Unforgivable moment

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East Asian Fiction Sad

           The sound of coffee machine and the sound of driving cars on the street, she was rolling over the bed without opening the eyes. Alarm clock was ringing out loud suddenly and she moved her body near the desk and moved her hand over the stop button. Before she finished stopping the alarm, someone else was entering her room without knocking the door. The cold towel was touching her cheeks lightly. She said "Yui stop it, I don't want to wake up early and it's Saturday let me sleep more". That person pinched her nose and said "No, you need to wake up now if you don't you will be late". She opened her left eye slowly and said "what do you mean". Yui said "you had a meeting today aren't you". Then, she wiped her eyes and wide opened and she looked over to the calendar upon the wall in front of her bed. There she saw a big red circle over the calendar. So, she looked back to Yui and said "oh, crap what time is it now". Yui said "it's 8:30 already you left fifteen minutes to prepare yourself and go out". After Yui said, she woke up from the bed like a storm and rushed to prepare herself. Fifteen minutes later she got all done and say bye to her roommate Yui and headed to the bus stop. 

            She walked to bus stop and wait for bus arrived. When the bus arrived, she stepped in and start her ride to company. When she stepped out from the bus, the bicycle guy was moving into her way. But luckily she moved herself to other path immediately. Starting the day like this was harmful for her. So, she held her breath and headed into the company building. At the reservation counter Ms. Elfa said hello to her as always. She greeted her back and went upstairs by elevator. She put the 20 button upon the elevator because she must hurry to get in the meeting room. But in the middle of riding the elevator was crowding with people. She moved to back and at last it's hard to get out by passing them. So, she just looked up to the ceiling. Her height was being shorter than anyone else in company and that's her problem for taking elevator with everyone. It looks like long road to go but the 20 floor arrived fast. She moved her body harder to reach the door. At last she did it. She hurried go to the meeting room and knocked the door. The person came up to the door and opened for her. In meeting room, she looked around and saw her boss was sitting over the right side of the table. The boss looked at her and she moved closer to the boss and sit right behind the boss chair. She opened her bag and took out the notebook. At that time, her boss requested the files from her. She searched inside her bag and she found one so she gave it to him. Unfortunately, that was wrong file but luckily it was being a draft. Her boss trying to cover it because he didn't want to destroy the meeting. 

           In the middle of the meeting, her phone was ringing all time. That was annoying for her but she try to neglect it somehow. After passing two hours, the meeting was done. The directors, managing directors and head of departments were leaving first. Then, it's time for her to follow her boss to leave this meeting room. Her boss said before leaving "You come immediately to my office". So, she picked up the stuffs and files and followed the boss. She went in the office room of boss with worried. But she was shocking when she heard the boss say. The boss said "You clumsy miss, I must warned you for not doing this again but you did a great job today". She said by pointing a finger over herself "Am I". The boss said "Yes, you did because you filled up the document with your ideas maybe, it was working idea for me even it's a draft". The boss continued "thanks you for your work today, you may leave now because it's Saturday". She said "thanks boss you are the best by winking her eye" and immediately she left the room. She headed over her desk right in front of the boss room for checking the missed calls. When she looked at the phone records, she saw the missed calls that are from her brother. So, she called back to that number and then the person picked up the phone. She said "Hello, is that you brother, I saw your missed calls now what else happens today". After her said, the person answered "dad was passing away you need to come back home we need to prepare the tradition for father". She faced down to the floor and said "sorry I had work to be done so I couldn't come back right now and I had errands to do all over this week". Her brother said "You how could you do this to father, he was being good to you all the time". But she picked up the phone without answering anything. Then, she put the stuffs in her bag and she was losing her mind. She walked downstairs by stairs and kept walking to home. 

          When she arrived home, she throws her body over the couch and closed her eyes by relaxing her body. In her thought back to time, she had clashes with her father. That was being the reason why she didn't want to go back home after he dead. Her brother didn't know about those really. Before she left her nest, her father was taking the her money from safe for his bad habit. At that day, she remembered that she came back home early because she wanted to go to dragon board festival. She saved her money from part time jobs for going there. When she arrived her house wasn't locked, so she hurried go and check her safe. She saw all her money has gone. She knew her father did it again. Her father had the bad habit at gambling. Like this way he had many debts now he still hasn't enough of it. She was being angry over her father. So, she walked straight to the casino where her father dipped himself always. When she saw him, she told him straightly all about her feelings that she kept inside her mind right in front of everyone. Her brother was being high schooler so she hadn't say those to him. At the end of the day, she prepared dinner for her brother. Then, she waited everyone go sleep and sound. Then, she took her bags and leave there. After she left her nest, she was giving the half of her salary every month to the saving account of her younger brother. So, she never worried about her home anymore. This time she felt strange but her decision was clearing as ever. She closed her eyes and forced to sleep. She said "let's passed it like this". 

June 18, 2021 15:04

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