Dream Day

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That was a fine morning."Mommy I'm gonna college "said Evan and took his bullet and started driving. The day brought sunshine in his heart.His heart yearned for the girl he met a week before. Her recklessness in innocence fascinated him."she is my queen" he said to himself. When he stepped inside the quadrangle of his college,A dazzling glee on his face made everyone ask for the reason .His colleague asked "Evan...is there any good news? keep smiling like this hereafter".Evan smiled and moved from there.In the evening,the bell rang chime at 3:30p.m. "Evan ! Come let's play cricket,be in my team today" said his colleague Samuel."No sir.I want to go home earlier " he replied and rushed near to his bullet and the battery was down.He set his mind to see her by anyway and accompanied his friend to the main bus stop.

 His heart longed to see her,so took a fast passenger and went to her college .What a miracle ! His queen stood there, he stepped down with bundles of joy and happiness from the bus. He walked crosswise to her but she didn't notice him.Evan stood back of her for a while and then went to the shop,bought a water can and had little water and again stood back of her and was holding the can and planned to throw down to make her look back. In a jerk, Jisha looked back and saw him. His heart beat "lub-dub", " lub-dub", as he could hear it . He went near her,but his words started blabbering and somehow he started to speak. As he is a Research Scholar in English literature he asked, "Do you have any articles about the American writer, Naomi Wallace?".Jisha nodded and said "let me check it out and inform you ".He got her mobile number and moved to his house. Before reaching home ,he by-hearted and started texting her regarding the literary materials.But she responded with a single word

 "Yes" or " No". Evan became sad and he was planning to get closer with Jisha. Thereafter, everyday he started with the conversation about music as she was fond of that." Can you sing few lines of this song? ". "Yes ! sure",Jisha sang for him first time over phone call without any hesitation. Evan loved her from the bottom of his heart and started to know about her and her family through the little conversations beyond songs. He took a personal number to have conversation with her. The childish behaviour and the voice of Jisha made him energetic everyday as he grew up in an strict atmosphere.

 They became friends.He taught more literary thoughts and musical skills.He learned songs of various genre from her beyond his western skills.He felt comfortable and happy with her company because he hadn't met any unique person like her in his life.He loved her more than himself.One day,she taught him to prepare sharjah,a juicy drink.It came well and tasted yummy.Evan shared with his family members.The whole family appreciated and his mom questioned " From where did you learnt this Evan ?"."Friend" he replied with a glee and moved from that place.

 It was February 14,Jisha dressed up with a marvellous flowered gown wearing a colourful wrist and a blue coloured shoes on her professor's wedding.

 As she was walking with her friend Bofia behind the church,Evan stood under a tree looking his gorgeous queen. The glee on his face made Jisha go near him with a cute smile. Bofia said her to wait there and went to buy a bouquet of flowers to present their professor.Evan and Jisha talked with each other.He showed few photographs of his postgratute friends to her.He showed one of the photos for a while and said "She is Julia,my close friend and noticed her face to find her mind "does she become angry or not " but Jisha just smiled and nodded to him.That made him decide "she is my better-half".In a jerk, Evan held her hand and she started to Shiver .He got her purse from her hand and kept few chocolates and gave back to her. She moved from that place without bidding bye out of fear.Bofia came back and enquired "Who is this man? He looks handsome.Is he your boyfriend?".She didn't speak out of fear.Bofia understood that some issue is there between them and didn't ask anything about it.

 After the wedding ceremony,Jisha and Bofia met their friends,enjoyed chatting with them and had lunch with delicious dishes like mutton biriyani, chicken fry,curd rice,candies,fruit salads and departed to their houses after the function.

In tiredness of hot weather,she went to the ice cream shop 'Tasty-Tasty' with her friend Bofia, where Jisha used to have sharjah,a fruit drink.She ordered and chatted for an hour and Bofia went when her sister called her.Jisha sat there and started to think about the change of behaviour in Evan. "His eyes was full of love and care, today , Why did he hold my hand ? Why did he gift more chocolates for me? Is there anything he wishes for ?" she questioned herself and took mobile to call her mom and found few messages in her chat box. "You look gorgeous my little queen ! "

"Your long hair looks so silky"

"I wish to hold you forever""You are an unique person my dear".

 Before  reading all the texts, Her mobile started ringing " ting- a ling, ting-a ling,ting-a ling" she picked up,and stayed silent with fear of Evan's call," Jisha... ! " " Yes " she whispered."Did you read out my texts? ", " Yes! few " she replied.Suddenly,Evan disconnected the call and sat near her and held her hands and looked her eyes and said "Look at me! Jisha... I wanna say a thing to you dear..." She didn't speak at all,her throat became dry out of fear,but he was still holding her hand and said "Look at me sweetheart ! Don't panic ! Just listen my words".Jisha looked his face slowly.By holding her hands he said "I would be so...happy if ...you would be there with me in rest of my life... I LOVE YOU CUTE DEAR ! and gifted a musical bangle with the notes of his favourite song.

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