- sweety, I still remember that place – the middle aged man, wearing a moustache and a wig, took the hand of the girl that was sitting beside him in the neighborhood where we used to live.

- you do, dear ? – she answered him, taking his hand and kissing it, before having a sip of that cup of coffee.

- yes – hugging her, while taking the fork to serve him a piece of that yummy chocolate cake and finally offer a bite to her, with a kiss  – it was one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever been in my life. Gorgeously clean, you could see your feet in the water you could also swim through the water, and see your feet, or even little fishes that were,  imagine, fishing! 

And, at night, you could also see the light of the ships and many boats that used to go to some islands that were located not far from there, but they used to be virgin, filled with real nature.

I remember that me and my family tried to rent a boat to go one of that islands, for the weekend, but, can you imagine, dear – still hugging her – that the owners were most of them fishermen, but they were on strike, as the government did not answer some petition that they had. 

- so?

- so? We did not go. But it does not matter as I have a picture that I can show you – a d he started to look the pic in his cellphone.

- here it is ! – he exclaimed in complete effusion of happiness, showing all his whitest  innocence..

And he showed her the photos . 

She, seemed to be interested, smiling af every photo that ge showed her. 

But these pictures are funny ! Take a look at you, plump, tooth-gapped, trying to swim in such a shallow water ! 

- oh, dear – a bit ashamed – I was just kidding, as I know very well how to swim.

You know that I am a gold medalist .

- are you ? I have never known that ! Tell me more about .

- it happened during my school’s days, when I was thirteen, as far as I remember. My father insisted on registering me in swimming classes,, so I took advantage and the teacher af school had told the principal about it . 

You had to see ho things changed in some years that inevitably passed through my life  taking the whole world back to my mind , including the fish that I have never fished.

But, the thing us , baby, that I literally became a hero .

In that moment, she stopped to sip the coffee in order to pay all her attention on what I was saying. Why was it so expressive ?

- what ? Are you joking with me ? 

I was a boy there, and I was just getting out of the water, waiting for a towel that my mom had to geve me, but she was taking a lif of time you see , I was jumping from the tallest peak of that island, so it was terribly dangerous, so my mom was looking at what I was doing . You know mothers are always like that- jabbering.

- well , if you say so – she replied almost not believing in his story, as it was so obviously fake.

Right, dear, I will take a look at the other pictures. 

- sure – a d he gave her his phone mistakenly, because she started to take a look at every single picture, every single detail of his past life.

And there was a picture of a woman, naked. 

- who us she ? ‘ she immediately asked him, nervously.

- who is she ? – he asked, with a dumb face.

Well – he said – this is nothing, I think this is a photo that I downloaded by mistake – and he took the cellphone back, changing the subject of the speech.

- well, dear in this trip, I really want to go with you – embracing and kissing her, as she was obviously a gry with that naked girl – and I want to spend a in credible weekend with you. I am also planning to take to alm that places that I talked to you about, a d we are going to stay in a nice hut bear the beach as there are no hotels in there and we are going to.mzke live under the stars. So , give me your opjnjobx about it.

( silence. But he was just kissing, caressing and pinching her, so she would not get mad ).

- ok that’s ok. But you have to promiss me that you will take me to that peak. 

- of course, my dear. 

As if was Friday they had to get the things ready, so they went to the mall , and bought water canned food, repellents, bikinis, hats, batteries, a map, a camp tent, and a blanket - just in case. 

 Five o’clock in the morning, they left, in a van.

And arrived to the harbor to go to the island  before lunch time.

He started to look all around.

- wait a minute, I think that we took the wrong road, because j cannot see the clean water if the sea nir the fishermen that used to be in your boats - he considered.

- are you sure? – she asked, worried..

- I better ask to the policeman in the corner. – so he drove the van near the corner.

- excuse me officer but i would like to know how can I get to the islands ?

- sorry, gentleman, but the boats that take you there only work in the morning. You are not going to make it, as it us midday – taking a look at the watch of the traffic lights, in front if him.

- damn! – he said, looking at her in desperation. 

- do, what do we do ? 

- we are already here, and I will ask him if there is a hotel or a place to stay during the night.

- excuse me again Officer , but is there a hotel or a place to stay during the night?

- yes there , ho straight two blocks and turn to the left. You will see it.

So, we went there, taking a look at all that tall buildings , stores, coffee shops, squares.

That , was a city, undoubtedly.

- let’s get a room  leave our stuff and ho to the beach.

- fine .

They found the hotel, a three star one, got a room, and left their baggage in there.

And left the hotel going to the beach.

But it was crowded.

And the water was dirty, full of plastic bags and trash everywhere.

- is this the same place that you showed me in the pictures? – she asked, a bit disappointed. 

- well, it was. Or at least I think it was.

- Sara, I think you should pay attention to time. It never stops.

July 20, 2020 23:28

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11:00 Jul 23, 2020

Agree with Batool; the story is great, just that there are a couple of typos throughout the story. Would you mind checking my recent story out, "Red, Blue, White?" Thank you!


Sandra Claros
20:56 Jul 23, 2020

I Aldo lied your story verd much. IT is lively and fill of details.


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Batool Hussain
05:02 Jul 21, 2020

Amazing story! A suggestion though; instead of writing your dialogues along with hyphens, you italicize them so that they are easy to read. Also somewhere in the middle, there are many typos; 1. because j instead of because I 2. Who us she instead of who is she. 3.opjnjobx instead of opinion. Don't feel offended as I'm trying to help you before the story goes live! *_* Mind checking out my new story and sharing your views on it? Thanks.


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