Drama Mystery Suspense

The Kinlee family was a family of many mysteries and secrets. They marched to the beat of their own sick drum and no one has ever been able to enter the family circle without excepting the family and all their secrets! Chaise Kinlee was the only living child of the family. Carla died in the womb, It was a pregnancy that followed many fails before it. Angie and and John were married young but it wasn't because of love! They were forced together by their fathers and they never had a chance. They learned over time to tolerate each other and many years after that they began to love each other. They were both victims of sick people so it was no wonder they would end up together and maybe even saviors to each other. Lenny Smith and Eddie Kinlee were best friends and drinking buddies. They had gotten into a bad argument one night and Eddie pulled a gun out. He shot Lenny once in the leg and he ordered him to pay up!! Lenny begged him to let him pay him next Friday but Eddie refused and fired again, hitting his other leg! Lenny screamed out in pain and asked him what he could do to make it right! Eddie looked at Lenny and told him that the only thing he could do to repay him was to give him his daughter and agree to his son marrying her!

Crazy request huh, yeah it would have been to any normal person but Eddie and Lenny had spoken about Angie and how she looked during their drunken fits. It made Angie feel cheap and nasty but she would not dare tell anyone about it! She knew what her dad did to her mom when he was angry so she knew, she would probably die at his hands, had she challenged him!

"You want me to give you my freaking 13 years daughter, Lenny?" Eddie cried in agony. "I sure the HELL DO!" "And I want her tonight, she will get broken in real good by me and my boy!" Eddie evilly promised. "I can't ju-just give you my girl like that!" "I mean I can promise her to you but it would have to wait til she 16 at least!" Lenny noted. "I will blow your brains out all over this porch if you don't give her to me tonight!" "I will do what I got to do and bring her back, but it will start tonight!" Eddie yelled. "Al-al----alright man, alright you can take her tonight, but please man don't kill her or me!" "And don't get her pregnant, please man that's

my child! Lenny begged.

That night Angie became a piece of property that would be messed over and used for years and years to come! Lenny died many years later of Liver Cancer but that night he never forgot or got over. Maybe, Liver Cancer killed him medically but mentally selling his daughter is what really killed him. He died that night, watching his daughter kicking and screaming as Eddie took her out of her bed killed him.

Angie was raped 10 times over the course of 2 years by Eddie and gave birth to 4 girls and 4 boys!! 6 of them died and were fathered by Eddie. When Angie got pregnant with the twins Eddie had left her alone and John was the only man she was with. She was happy to finally say it was a pregnancy she wanted. She knew the babies had a chance because they would be born into love and Peace. They would never have to know the EVIL GRANDFATHER they had!! They would be free to be normal! But, what they didn't know then would prove to be the biggest SECRET of them all!!!

"My sweet Carla, today is the day we get to meet Miranda." "She is the new girl Chaise has been hiding from us!" "I know it is because of the secret about our family that is keeping him from bringing her!" "I don't know that I even blame him, but I truly want him to be happy!" Angie cried.

"Mama, I want to be happy to, it is so dark and cold here!" "I want my mommy!" Carla cried out.

"Carla, I fought for you!" "I did everything right!" "I ate my veggies and fruits and took my vitamins!" Angie screamed out in pain.

"Angie........ Mama...... Let us in here right now!" "Open the door!" The men banged and yelled on the other end of the door.

"She will not let me open the door, she says you will try to tear us apart!" "She says she wants me to join her!" "You all think I am crazy, but I am not, I know Carla is real she is here, right now, with me!" Angie screamed as she cried.

"Mama, I believe you, I always have believed you!" "I just want my mother to hold me again, I want you to love me as much as you love Carla. Chaise cried as he fell to the floor.

"My Chasie, please don't cry my son!" "I do love you and I always will!" Angie admitted running to the door.

"Wow, this is a weird way to meet your boyfriends family!" Miranda said shocked.

"Mom meet Miranda, Miranda meet mom!" Chaise said as he got up off the floor.

"Mir---Miranda, I---I am so sorry that this happened today, it is just that------" Angie started.

"No need to apologize, I know already!" "I mean it was a little weird at first but I am willing to except anything for this guy!" Miranda laughed patting Chaise's chest.

"I-----I.....wow......really so you are okay with our secrets!" Angie asked.

"I am shocked to, son you may have found the right on this time!" John agreed.

"No......no.......I didn't tell her the secrets!" "I never speak of those things to anyone!" Chaise said shocked.

"Yes, you did silly, you told me all about it two days ago!" "I mean you were asleep and you had one of those sleepwalking spells again and you were talking to Carla." She said.

"Wait, what is happening here?" Chaise questioned. "I don't sleepwalk!" Chaise said confused.

"We may as well let the cat out of the bag, I mean she knows alot and she still here, why not tell her the whole truth. Angie said.

"I agree, what do we have to loose!" John asked.

"Well, Miranda Chaise is my son and my brother." "Angie was being raped by my father and he got her pregnant!" John added.

"Wait, I thought he was dead!" Chaise yelled.

"No, he actually is still alive and he lives a few doors down." "He really wants to meet you, but I refuse to let him get to you!" John bellowed.

"So, you are telling me that I am really your BROTHER!" "Wait are you saying Mr. Knight is my real father!" "That dude always sitting on his porch calling me son!" "You telling me he is calling me that for a reason!" Chaise yelled out. "I-------I am getting out of here, this family truly is sick!!! "Miranda, I am so sorry about all this!" "I think it is best if we got out of here!"

Chaise tried so hard to keep his families secrets, he always thought he knew all there was to know about his MORBID FAMILY HISTORY but he found out tonight that his family was not what he thought it was! His father was really his brother. That was the final piece to this HORRID family history

October 17, 2020 18:53

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Cheryl Fulks
15:04 Oct 29, 2020

Good story


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16:41 Oct 26, 2020

Thanks for sharing this story with us, Darnayes. There are definitely elements in here of a strong plot that could be teased out into an interesting and captivating short series of stories! A few recommendations: - Be careful not to overuse the exclamations, either in the form of exclamation points themselves, or capitalizations. As readers, we can often assign the exclamations' their necessary importance without having to use these indicators as frequently, meaning that when you do use them sparingly, it becomes even more impactful. ...


Darnayes Pen
18:54 Oct 26, 2020

Thanks for the feedback! All points have been noted and will be utilized in the future....


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