Not So Sweet 18

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  Emma woke up to the sound of her alarm. She turned it off. She was so excited for today because it was her 18th birthday. Her brothers were coming home for the celebration. She was hoping this birthday would be perfect, unlike her other birthdays. She gets up and goes downstairs. She can smell the pancakes that her mother was baking. She entered the kitchen. Her mother was the only one in there.

  Mrs Benson turned her head to the entrance of the kitchen and smiled at her daughter and said, “Good morning sweetheart.”

  “Good morning mother. Where is everybody?”

  “Your father went to the airport to take your brothers. They will be here in an hour.”

  Mrs Benson served pancakes and they sit across from each other. Since today was Emma’s birthday Mrs Benson baked her favourite breakfast.

  “I suggest you eat your breakfast while you still can because when the boys come home there won’ be anything left.” Mrs Benson said.

  Both of them laughed at that comment. Mrs Benson gets up and hugged her. She said, “Happy birthday my little girl.”

  She hugged her back and said, “Thank you, mother.”

  While they were eating their breakfast and chatting, her father and brothers were on their way home.

  Mr Benson loves his sons but being in the same car with them for 1 hour without his wife or his daughter was hell. William and Thomas were opposites and since they get in the car two of them didn’t stop arguing. Mr Benson’s patience was wearing thin.

  He couldn’t hold back anymore and said, “Boys, you are arguing for an hour. Please do me a favour and stop.”

  Two young men stopped their argument and turned to their father. They didn’t realize how much they annoyed their father.

  In unison, they said, “Sorry father.”

  “You didn’t see each other for 5 months and the first thing you do is starting to argue.” Mr Benson said.

  Thomas answered, “Well you know us father. We always argued about everything and anything.” Then asked, “What were you expecting?”

  Before their father can say anything, William answered, “Since we are grown-up men probably expecting us to act more mature.”

  Thomas rolled his eyes and fired back, “You really think I don’t know that, Will.”

  William answered with a sly smirk, “You are the most childish person I’ve ever known in my life, so it wouldn’t be a surprise for me if you don’t know anything about maturity.”

  Before another argument strike between the two of them, Mr Benson stepped in and said, “Boys, I just said stop arguing.”

  Thomas shut his mouth, but he gave William a look saying it didn’t end here. William gave him an insincere smile.

  Mr Benson sighed and said, “At least don’t do that at your sister’s birthday. Toda is so important to her. Please don’t ruin it like other times.”

  Thomas asked, “What other times father? We didn’t ruin any of her birthdays.”

  “Oh, really? What about her 14th birthday. When you thought it was a good idea to get her a snake and we had to call animal control, or on her 10th birthday you were trying to hit the pinata but instead you hit her and broke her teeth. We were lucky it was her baby tooth.”

  “Okay, okay we got it, father. We promise we won’t hurt her and give her a wild animal as a gift.” William said.

  Thomas added, “This will be the best birthday she ever had.”

  “A birthday doesn’t end at the dentist or at the hospital or one we don’t have to call animal control or police is enough you know.” Mr Benson said.

  “Don’t worry father. You have our word. We will do our best for today to be perfect.” They promised.

  After 15 minutes they were in the driveway of their house. Both William and Thomas were excited and happy to see their sister. Of course, they missed their parents too but not as much as their sister.

  Emma and Mrs Benson were sitting in the living room and waiting for their arrival. Emma also was waiting for her best friend Laura. She insisted to take her out shopping. They heard the engine of a car. Emma looked out the window, saw her father’s car, and ran to the door to greet her brothers.

  They get off the car. Mr Benson was taking their luggage out of the car’s trunk. They heard footsteps and turned to where it comes. They saw their sister running to them. Thomas was the one who hugged her first and then he twirled her around. She giggled. When h put her down, she enveloped William in a hug. She kissed his cheek, and he kissed her forehead. They get in the house and sit in the living room.

  Thomas spoke first, “Look at the birthday girl. Are you ready for the best birthday ever?”

  “I don’t think that can happen, but you can try to convince me otherwise,” Emma answered.

  “We will make sure you experience it first-hand,” William said.

  Emma looked at both of her brothers and she didn’t like their expressions. She knew that expression too well. This means they are up to something and it never ends well.

  “What are you planning?” Emma asked.

  “Don’t worry, sis. We aren’t planning anything bad.” Thomas answered.

  “Just a little birthday surprise for you which we can’t tell you,” William added.

  Emma had more questions to ask, but the doorbell interrupted their conversation. She went to the door and opened it. It was Laura.

  Laura hugged her and said, “Happy Birthday Em. Are you ready to go shopping?”

  “I was but my brothers just arrived. Maybe, we should do it some other time.”

