Well, Here Goes! Dear Diary . . .

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I normally don’t do this sort of thing so, don’t expect too much of me on this one. Well, here goes . . .

August 21, 2019

I really wasn’t expecting much out of the very first day of school. At first it was pretty average, chaotic kids everywhere. But then right off the bat, the moment I stepped inside the gymnasium doors to receive homeroom, locker, bus, elective, etc. assignments, and I pretty much got socked in the stomach with a football. I stood there blinking for a second before I crouched down and picked it up, noting that the name written in permanent marker on it was Darius M. Vader. A few moments later a slightly taller than average boy with jet black hair came running up. “Oh, no, are you okay?” I nodded, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Just please be more careful in the future.” He nodded before turning and jogging back to his friends.

I walked over to the line that read, ‘Freshmen HERE’. There I found an empty space in line and waited for the bell to ring so I could receive my information and be on my way. Luckily the bell rang in three minutes. A stout balding man walked up to the microphone and addressed the whole student body.



“Thank you all for coming on time to receive your information. Your teachers will come by and hand you your things. Then, starting with Freshmen, we will dismiss for the lockers. if you have any questions, just ask the teachers stationed at each corner. Thank you.” He motioned for us to leave, and in a mismatched fashion we rose and exited the gym. As we walked out he door, a teacher would hand us our stuff. I checked the slip of paper I had been handed.

Locker #: 547

Homeroom #: 26

Homeroom Teacher: Miss Miller

Classes ————————-> Etc.

I had just finished tossing my stuff into my locker when a gradually

growing pain in the back of my head swelled, almost making me pass out. Oh, no. I thought, not now. But the pain still persisted. I threw my binder and books back in my locker before I turned and raced to the nearest restroom. I jiggled all the handles. Full. My vision was beginning to turn silver on the edges. I stumbled over to the janitor’s closet located in a deserted hallway. I had just closed the door when the world faded to silver.

“You did this?” I was outside, clearly upset about something, as tears were running down my face. The figure I was yelling at was shrouded in shadow.

“Of course I did, who else do you think could even be half as smart as to create such a potent weapon,” A cruel voice answered. “Now that you see I am powerful, strong enough, now will you!?!”

“Never,” I whispered, “Never!” I shouted.

The person tsked. “I don’t think you realize what is at stake here,”

Some of the mist lifted, revealing a cage suspended over a vat of virus.

“NO!” I screamed.



My eyes snapped open to a bell ringing. Oh, no. School. I scrambled to my feet, tripping over an empty bucket in my haste to get to the door. I cracked it open and peeked through before racing down the abandoned hallways looping back around to my locker before swinging over to homeroom. I checked my silver watch. Whew. I was only six minutes late.

I pushed open the door to see that everybody was there. “Where were you?” Miss Miller asked. “Uh, I got lost. Um, sorry,” Miss Miller just smiled. “Take a seat. We just got started.” I crossed the room and sat on the only available seat left, a fluffy white pouf. I looked around the classroom. Instead of desks or tables there were beanbags, ottomans, poufs, saucer seats, hammocks, and even those cool chairs that hang from the ceiling.

Along the walls were several shelves full of books. There were encyclopedias, fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, and any other kind of book you could want. On the board written in Arabic, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, and English, read the same message.


I began to focus when someone mentioned ‘homework’. Miss Miller just smiled. “We will not be having homework for the rest of the week, until you guys are used to the new stuff.” The classroom erupted in rapturous cheers. After she assigned a quiet reading puzzle, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to ask her a question.

“Miss Miller, I was just wondering why the posters on the board repeat the same message over and over? Do you speak any of those languages? Miss Miller looked surprised. “You can read those languages?” I blinked, “Yes, and speak them too.” I thought that it was totally normal for parents to have their kids learn six languages.

“Could you speak some for me?” I nodded, “Je suis un peu gêné par votre question et j’espère pouvoir y répondre.” Miss Miller blinked, “Oui, maintenant Latin.” I smiled a bit before continuing,



“Et nunc loquimur Graeca. Épeita eínai Araviká. Almarhalat alttaliat hi al’iisbaniat. Y ahora inglés. Did that answer your question?”

I glanced around and noticed a couple people staring. “Um,” I said blushing at all the attention I was receiving, “Do you speak any of those languages?” She nodded and I walked back to my seat. I practically wilted with relief when the bell rang and I darted out the door to escape the steady barrage of questions.

I’ll stop here because it’s almost midnight.

Love, Elvia

September 29th, 2019

Um, oops.

