Shortages Of Common Sense

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I have seen a lot of dubious characters in my life. I don’t even know if dubious would be the appropriate word in describe the character my neighbor Mr. lucky had been exhibiting for close to three years now. I have no doubt that the man has attitude and moral problems.

      Why wouldn’t he? – people without scruples always have attitudes and moral problems. I really don’t know Mr. lucky that much for I had been away from this my community for long. When I was here, he wasn’t living here. Just like most of the modern crooks that hide themselves inside religion while doing and committing crimes full time criminals that have never seen the four corners of inside church would not even contemplate. My neighbor Mr. Lucky has no equals in that regards. 

The man from my observation is totally Strip of any morals. I some times chides myself as having seen it all. But this my neighbor is in the class of his own. He have followed me around for two weeks without my knowledge. Monitoring and reporting to the people that hired him. He have acted as a mole for many agencies against those living in the same building with him, acted as a spy for foreign government. He have and would do anything that will put money in his pocket and rate it religious duty.

    He is a man that believed that respect is forced, not earned. He is actually in my estimation a classless citizen that believes he is in second class. He wants to ‘belong' so much that he forces himself on those class he believed he belonged in whether those he is attaching himself on thinks otherwise or not. 

In this planet, continent, community Mr. lucky founds himself, education and wealth is the prerequisites for belonging and both is what my neighbor doesn’t possess. Those two always usher in the third and fourth requirements on that belonging class. Respect and power. But my neighbor wants them all without corresponding effort.

    Observing Mr lucky since coming to know him, rather, since he came to know me not the other way around. He was the one who turned his telescope on me. Like I have hinted, I had been away for long, on my coming back, everything and everyone have changed that virtually i became “ Johnny just came” in the community I spent the better half of my life in. I didn’t even returned to my parents abode to stay, but one thing always Leads to another. Mr. lucky got entangled on me and my plans changed.  

It seems to me in the hindsight that Mr. lucky saw in me what he was looking out for to ascend to the belonging class he was after. He focused on me and released his strength and connections on me while of course rinsing his actions in religious and national duty. A man that found a thief, pedophile, occult and contaminator in his community, in fact, I would be surprised if many would be against him going after such man. Who wants such fellow in their midst. 

When a man has his plans and plots mapped out in what he considered water tight, and has temerity to set it rolling, you got to commend such a man. Dreams alone doesn’t cut anything, actions does. And that must have been what Mr. lucky figured out was wrong with his neighbors, community and friends. ‘Initiation first principle' must have been what gingered him into actions. 

    Who knows how long he had been trying to break free from the abyss of poverty he was born into. I at times, wonder why he picked on me. Was he waiting for me specifically or I was who he believed met his requirements. I have hinted that the man soaked himself into religion while carrying out his nefarious activities. He will occasionally went on a preaching fad that caught on like wild fire in my city.

Preaching Jesus like many believed rightly or wrongly that you must do to have answer to the question on the reckoning day of “How have you confessed me to the world?” so, many believed that you needs to go and preach even for a minute in early morning. So my neighbor Mr. lucky used to do his own portion of preaching like most living in that building he lives in. Preaching as means of projecting images to others.

I had returned from abroad almost empty handed after being deported. I had planned to joined my in-law in his business but Mr. lucky changed my plans for me for good even though he meant evil. But like most evil of such nature, his evil intentions turned into good, mighty good for that matter. I can’t just stop wondering about ingenuity of those heavenly beings. They really works in mysterious ways. I just can’t stop thanking God for his small, small mercies. 

   From no where to no one, I became someone in everywhere. I was labeled a thief by Mr. lucky and I had no doubt that the little obtaining that set off all these madness in this our street was organized by my preaching neighbor and his hangers on. They had underrated my ability to fight back. Bird of the same feathers always flock together. Mr. lucky had invited his police friends, cult members into the issue even helped one officer friend to rent flat in his building just to be close to their quarry. 

But am the one reaping the benefit of his sweats. He did all the walking, did all the connecting, did all the talking, did all the accusing, did all the initiative but am doing all the reaping without breaking any sweat. How would you say heaven bless people if not in this manner. You did all the preaching, did all the accusing and yet, you’re the one doing all the explaining. Funny, right? – you dug hole and ended into it. 

So far, I have not told you anything about Mr. Lucky’s wife. The woman is wonderful in nature. Interpreting little I have gathered on her, I can’t help but agree that the woman is wonderful lady to have as a wife. A case of “like husband like wife” she silently compliments her husband in all he does. You might be forgiven if you equate her to Jezebel in the holy book. She feeds him information that would aid him in his quest to change the condition of their family no matter who bears the brunt of their actions. Such lady can’t be anything but wonderful. In fact in one occasion last year when she believed that everything is in the kitty, she shouted when she saw their family friend:

             “Mr. John, I am blessed” 

Truly, they are blessed. Most of us are wonderful in nature and this couple is one of those wonderful couples. They’re blessed. It’s always good to give credit to whom it’s do. She differs to her husband in many department although especially in the brain department. She knows when to halt her advances, she recognizes an escape hatch when she sees one but her husband seems to be blind to all those knowledge of hers. He will charge blindly and cowers at any little opposition. He prefers to shoot from the dark most of the time.

   A man should and must recognized and lookout for escape hatch when plans start going south. As if his hypocrisy is not enough, some busy bodies had been following him about without his knowledge and captured him in his love nest with his lover committing adultery. He became topic of preaching for a week that period. 

He uses diabolic means to deceive the officers and his friends, he wanted to change his status, belong to a class he felt he merited. He believed that shouting Jesus does a lot to many people. The officers he invited into the incident is now questioning him and his lover. 

Officers are wondering how a man preaching Jesus early mornings would be caught in a hotel with another woman. Some people just can’t shade their skins no matter the season. Calling Jesus anyone can do very easily but dropping and picking up manners is what most of us found too difficult to accomplish.

   Is there any madness higher than a man digging a hole and fallen into it? 

August 09, 2022 12:01

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Tommy Goround
17:37 Aug 11, 2022

Love the voice. -There is a man that gets up every day to preach? He is the instigator (watches narrator with a telescope / calls out all the problems / appears to make up problems just to call people out. ) -His wife is like Jezebel ... this is interesting. I am wondering how Jezebel will act when she finds her husband cheating. Perhaps there is no room to add this idea. I am wondering 1.) is the narrator a detective? 2.) Why did the narrator get deported? 3.) Can you add a quick conflict like "Mr. Lucky wants to stop me from ________...


Philip Ebuluofor
06:51 Aug 13, 2022

This is partially 10 percent true life story. The other 90 fiction so I was like focusing on the main conflict. I guess you're right, I would supplied all those information you listed to make the story more enticing. Thanks a lot for reading and analyzing.


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Philip Ebuluofor
06:51 Aug 13, 2022

This is partially 10 percent true life story. The other 90 fiction so I was like focusing on the main conflict. I guess you're right, I would supplied all those information you listed to make the story more enticing. Thanks a lot for reading and analyzing.


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