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Coming of Age Friendship Fantasy

In our life, we all have goals and dreams. Sometimes those fantasies come true, and sometimes they don't. However, some people will go to any length to achieve their goals. They are always successful in life, yet they also lose everything they have and live a chaotic existence. And the fashion industry is one in which anything is conceivable, and girls can go to any length to achieve their dream of becoming supermodels. Some even find work in the Bollywood industry. Some women achieve celebrity in the realm of television. They also do advertisements in order to get extra money. However, many people's lives end. Many people make the mistake of taking the wrong steps in their passions to establish a career in this sector. To be successful in this sector, a girl's ability to overcome barriers and deal with problems is critical. Tina Nayak is a multi-millionaire supermodel and Bollywood actor. She organizes a fashion show that takes place once a week. This is what she does daily. Piya Chopra, a fashion designer, takes part in Tina's shows. Pihu Malik, who was also a model, committed suicide after overdosing on drugs. She was a drinker, drug user, and all-around addict. Mona Gupta is an Indian choreographer who works in the Bollywood industry. She is also a multi-millionaire. Siya Ahuja, a scriptwriter in the Bollywood industry, also earns a lot of money. A single line connects them all. Actually, there was a major event that was going to take place, and everyone was assembled in that show. Tina was there since she was putting on the show, and Piya, Mona, and Siya are there because Tina invited them. They were discussing after the show ended, reminiscing about their old days and especially about Pihu. Let's go back in time. The setting shifts to Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Tina, Piya, Pihu, Mona, and Siya were the best friends of five girls named Tina, Piya, Pihu, Mona, and Siya. The girls do everything together because they are neighbours. They wanted to become models when they graduated, but their parents wouldn't let them, despite their determination to do so. All five girls eloped from their homes one day and enrolled at a modelling institution where they were receiving training. In the meantime, all five parents were furious with their daughters for leaving the house without alerting them and disobeying them. The parents are well-versed in this sector, and they understand that there are many compromises that must be made in order to reach these fames. Tina was the only girl that was intelligent. However, as soon as the females arrive, everything changes between them. They became envious of one another and competed with one another, pushing each other to the limit to put each other down. They soon drifted apart. They stayed unmarried, and all five girls slept with a variety of guys and men in order to advance in their jobs. Few were their boyfriends, with whom they ended their live-in relationship after a few years. Pihu, like the other four girls, began to go down the wrong path. They began to do the grunt job in order to advance in their careers. Tina, on the other hand, was a successful model who was quickly promoted to the Bollywood industry and became a major celebrity within a few years. She then married Rakesh Upadhyay, an actress, and continued her acting career while also organising fashion events. Piya realises her error and decides to pursue a career as a fashion designer instead of modelling. She is married to Promod Chopra, a lawyer, and they have a great life together. Mona also married Saurav Gupta, a well-known producer. Pihu, on the other hand, was unable to break free and ended up taking her own life. Her death, however, remained a mystery because rumours circulated that one of her boyfriends, a nasty guy, was responsible for her death. That day, everyone was depressed. That day, all of the friends realise their errors and re-establish their friendship, despite their differences. And that resentment evaporated as well because they are now on different lines. They do, however, miss Pihu because she was always so nice to them. Siya was able to emerge from the shadows as well, marrying a businessman named Prem Ahuja.They have two daughters for every four girls. After confessing their wrongdoings, all of the girls reconcile with their parents after a few days. Their parents first refused to accept them, but after realising that each of their daughters has realised her errors and is now on the correct track, they gratefully accept them. Tina was overjoyed to have everything in one location, which will be quite beneficial to her. She soon entices all of her best friends to join her in their respected jobs. She doesn't want to lose her other three friends after losing Pihu. After that, the four of them would always be together. Today, after their presentation, they all sat down together and talked about Pihu, crying tears for her. They leave that spot after a few hours and go to Pihu's cemetery, where they set flowers on her graveyard and plead for her forgiveness. They lost her permanently as a result of their silly jealousy amongst themselves.This is how they manage their careers properly. However, if they had never fought amongst themselves, they would not have suffered as much as they did today. Pihu's parents were distraught when they learned of her daughter's death. Because Pihu was their only child, the mother died of a heart attack. All four girls told their experiences to their daughters, and their eight daughters eventually became friends with one another. They were divided into two groups, with four friends who were elders and four friends who were younger, just like their moms, but they pledged not to repeat their mothers' mistakes. The older sisters pledged to protect their younger sisters, while the younger sisters promised to obey their senior sisters. Tina was astounded to see all four mothers witnessing this. Piya, Mona, and Siya, in that order.

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