The never-ending chase

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Rishi is very tired,his leg give up but he has to keep on running but it was not like this,he was living a normal and peaceful life but things changed when Suresh came in his life.

The police were chasing him while running, he remembered how Suresh's betraying made him a robber,a serial killer and a wanted criminal. It was November 2000 when Mr.Johnny Sexine the code name of Suresh made a plan to rob the forbidden gem "The Diamond Ruby" from King Alexander Sumnesh II,King Alexander's nephew's Sons's Son's son. The ornament was very precious and was protected by high tech machines and bodyguards yet it was unfortunate for present King that Suresh worked as bodyguard during King Alexander's time but he did a mistake of robbing the precious jewel hence he was fired from there, then he made various operations but was unsuccessful but it worked when he met Rishi,the undercover agent who worked as a chief in Maushim Al Byshesht Alchim Alu agency the famous agency in Mouthem Tal city.

In that city they both met and made a plan to rob the jewel and the operation name was "The bowethem of bowethem 2" but there was no plan for muder but things changed when he had to kill the present king and defeat the high tech machines and bodyguards then killing everyone brutally to steal the jewel ,they faced many difficulties while fighting with bodyguards but sonehow they managed to defeat them and had to kill them brutally otherwise they would alarmed others so this thing had to be done as soon as he stole the jewel it alarmed the ninjas and they blocked their path with heavy weapons but somehow they escaped but blocked by Ninja master Humpesh Hum Zhushen,the ultimate bodyguard of the jewel. It was not an easy task to steal and defeat him but being a chief,Rishi has learned all martial arts including ninjitsu so he was quite aware how Ninja master fights so Rishi defeated him and ran away with the jewel but Suresh betrayed him and called the police and all the agents,etc and pushed him and made him unconscious and ran away with the jewel. When he gained consciousness he saw he was surrounded by police officers,agents,etc, he was helpless as he would not be able to escape now but he had a backup plan as a chief he knew how to handle this very situation. He instantly ran and hid himself in a closet while the police said"halt!halt! or you will be killed".

Rishi knew that the closet has a secret door which takes outside the palace he planted a grenade and went away and after few minutes it blasted the whole palace but some other police officers also knew this so beforehand they went outside waiting to catch him red handed if he tries to escape but they couldn't, from there as he was surrounded by police officers,Agents,etc but he managed to ran away from there by throwing smoke bomb at them but before leaving he threw grenade and blasted the whole place.

Many police officers,agents,etc arrived and started to throw gas bombs at him he put on the oxygen mask and kept on running,the police and all kept on chasing, sometimes firing at him,sometimes simply saying the word "halt".He kept on running until he reached the police headquarters itself.

The headquaters were informed of the serial killer,robber and wanted criminal and they started their operations by blocking every where possible but he still managed to escape from there through secret path that is the underground path of the jail. There were two paths one was through the inner basement another was through the basement of jail itself but the thing is only jailers knew the path and Rishi was a chief so he knew everything about the place but police officers,agents,etc they did not know about this. Fortunately the things turned and he got a path to find the main basement of the jail from where he can escape but the difficulty is he have to do something, give something valuable to open the steel protected door with thorns.He gave up stone plated diamond jewellery the most precious one,the engagement ring and at very instance the door opened.The rule of the door was to give something very precious and dear to you.As soon as he exited from the door he was caught red handed by the chiefs.

Rishi killed all of them and blasted the place again and kept on running. Soon military came with bulletproof jackets and vests and plastic coating grenade proof jackets to tackle him. Rishi was determined and called The bowethem Mr.Jack to help him but he refused and told to manage himself. He instantly dropped laughing gas and escaped to mirage city.The city was very different as everything is mirage and the whole city was made up of glass only one place the dates garden was real but reaching their is difficult it takes 360 days 36 months 500 hours 100weeks and 10000 hours to reach but it does have a secret path where within 48 hours a person can reach but it's hidden and no one knows.

Rishi knew the secret path and he manged to escape but got caught by police chiefs of that city but he still managed to escape by bribing them and later on killing them and blasting the place.

More and more police officers arrived and started to chase him but they could not, later they asked help from the chief agents to help them so more and more agents arrived with detectives, militaries and so on. 80 lakhs police officers,chief,etc followed him to catch him and put him in jail but they could not as if he is like a Phantom thief who can not be caught but Phantom thief was like a person who used to send letter before he robbed or attack that place and cannot be caught but he was successful in stealing or robing or attacking the place. He cannot be caught like Phantom thief but they kept on chasing him and they are still chasing him and he is still running.

Rishi is very tired,his leg give up but he has to keep on running as cops are still chasing him and probably they will keep on chasing him forever.

July 15, 2020 11:34

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