Life got crazy, I’m sorry I haven’t written in here. Pretty much

nothing else happened that day except for this guy named Cole came up to me and tried to get me to go out with him. ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Like, who does that! I calmly told him no, and then left. Anyway, after a pretty much calm first week of school, all the teachers, except for Miss Miller, dumped mountains of homework on us. I just managed to adjust my social life around my school life. Oh wait, I almost forgot I don’t HAVE one. Moving to a new town in the middle of nowhere is awful. Moving into a small town in the middle of nowhere where everybody knows everybody else, is even worse. And yet that’s what me, Mom, and Gyan did. Gyan is my little brother.

And when I thought that things couldn’t get any worse, Mom met a guy. His name is Carl and he seems nice enough, but something is just off about him. He is always bringing Mom gifts of flowers and



chocolates, but never seems to want to meet us. But when we ran into him at the grocery store, what happened there totally cemented my knowledge.

He seemed to shift to stay away from us, and then he took off without buying anything.

Oop. Mom alert. G’night

-Elvia October 30, 2019

Okay, I am making a habit of writing in here once a month. I’ve been asked to this pointless harvest celebration by like three guys, and I keep on saying NO! Aaaaarrrrgg! Can’t they see I don’t want to go to that pitiful party. I’ll just be the Debbie-Downer, and I DO NOT need a reputation like that. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about that vision I had on the first day of school.

Yes, I have visions. I know because I’ve watched them come true, one by one. I don’t know how long I have until this one happens. I presume whoever I was talking to had done something terrible. And I was either trying to stop them, trying to rescue someone, or they abducted me.

I seem to be a magnet for disaster. For example, I was just walking by the gym when somebody who was walking through through tripped, bent down to tie their shoe RIGHT THERE in the middle of the WIDE OPEN DOOR, and the kids in gym apparently have as much aim as that Darius kid, hit the volleyball and it slugged me in the head.

Then, I got SO mad I picked up the ball and served it back into the gym as hard as I could. The ball proceeded to ricochet off several of the kid’s heads before nailing the guy who had served it. Who



just happened to be Darius. I blinked in surprise before turning and walking down the hall as fast as my fifteen year old legs could carry me.

“Hey!” a voice called from behind me. I turned, so that it wouldn’t seem suspicious. “Did you throw this?” The gym teacher asked holding up the volleyball that now had a couple of kids faces dented in its white exterior. “Um, yeeeeees?” I said, half unsure if I was doing the right thing. “You should really join gym,” he said. I just shrugged then took off after the bell rang a moment later.

‘Night -Elvia

November 19, 2019

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I am almost sick of school. I have to hide from practically everyone because most of the guys want to ask me out and all the girls are upset about it, so they vent their frustrations on me. I still have no friends yet, because I haven’t had an opportunity to even have a normal conversation. I’ve decided to switch out of art and do Gym class, because you have no time to talk in that class. Also I need to get back in shape. I almost can’t wait to stuff myself silly on rolls, turkey, and pie. The word of the day is ALMOST.



December 14, 2019


I made a promise to myself at school today I would say yes to the

first guy who asked me to the dance. Almost immediately I saw Cole walk towards me. I turned and walked to the corner then booked



to the janitor’s closet. It was locked. I turned then ran to the boiler room. I darted in and hoped no one had seen me. Practically three seconds later, My vision began to turn silver. Oh, no, not again.

“Do this one simple thing and I will remove it from this tainted world, if that is what you so desire.” The voice boomed. “Do it or I will select everything you love and press delete.”

“No, I’ve done enough for your kind.” I replied before I gasped in realization as the voice spoke.

It snarled, “It’s your choice,”

I lurched upright, before rubbing my eyes and shaking my head in disbelief. Just the same two visions on replay every three days. It must be happening soon. I left the boiler room and was halfway to my next class when a hand grabbed my wrist. By pure instinct I turned and flipped them over my shoulder. “Oops, sorry Darius,” I giggled before holding out my hand and hoisted him to his feet.

“It’s okay Elvia, I was just wondering if you would like to go to the Dance with me?” It took me like, ten seconds to realize what he was asking. “Oh, um, of course,” I said, remembering my promise. So now I am going to a dance with the guy who I served a volleyball into his face. Well, I could do worse. What to wear, what to wear . . .


January 12, 2020

*undertone whisper*

When I went to the dance with Darius, I didn’t really think much of

it, but he asked for my number, and I thoughtlessly gave it to him. I am beginning to wonder if I made a HUGE mistake. Did I? Sigh. The dress I wore was pretty awesome though. It went a smidge above the knee in the front but dipped below them in the back. It also had butterfly sleeves, was covered in lace and sparkles and had sequins all over it. I felt pretty in it, and totally confident. Until we got to the Winterfest. All that was waiting there for me was endless mocking,



shame, and finger-pointing.

