An Assignments' Horror

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Contemporary Fiction High School

SpaceHuman's Note: *TBH, I didn't have much time to submit this, so it is kinda rushed. I kinda like the plot, but as I said, it could have been done better. If there are any grammar mistakes, feel free to let me know. K bye :)*

I bang the keys on the library computer, almost killing my enemy, but they continue to jump around the map and eventually shoot their bullets. They hit me in the head, and my avatar falls to the ground. I moan and go back to the homepage, ready to play a rematch. Suddenly there is a soft tap on my shoulder. A middle aged man is looking down at me, his rosy pink lips smiling.

"Miss," he begins, "as you know, this is the public library, so I'm sure everyone would appreciate for it to be...a tad bit quieter."

I nod quickly and turn back to my screen. Seeing that I understand, the librarian glides back to the desk, where a lady waits to check out books.

I look outside the window at the sky. The sun will be setting soon so I turn off the computer and get ready to go. My backpack is put on, and I'm grabbing my coat from the creaky stool, when my speech notebook falls from my bag. Then I remember why I came here, and I curse at my laziness and stupidity. My speech competition is tomorrow. I anxiously bite my nails, and settle back into the chair. The realization that I still have not picked out my poem to memorize, dawns on me. I check the time at the corner of the screen and my eyes widen. Less than an hour remains until the lights are shut off, and the doors close and get locked for the full moon night.

I quickly scramble out of my chair and dash to the shelves of poem compilations. I flip through the book to a short poem I like. The poem our class picked had to be at least a whole page, so I spend the next forty minutes saying lines aloud and practicing.

Lastly, I type it up as instructed, and my face falls. I bite my lip and try as hard as I can to not throw something. I wince at the two lines still left at the bottom of the document pages. I could cheat and add some words to the poem to make it a whole page instead of having to rechoose. But I couldn't risk getting a bad grade.

To see my badly explained situation to you all, I have to memorize a page long poem by tomorrow. I could bring to library book home, but I have the maximum number of books checked out unfortunately.

After sitting in the library beanbag for countless minutes, reading lines upon lines of verses, I have come to a conclusion. I turn to the security cameras and put myself at an angle behind the chairs and stacks of books. I cross my fingers and pray the cameras' puny eyes can't see me.

I mark my position and sprint to the bathroom while the security guards do their check and make sure no one is still here. I hear the glass doors shut, and the guards say their farewell to the other guard doing the nightshift. The clicking of the lock signals to me I'm good to go.

I creep along the walls to my spot, where my poem lies. I spend a few minutes typing it up, and reading it over and over until I understand the tempo. I note pauses, and when to emphasize words. I almost stand up to make a presentation, but the red flashing lights indicating the guard is watching me makes me squat back down.

I want to see the guard, to make sure he isn't eying the cameras too carefully. Then I scowl. How could I possibly get out of the library? I couldn't just leave or the cameras would catch me. Going in the morning would also be a mistake, because the morning library guards would catch me in bed hair. I decide to leave when the guard goes to the bathroom in the morning. In the meantime, I recite, I read, and I repeat.

I have just recited the whole poem with no errors for the first time. How could I say I'm not joyful? The clock says 3:00 in the morning, so I could say I am also chipper about getting out of here.

Suddenly I hear a yell. It's deep pitched. I get out of my position and walk smoothly to the office where the guard is. But the seat is empty. Great, I've been sitting in a beanbag for a man who isn't even watching. But I saw him come in. I saw him greet the other guards. He's not in the bathroom. I raise my eyebrows and I'm about to head back to my spot, but a dot of red liquid catches my eye. Next I'm about to scream, because little beady eyes stare at me in the corner of the janitor's closet.

I breathe heavily. I want to leave now, but I don't know where the keys are. I hear more breathing, but now it isn't just coming from my panicking lungs. I stare near the entrance to the closet, where more drips of blood await.

A true main character would lick their lips and eagerly investigate. I am different. The sound coming from me is a cry and a high pitched yell combination. I flail my arms and fly through the window. As expected, the alarm goes off. But it doesn't matter, because the guard isn't there. The wailing sound of the alarm will have to be reported by pedestrians.

I run faster than I ever have in my life. I pull my hood over my head and my wide eyes, wanting to forget what I have seen. The next thing I know, I'm in the safety of my bed.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I wake up tomorrow ready for school. I'm reading the headline when I scream.

Public Library Window Shattered And Guard Left Dead.

May 01, 2021 01:20

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