sneered. Thomas's muscles tensed up at the spoken words.


Reanna tugged against the bonds that tied her down to the chair. She was alone in a small, empty room that only had a table, but she could see Jaxon's silhouette through the tinted window; he was on the phone with someone.

Suddenly, Reanna heard him shout, "Why on earth would you be trying to save Bella, Uncle?!" She tensed; according to Thomas, Bella was her sister, who had tried to kill her.

However, Reanna kept listening intrigued by the conversation. There was a bit of silence, but then Jaxon's voice sounded once more, "Wait, wait, wait. You got the detective guy who Bell in prison? Why don't you kill him?"

Reanna's eyes went wide; they were going to kill Thomas! "I have to get out of here." she mumbled to herself.

"That is a good point, Uncle. Thomas could be of some use in freeing Bella. Once you're done with that, bring Thomas here; we need to get some payback." she heard Jaxon say.

"So, they won't kill him yet, and they'll bring him here. That might give us time to come up with a plan." Reanna told herself.

The doorknob clicked open, and Jaxon entered, shoving the phone in his back pocket. "Well, cousin, looks like Uncle will be a little late, but he's bringing a surprise. Your boyfriend." he smirked, getting in her face.

Reanna scowled at Jaxon, and hissed, "Don't you dare hurt Thomas!" Jaxon chuckled and patted her cheek in a loving gesture, which disgusted the girl.

"Uncle, has given me permission to start the process of curing your amnesia. You know what that means?" Jaxon chuckled. Reanna's scowl melted into a terrified expression in less than a second.

Jaxon walked over to a small device on a table across the room, and picked it up to examine.

"Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?" Jaxon grinned, at his cousin, who was now trembling in fear.

Striding over to her, Jaxon knelt down to her eye-level and whispered, "I wish I didn't have to do this, Re Re." He then stuffed a cloth, that he had fished out of his pocket, into Reanna's mouth and tied it around her head.

Jaxon then placed the small device onto Reanna's temple, and pressed the middle button.

A muffled, pained cry echoed throughout the small room's walls.

To Be Continued....

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