  “No way. We are going to the mall and we will buy you a beautiful dress for your birthday. End of discussion.”

  “Laura, my brothers just came home for my birthday and you want me to go shopping with you.”

  “Yes, I know. They will be here for a week; they will have plenty of time to spend with you. They will understand.”

  Emma was going to protest but her brothers come to the hall.

  “Hey, Laura. What are you doing here?” Thomas asked.

  “Hello Tom, I am here to take your sister to go shopping.” She turned to Emma and said, “I am waiting for you outside.”

  “See you guys later,” She said to Thomas and William.

  “You shouldn’t make her wait, Em,” William said.

  “Two of you just came home. I can’t just go out with my friend right now.” Emma protest.

  “Yes, you can, and you will. Today is your birthday go and have fun with your friend. We will still be here when you come home.” Thomas said.

  Emma hesitated for a moment then gave in. She kissed her brothers cheeks and said goodbye to them.

  What Emma didn’t know was this was a plan for throwing her a birthday party. While Laura takes her out shopping, her brothers were setting the party. They invited her closest friends; they even organised a firework show for her. Mrs Benson baked her favourite cake. Everyone was believing this party was going to be perfect. Except for Mr Benson. He was sure it will be an even bigger disaster than the other years. Because his sons were trying too hard.

  After three hours of trying dresses, Emma found the perfect dress. Laura bought it for her, and they were heading home. Emma has no idea there was a party waiting for her at home.

  When they arrived at her home. Laura insisted on going to the garden. Emma didn’t put up a fight. When they went to the garden everyone yelled “Surprise!!”

  Emma was shocked and so happy at the same time. Everything was going perfect but her brothers birthday gift ideas were not that great. William bought her a kitten while Thomas bought her a puppy. The puppy and the kitten didn’t like each other. After they started chasing each other everything went south.

  That’s how Emma found herself sitting at the rooftop of her parent’s house with a ruined dress, watching the garden. There was a burning tree which firefighters trying to put out, foods and a birthday cake on the floor, a broken table and in the middle of this mess a kitten and a puppy chasing each other.

  Her brothers sit next to her. They were feeling guilty for ruining her birthday. They have no idea how to fix this.

William broke the silence and said, "Look, Emma, we are really sorry for ruining your birthday party. We just want you to have an unforgettable birthday."

"You didn't fail at that. I will never forget this birthday, and I don't think anyone could." She said.

"When we said unforgettable, we didn't mean this in that way," Thomas said. Then added, "Maybe we shouldn't join your birthdays we ruin every single of them every year."

Emma starts laughing. Both of her brothers were surprised. They weren't expecting her to laugh. In this situation, she should be crying and be mad at them.

"You don't ruin my birthdays. You never did." Emma said.

"We don't?" Thomas asked.

"No, you don't."

"Are you sure?" William asked. She nodded her head.

"I am pretty sure we do, Em. Did you forget the snake incident or the time I broke your tooth?" Thomas asked.

"Don't forget the time we baked the birthday cake and got you sick," William added.

Three of them started laughing remembering those times. When she caught her breath Emma said, "I know my birthdays aren't ideal and there is always something bad happening and you are responsible for that. But, all of them happens when you are trying to do something nice for me like today."

"You aren't angry at us?" asked Thomas.

"No, I am not. I know you guys try to give me the perfect birthday even though you epically fail at it." Emma said.

"How about next year we keep things between family?" William asked.

"As long as there will be no big gestures I accept it," Emma said.

"We promise you. Next year we will keep it simple." Thomas promised.

They stayed at the rooftop a little more. Spend their time talking about the old days and laughing at the memories. Maybe the party went bad but Emma was happy. Today wasn't perfect but she didn't want it in any other way.

May 14, 2021 21:36

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Xena A.
22:22 Oct 30, 2021

What a pity, my siblings didn't throw any surprise parties for me.


Z. A.
22:31 Oct 30, 2021

If you think about how things turned out for Emma, maybe you are lucky.


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Scarlett Barker
13:00 Mar 26, 2022

The bickering between William and Thomas is so fun. “Oh, really? What about her 14th birthday. When you thought it was a good idea to get her a snake and we had to call animal control, or on her 10th birthday you were trying to hit the pinata but instead you hit her and broke her teeth. We were lucky it was her baby tooth.” This line was pure gold. I laughed so much.


Z. A.
17:31 Mar 26, 2022

I love that line too. I am happy to hear that you loved it.


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Tetsuya Date
08:35 Sep 25, 2021

I'm not sure if she'll survive much if her brothers keep throwing parties for her :D


Z. A.
13:17 Sep 25, 2021

Let's hope no one would die at her other birthday parties.


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