The Not So Happy Birthday

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Roman awoke with a gasp. Today he turned fifteen. He has been waiting for this day his entire life, accept today was missing one thing. His parents. They died in a car crash when he was little. He got up out of bed and went to eat breakfast. When he got down their people came out from everywhere and screamed surprise. He got scared and his heart started racing. It took him a moment to calm down, but when he did he didn’t smile. “Happy Birthday, Roman,” said Henry. He sat down and started to unwrap presents and he stopped to hear a crash coming from upstairs. “I’ll go check it out,” announced Henry. Roman watched him go up the steps and enter his room. The next thing he knew hew heard a big bang and saw his only friend back up a fall off of the balcony. “Henry!” screamed Roman. He started to cry and ran up and held the body. He saw some men jumping down from the steps and grabbing kids. Roman dragged Henry’s lifeless body into a broom closet. He closed the door and tried to keep quiet. After a half, an hour Roman heard the cops arrive. Roman opened the door to see if he could see the captured children. When he opened the door, he saw a man look at him. Roman quickly pushed open the door and ran upstairs. He ran into Henry’s room and jumped out of the window. He stook the landing and ran towards a cop. He said, “There are five men in their, their holding twelve hostages and for all, I know they killed one child.” The cops put him off on the side to allow him to calm down. “Alpha squadron will go on the left, while Omega goes to the right. Oh, and we need a distraction. Someone can is small and knows their way around the orphanage,” announced Chief Calhoun. When he was done talking everyone turned towards Roman. He responded by saying, “Oh what the heck.” They had given Roman an earpiece so that the cops could hear everything. Little did they know Roman stole a gun from inside of the car. He opened the door and slowly stepped inside. He was in a long hallway. He went to the end so he could see the men. He quickly jumped up and turned off all of the lights. While the men were worrying about the lights he also removed a rock from his pocket and threw it towards the entrance. The head of the group said, “Go check that out, Jimmy.” When he said this a man got up, grabbed his gun and made his way over to the hallway. When he got there he could barely see anything because it was dark. Roman held his breath and hoped that Jimmy couldn’t see him. To Roman advantage, Jimmy kept walking to the end of the hallway. Roman quietly followed behind him. Eventually, Jimmy stopped, and that's when Roman had to strike. He jumped up and put his arm around Jimmy's neck to subdue him. Jimmy tried to pull his arm off of his neck, but Roman grabbed his other arm and held on tight. After a little bit, Jimmy passed out. Roman grabbed his pistol and left him there. He went back to the other end of the hallway. He stared at the head. HE was the one who killed henry. “This isn't a Happy Birthday,” said Roman to himself. He had removed another rock from his pocket and threw it at the other side of the building. When everyone's attention was on the other side of the building, Roman ran forward and into the administrator's office. When he got in there he backed up against the wall and peeked out the window. The boss said, “Hey Drew, go over there, and Remmy go see what happened to Jimmy. Pierce stays here while I go check upstairs. Got it.” Everyone nodded and went to where they were supposed to go. Roman looked around for something big. Finally, he grabbed a vase. He slowly walked out of the room with Pierce’s back to him. He ran up and bashed him over the head with the vase. Roman opened the back door let all of the children out. When he turned around he saw Drew and Remmy standing next to each other. They started to run at him. Roman pulled out his gun and shot them in the legs. Then he looked up to see the boss. He removed his mask for Roman to see that he was his father. “I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt. I just wanted to take you home. But when the little boy came up here I had no choice. It's me, Samuel, you're father. Don't be mad at me. I mean, what would you do if you were in my situation,” asked Samuel. “You killed mom, didn't you. You made it look like you both crashed and burned. Didn’t you!” yelled Roman. Samuel sighed and took out his gun. He said softly, “I ain't going to jail again.” Roman ran and jumped through the window into the office. He looked through the doorway and when he did, he got shot in the stomach. “This could’ve worked out ya know. We could’ve been family again,” said Samuel while walking down the stairs. Roman dropped his gun and put his back up against the doorway. His father walked up to him and picked up Roman's gun. He aimed both of the guns at his son. “I will miss you,” said Samuel softly. Roman replied to his statement by saying, “You have to know something,” Samuel stared at him, smirking, and asked, “What do I have to know?” “You have to know that gun was only a backup,” as Roman said this he pulled out Jimmy’s gun from behind his back and shot his father. He fell down. The ghost of his last smirk imprinted upon his face. Roman got up and walked outside. He got into an ambulance and was taken to the nearest hospital. They were able to keep him alive. While in the hospital everyone from the orphanage came and celebrated his birthday, with armed guards outside of his door. 

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