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    Ronny got up in the morning to the sound of blasting storm . He threw down the warm quilt and ran towards the window .He drew the curtains and looked outside. He couldn't see anything . He could only hear the lashing of the snow as it came smacking down against the doors, roof and windows of his house. The soft murmuring wind gradually became louder .

   " Ronny come here and wear something warm . It's snowing . You'll catch a chill, " shouted his mother from the kitchen.

''Mom , don't worry . Nothing will happen to me , " he assured , pulling his pullover over his head . 

   Before his mother could hold him back , Ronny had picked up the stool and run towards the window . Climbing up on the stool , Ronny sat on the window sill . 

   A faint streak of light was streaming through the bare trees like diamond. 

"Mom , look a rainbow, " shrieked Ronny excitedly , stretching out his hands to hold the rainbow in his palms.

"My dear , that's not a rainbow , but the sun rising , " said his mother smiling . She further explained that as the air was cold and wet , the sun's rays passing through it had separated into the colours of the rainbow . 

"Oh yes mom , I remember learning this in science . " 

   The amber fire in the fireplace leapt up as his father poked the logs with a long stick .Mia , their pet cat stretched herself and positioned herself snuggly on the rug , in front of the fireplace. 

     Ronny was enjoying the scenic beauty outside . The faint light of the morning sun made the snow glisten. He was excited to see the big white clouds coming out from his mouth as he breathed . The cloud hit the window and turned into small droplets of water . He rubbed the window with the sleeves of his pullover and blew hard. again . He drew funny figures , lines and circles on the wet window with his fingers . Marvelling at his own creations, he clapped his hands in glee. 

    Squinting his eyes , Ronny pressed his nose against the cold window pane to look outside . All he could see through the foggy window was a thick blanket of snow on the ground. The snowflakes swirling from the grey sky were as soft as cotton. The winter snow seemed like pure magic. As he watched the snow outside, he fell into a reverie.

    Ronny quietly opened the door and went outside . His cat Mia had followed him . Ronny felt a cold gust of air on his face . He felt his hands and nose getting numb . He pulled down his cap over his ears . Mia too was shivering ." Ronny let's light a bon fire and warm ourselves ," suggested Mia .

 "Please don't make a bonfire here." 

Ronny looked around in surprise . He saw a white plump man made of snow " My name is Ronny . Who are you ? "

" Hi ! My name is Snowman , " he said holding out his hands to Ronny . I am the same Snowman whose story you read a few days ago . "Ronny looked at him with unbelieving eyes. The Snowman in the book didn't have life . This Snowman could walk and talk . " Are you sure you are the same Snowman ?" asked Ronny, looking at Snowman quizzingly.

 " Yes I am the same " . He laughed.

Ronny took Snowman's hand in his hand . " My Gosh ! Your hands are so cold . I will light a fire . You can warm your hands ."

Please don't make a bonfire . I will die with the heat of the fire . Please spare me. I don't want to die ," pleaded Snowman . 

" How did you come here? Ronny was stunned to see that Snowman could speak and walk .

"I got seperated from my friends when I had gone with them to the Christmas carnival. I lost my way home and reached here. " Snowman was crying inconsolably.

Mia climbed up on his shoulders . " Don't cry Snowman . We promise that we will not do you any harm ." Mia licked Snowman's face lovingly.

 Soon they were laughing and rolling on the snow outside. Ronny called his friends and introduced them to Snowman .  They got old clothes from their homes and dressed Snowman up . He was very happy and enjoying with them . They clicked selfies with their new friend . They had a great time throwing snow on each other and playing in the snow. They went sledding down the hill to explore if every snowflake was really different. They also went to the theatre to see a movie . 

   After the movie they were feeling hungry . So they went to a restaurant and ordered pizzas and coffee . As they were waiting for their order, the manager of the restaurant recognised Snowman . He had seen his picture in the newspaper . His father, Santa had placed an advertisement in the missing persons column after his son went missing on Christmas. The manager immediately informed Santa . He came and took away his son , thanking the manager.

" Please don't leave me and go , Snowman ."

He was clutching the pillow close to his chest . 

   " Ronny, what are you blabbering ?" , She shouted, running towards him to stop him from falling off the window sill. She stroked his head . Mia was crouched near Ronny's feet. 

Ronny got up with a start . He looked out

of the window . The snowman wasn't there. 

" Mom where is my friend ? "

 " You are dreaming again . Get down and get ready . "

"Where are we going ? To find my friend... " Ronny asked expectedly. 

" To get grocery and vegetables from the store ," She replied. " 

" Your dad won't be able to with as he has an online meeting ?"

Her husband who was sitting by the fire , reading the newspaper, quipped," Why don't you order online?"

"I had called them up , but they refused to deliver online due to the inclement weather ."

" I don't want to go mom ," shrieked Ronny.

" Don't argue Ronny . Be a good boy and go with mom ," shouted his dad , looking up from the newspaper. 

   Ronny jumped down and hurriedly ran to his room and wearing his overcoat , snow pants and snow boots came out . He picked up the muffler and cap from the stand and shot out of the to . He was scared of his dad.

  Holding his mother's hand , he tentatively stepped out into the frozen land . 

   As a reward , his mother clicked a few pictures and also treated him to his favourite pizza . She even clicked a few pictures for his project , ' A Snowy Day.'


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