Treats, Walks, and Pets: 3 Days of Absolute Perfection

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Funny Kids

Day 1: This morning was exhilarating! I woke up just before sunrise and rushed to the Treat Giver’s room. Heavy snoring sounds growled in my ears. Cautiously, I crawled onto the Bed. I was amazed. The Treat Giver was still asleep!

I nudged him with my nose. He kept snoring. I barked softly. That did a little more. He Rolled Over. Hey, that was my trick! He did my trick! I bounced excitedly. That gave me an idea. I took a big breath and pounced right on him! He shot up, pushing me off.

“Stella, no!” He shouted.

I whined. I don’t like the word no.

“Aw, I’m sorry girl. But you do have to get off the Bed.” The Treat Giver nudged me.

I didn’t miss a beat. I jumped off of the Bed and showed him that I wanted him to follow me. For some reason, he didn’t get it! After a long time of running back and forth I got impatient. I took the fake fur he lays over himself at night and pulled.

Success! I was then pulling the fur!

“Stella!” Treat Giver got out of the Bed and ran after me.

I ran too. I made it all the way to the Treat Place and dropped the fur there. I looked up at Treat Giver expectantly.

“Oh, Stella,” he sighed. “Not now.” He picked up the fur and left! Then he stopped. I wagged my tail.

“Oh, what the heck, I need to get up anyway!” He walked back and gave me a Treat! I had a Treat! I gulped it down and nuzzled Treat Giver. He laughed, a big booming laugh.

“Let’s see what’s on the news.” He walked to the Noisebox. That’s when I remembered. After that, he would go put on new coverings and leave me! I followed him. This time, I wouldn’t let him. I’d sit on his foot! That’d show him! Yeah, I’d sit on his foot!

Treat Giver sat on the Pillowseat, and I curled up next to him. I wish I could fit on his lap. The Noisebox lit up and started talking. Treat Giver watched it with interest.

“Whole state’s got a shelter-in-place,” he grunted. Then he petted my head. “We’re going to be spending a lot of time together.”

I didn’t know what he meant, but he had petted me, so it must have been good. I wagged my tail. The rest of the day was pretty calm. He took me to the Outside to play fetch, we played a great game of “Bark your lungs out”, and we sat on the Pillowseat while he stared at a packet of paper. The best part was that he didn’t leave! Not once!


Day two: Today was even better! But the morning wasn’t as good. When I tried to wake up Treat Giver, he didn’t wake up for a Very Very Long Time. I did manage to wake him once, but he stayed in the Bed and mumbled “Stella, let me sleep in!”

I don’t know why he was “Sleep in-ing”, or what it meant, but if it meant it would take a Very Very Long Time to get up, I didn’t like it. On the upside, though, that meant he wouldn’t leave today, either! And he didn’t!

When Treat Giver did get out of the Bed, he gave me my Treat. Then, the day got exciting. He opened a Foodbox, sadly not the Treat Place again, and groaned.

“Of course,” he said. “On the second day. C’mon, Stella. We’re going for a Walk.”

I jumped with joy. A Walk! I love Walks! Treat Giver snapped on my leash, and we were off. I tried to run straight to the Park, but he stopped me.

“Whoa, there,” Treat giver chortled. “Other way!”

I whined, confused. Weren’t we going to the Park? Obviously not, but then where were we going? I soon found out.

We walked (I tried to run, but I’m not allowed to.) to a huge Inside. I smelled fish, chicken, and a lot of other yummy things, including Treats! But right when I was getting excited to go inside, Treat Giver tied my leash to a big metal pole!

“You stay here, Stella, and I’ll be right back,” he said, and then he went inside! He left me! I whined frantically for a while, but I calmed down soon.

After what I know wasn’t long, but seemed like a Very Very Long Time, Treat Giver came back and untied me. He was carrying a bag that smelled very delicious. He opened his hand and gave me another Treat! Already! I couldn’t believe it, because I had just gotten one. Treat Giver is full of surprises.

We Walked home quickly, and the rest of the day was wonderful. We again sat on the Pillowseat while he stared at some paper, and I had an amazing time.


Day 3: Today was brilliant! I was able to wake Treat Giver early again, and we ate Treats and played Tug. Treat giver seemed playful that morning, and we also went out to play Fetch.

Closer to the afternoon, the Button-Noisebox was turned on. I crowded close to Treat Giver, intrigued. Treat Giver started pressing the buttons under the screen, and soon Chris was looking at me from the box. I wagged my tail. I like Chris. He pets me and calls me Stella-Wella.

I sniffed him. I could see him but not smell him! That wasn’t surprising, because the same thing happens on the Noisebox. I heard Chris’s voice.

“Jim! Hey! And how’s my Stella-Wella?”

Treat Giver smiled. “She’s perfectly happy. How’s Muffin?” As if she wanted to answer his question, Muffin jumped into the box. Muffin is a Cat. I’m still appalled at why a nice guy like Chris would have compassion for such a thing.

Muffin stared at me unblinkingly. I stared back, to show I wasn’t afraid. Chris and Treat giver kept talking, but I kept staring at Muffin. Eventually, I had to look away. How does she DO that? I was just in time to hear the end of the conversation.



The Box went black.

After some more cuddling and staring at some more paper, Treat Giver went to Bed. I stayed up a bit longer, staring into his room.

There’s nowhere I’d rather be, I thought, than with my Treat Giver. I hope he never leaves again!

And with that, I went to my little Bed by the Pillowseat, and got ready to dream about what the next day’s adventures would bring.



March 28, 2020 02:29

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