If this is what it‘s like being the prettiest girl in the room, I’d rather

be ugly. I ended up ditching Darius halfway and headed home. After I got there, I almost burned the dress right there in my backyard, or maybe dragging it through some mud. At least, I really felt like that until I realized; this wasn’t the dress’s fault. It was no one’s fault. No one’s fault kids are mean sometimes, or people get bullied, or have bad day’s, or some people can’t connect with others, or a millions of other things are wrong with this world. s of

I think I’ve ranted enough. It’s just . . . there is this ache deep within me that longs to be comforted, longs to be whole, longs to be free.


February 16, 2020

How Odd?

I went to Sweethearts alone although I danced with Darius once

or twice. There are odd murmurings of a new disease, a new Black Death that has come to claim us all. I’m not sure what this is all about, but I can’t help feel that this is important. That this is all linked to my visions somehow. I was cornered the other day by Cole, and he asked, “What do you see in him?” I was utterly bewildered. “Why are you going out with him and not me?” I laughed with understanding, which was probably rude, but I have no social life after all right? “I’m not dating him, Cole, don’t freak out.”

“So you will go out with me?” I shook my head, and before he could ask why I explained, “I’m just not looking for a relationship right now.” He just shook his head and took off down the hall. I wonder what all that is about. The odd troubles of a mundane life.


March 20, 2020

Something Strange Is Goin’ On Here



It’s really a wonder why the schools closed early. It must be serious, and somehow linked to my visions. I’m having them every day now, more shadow everywhere, the voice is louder, and the headaches are worse. I need to know what is going on. I found a note on my windowsill this morning. I stuck it between the pages so you can read it.



I’m not sure if I should go but, I NEED to understand what’s going on. Visions, rumors, everything! The next few pages are blank so thatyoucantellmewhathappensIfI.. . Ihopeitwon’tcometo that.


April 3rd, 2023

Wow, I almost can’t believe you’ve been here all along. I suppose

you’re wondering what happened. I had just arrived at Hopton Park ...

I glanced around, looking for who might have written that note. “Looking for someone?” A very familiar voice whispered in extremely creepy way. “Now, now,” another voice answered, “We mustn’t scare the poor thing. We need it to be manageable.” An older, rougher voice belonged to a second being. “But, -” mustn’t

“Sshh,” The second voice muttered, “It’s listening.”

“What do you want from me? You claim to have answers, but all I have found are more endless questions,” I shouted into the whirling wind. “Hmm, not yet,” one of the voices mused. “I’ll explain. We



are not of this celestial being, although we are same on the outside but our power stretches deep within. Just like yours, we need you to give yourself to us, so as to . . . cultivate your talent. One as potent as yours needs to be . . . contained.”

My vision began to blur as I recognized the first voice. “Cole?” The second voice gnashed his teeth, “You fool, she recognized you, I’ll speak now. After you refused to be around Cole, we developed a, virus, if you will, supposing it would help turn your head on the matter. It is that which you wonder off. We call it Corona.” I gasped. “You want me to willingly be your prisoner and let you steal my power? I almost can’t believe it,” I said, my words dripping with venom.

“Just do this one simple thing and I will remove it from this tainted world, If that is what you so desire,” The second voice boomed.“Do it or I will select everything you love and press delete.”

“No,” I coughed out. “I’ve done enough for your kind,” Vision. My vision was unfolding right in front of me. you

It snarled, “It’s your choice,”

“No, no I . . .” I trailed off as realization hit me. “You did this?” I whispered as tears began streaming down my face. The figures were still shrouded in thick shadows.

“Of course I did, who else do you think could even be half as smart as to create such a potent weapon,” Cole answered. “Now that you see I am powerful, strong enough, now will you have me!?!”

“Never,” I whispered, “NEVER!” I shouted. The second person tsked. “I don’t think you realize what is at stake here,” Some of the mist lifted, revealing a cage suspended over a vat of virus. Darius was inside.

“NO!” I screamed. “Let him go! your tussle is with me and me



alone!” I knew that I was helpless against whatever was about to happen but I had to try.


I can’t recall what happened but, the world is still here for better or for worse, I’m going to college and am engaged to Darius. Everything in my future looks bright and blissful.

Goodbye forever Diary. -Elvia




April 11, 2020 03:48

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