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This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.


Author's note: Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, but I hope you enjoy this! I worked on this story with the outline/ idea of humans evolving to have organs that help them feel emotions and 'sense' their way through life. They kept evolving to having one eye and fangs as well as the ability to survive without water. This story will take you through the struggles and suffering that my character Stella Brown will endure trying to survive this obscene world. Let me know of any changes or things you enjoyed. Any and all criticism is appreciated! :)

TRIGGER WARNING'S: gore, cannibalism, and possibly some unsettling content

*Please comment any spelling/ grammer errors*


Look around you. Who do you see? You most likely would see a human with two eyes, dull teeth and a normal amount of organs. What if I told you that you and them were a dying breed. Now imagine this, man-eating beings with one eye, fang like teeth, and organs that let them feel emotions. Those are humans, or at least as I know them. The world has been overpopulated for years, and humans have begun to evolve. After a couple of years, the rivers and lakes have run dry leaving the lands barren, with little game and no water. I am one of the last original humans left, Stella Brown, this is my story trying to survive what the earth has become. An obscene world filled with cannibals. 

St. Sharma Hospital

August 20, 2048, 3:43 am

The first documented change. Human seems to have been born with only one eye, and an extra unidentified organ, around his lungs. 

2:07 pm

Human seems to be making little changes, except for the rapid growth of their teeth, (fangs). They seem to be growing rapidly and only have a craving for meat. 

It's been 16 years since the first documentation. And in those 16 years, humans have whittled down the few I know, the evolved humans had begun eating the previous humans to reduce the population and they never stopped. They ran the rivers and lakes dry, the lands barren, and constantly kept evolving. They had organs to help them feel emotion, but they could never seem to quite understand empathy. They could sense fear from miles away, and they thrived off pain. In those 16 years, I lost my family, closest friend and the only person who truly understood me, but I also gained. I gained survival skills, and I grew a new family. From others like me, afraid, and alone. 

We learned to survive by hopping towns and eventually settling into living in an abandoned prison, and feeding off the remains of canned and preserved goods. We've had the same routine for 16 years, 16 years of waking up, rationing our cereal, granola bars, and anything else we could find. 16 years of going on weekly raids of the cities nearby after ours had been picked clean. The only change is that we've grown, in size and as people, but we also lost, lost some of the people who made life worth living again. There was this one trip I remember so distinctly I can almost relive it. 

We had just made our way back to the site we had left so many years ago, to find it in a beautiful ruin, our lands that were barren had started to claim our buildings and everything was nature taken. We wandered in awe and I soon felt a pang of relief shoot through my chest, it was a bittersweet moment I cherish everyday. Soon we had let our guard down and heard the most horrible blood-curdling scream. Jack. I rushed to follow his pleas for help and I soon found him trapped under a piece of fallen-ruin. The others rushed to help as we lifted the ruin Jack wiggled out and then we saw it, the Human. I’m not sure whose fear he sensed first, Jack’s or mine as I felt my blood freeze. Before I could register what was going on, I heard Amber rush towards the Human, sacrificing herself so we could get away. We hurried away, no one looking back. We made it back to our safe zone and found ourselves sitting in a heavy silence, weighing on everyone. I'm not sure how the memory ends, I don't think anyone does. No one wants to remember the terror we felt, in fear they may come again. 

Over the years we hid, and the Humans evolved. We were on one of our weekly errands and I saw the world for what it was, broken. We had started running our samples on our baby Human and eventually found that he could survive without water. It was a remarkable discovery, but it caused us to realize our fate. We weren't going to make it, we never were. 

August 20, 2065, 5:23 pm

It's been exactly 17 years, 17 years since the first time these Humans came into our world and took it as their own. It was time to go on our raid, even though no one was up for it. We trudged out of prison in that same heavy silence we had when Amber died. We found ourselves back in our town. I felt compelled to go towards this building, it was almost calling to me. I soon found us all gaping in awe at the wondrous site. I wandered too far and found myself trapped in the room with all the Humans. I felt the fear bubbling inside me and I felt their senses heighten. Jack locked eyes with me through the open doors. Run. He looked panicked and rushed to tug on Josh’s sleeve. I felt the Humans rising behind me and I slammed the doors shut blocking me out from my family. 

That was the last time we saw Stella Brown. Our leader, true friend and our family. She created such a wonderful life for us, and we couldn’t have survived all these 17 years without her. She sacrificed herself for us. Just like Amber did, all those years ago. 

March 30, 2022 18:57

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20:34 Jun 08, 2022

That's super-creepy. Thanks for the gore warning!


💫 Sophia 💫
17:28 Jun 24, 2022

Of course! I hope you enjoyed!! :)


01:34 Jun 25, 2022

Thanks, I did


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Kevin Marlow
04:51 May 14, 2022

I sense a tinge of Walking Dead, as if modern Human is zombie.


💫 Sophia 💫
12:34 May 19, 2022

Thanks! That's what I was kinda going for. :)


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