Mystery Fantasy Suspense

‘’Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you, our finalist for tonight, Robert. Robert is about to make a lifetime decision. You can select to have ten million dollars, tax-free, or…give up Rosco to a wealthy family that will take care of him and leave to live with them in England,’’ announces the game show host, Damian.

‘’Can I visit him time to time, when I feel like it?’’ Robert looking very undecided.

‘’I am afraid not. You have passed all the levels of this game show. Now, you don’t need to play. You need to decide. Rosco or ten million dollars…’’

‘’Can I think about it? Can have I both? Maybe just let me have a million and let me keep my dog.’’

All the cameras are pointed on the contestant. A very overwhelming decision for Robert.

‘’Robert! If you don’t decide, you will not get the ten million nor your dog,’’ shouts out the host.

‘’You can’t do that!’’ As Robert is getting angry and unstable.  

‘’We can, and we will apply the rules of the game. It is written on the contract, here, at the bottom, in small fine prints,’’ as our host is waving the document to Robert that he signed to his face. 

People sitting in the audience are harassing Robert. A very hostile crowd. Most are asking Robert to take the money. Some yelling that he will never ever see that money in his life.

‘’If you don’t make a decision now, we will feed the alligators with a certain dog named Rosco,’’ as Damian looks towards Robert in a very evil way.

‘’This game does not make sense! I want to keep my dog. I want Rosco. I don’t want your money and I don’t want to give up my best friend!’’ Robert is now losing control…

‘’Ah, I am sorry, that is too late. You signed a contract. You have five minutes to make a decision. If you are still undecided, then the poor puppy is going to be fed to the hungry aquatic creatures,’’ insists Damian.

A few people from the audience start favoring Robert with cheers. ‘’Common, give him a break!’’

“Okay, okay, calm down people…hear me out. Let me tear up this contract. I am the host. This is my show. I do what I want. I do what pleases me.’’

In the studio, we see Rosco, we see the English family that might take away the dog for good to England, and not too far, we have the alligators in the swamps. We see people cheering, yelling, some asking to see blood, and some want to see Robert to have what he desires.

With all these commotions, Robert can’t think but he must make a decision after Damian presents with a new option.

‘’We can allow you to keep Rosco or the ten million dollars. One of the two. Happy now?’’

‘’Ah finally!’’ As Robert feel relieved.

For Robert it is obvious now. He wants his best friend Rosco.

‘’Robert, I am not done yet. If you keep the dog, you must spend a year in the state penitentiary. Only after that full year served in isolation, then you will be able to meet up with your dog. Or…if you can’t stay in prison for a year, I would suggest you cash in the money, and forget about the dog,’’ as Damian looks at Robert with arrogance.

‘’What am I am going to do? Maybe take the cash and buy another dog? Buy two dogs? Or, stay away from Rosco for a year, and be ready to spend by days in 6 feet by 8 feet cell. Be patient, tough it out and meet back my best friend?’’

Robert knows that he had Rosco since he was 18 and they have been close friends. They have been living together in the same apartment for a decade. He had Rosco since he was a week old. Almost his baby. How could he even think of keeping the money? On the other hand, to spend 365 days in solitary confinement will be hell. He will lose his job. Probably his girlfriend will leave him. He will get kicked out of his apartment…well, lose it for sure. 

Once I come out, I will be a different man. Will Rosco even remember me. And, who will take care of him while I am gone? Please, not the British family! At least, if I can leave him at my parent’s during my absence. 

My dog is my life. I know also, that if I am lucky, he might have another ten years to live. Rosco knows when I am not feeling well. The way he looks at me, the way he puts his paws on my lap, his tail movement…

Rosco his better than most humans I know. A dog is loyal till the end and will do everything to make their master happy. I don’t want him to have a miserable life once I go to jail. I have decided. I will not take the money. That leaves one option. Jail time for a year, then see my puppy again. My lovely beagle. 

‘’Damian, can Rosco come visit me?’’

‘’No! Did you make your choice because we don’t have all night!’’

I decide to go to the state penitentiary for a year, then after, to reunite with my best friend.

‘’Good choice Robert! Guards, come over, and send this contestant to prison now!’’

I have never felt so sad, frustrated, betrayed, stabbed, confused

As I am escorted to a police van, I feel that my feet are getting so warm for some reason. Ticklish. My God! What is going on? I look down at my feet and I see Rosco putting his head on my feet. Treating them like a pillow.

‘’Rosco! Buddy!’’ Oh wow! 

All of these was a dream! That is why the game show host and the decisions given to me to take, the options, did not make sense at all. This was so weird. Again, a bizarre dream, in early morning, that just was nonsensical. What could be the meaning of all these?

But…I still have my best friend, Rosco. I maybe did not sleep well, but now I will, and it is Saturday morning. Let’s stay in and let Rosco crawl up to me, and sleep in my arms. I love you Rosco.

May 28, 2021 16:35

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