Why oh why did I get out in this weather? Why was the store unlocked? I just wanted a Dr. Pepper and some Butterlicous popcorn. The weather report said the" Blizzard to end all Blizzards" was a few hours away. It had been lightly snowing when I put on my snow boots and threw my coat and scarf on, Being late I figured I would just run to the little general store and grab a few things. The parking lot was empty and the lights were on. The door was unlocked and I walked in hollered at John the owner, he always worked the overnight shift. He was a little older than me and quite attractive.

getting no reply I grabbed a basket and put two 2liters of Dr. Pepper in it, next was a box with 12 packs of Butterlicous popcorn and some M&M's. I headed to the Deli section to grab a sandwich and some chips. Looking out the front window I noticed the snow was really coming down now and my car was buried almost over the roof. The snow was halfway up the front door and I didn't know if I would even be able to leave.

I left my basket on the counter by the register, walked to the back room of the little store hollering at John. " John, Where are you? I'm ready to check out, But the blizzard is here and I might need help getting out of the store." I didn't see him anywhere but I did find a Baby Bassinet in his office, I thought that was strange, John had no kids. I thought it was empty at first then I saw it move and heard the whimpering. Walking around it and peering in I see a Baby. A full head of curly hair and a red face, it was winding up to really cry. I hesitantly picked the Baby up and realized that it had wet through its clothes. I cradle the baby in my arms to comfort it and am looking around for a diaper bag, not seeing one I walk around the back room calling out for John. The baby is really starting to fuss now so I decide to grab wipes and diapers from the shelf, a new onesie and a blanket I head to the office and lay the baby gently on the desk I stripped the Baby down, used the wipes to clean her, I noticed a birthmark on her chest a small area of raised skin in the perfect shape of a rose. It was pink in color and perfectly shaped. I dressed her in the onesie and wrapped her in the blanket even though it was nice and warm in the store. I still had not seen John or anyone else, I was a little creeped out. I decided to call her Rose because I didn't know her name or her story. We were all alone in this little store in the middle of a blizzard. I took the Bassinet put Rose in it and rolled it around with me. The snow was really coming down fast, it was up over the door and windows about 5 feet deep I guessed. Rose began to fuss so I grabbed a bottle and some formula off the shelf, pushed the Bassinet over to the sink in the little Deli area, and washed the bottle out. I mixed the formula according to the directions, tested it on my arm, and had a seat in one of the chairs. I picked Rose up and offered the bottle to her, which she gladly accepted and began to drink. She finished off the bottle, I put her on my shoulder and burped her. She was fast asleep when I laid her in the Bassinet. Hearing my stomach growl I decided to go to my basket I got the sandwich and chips and a cold Dr. Pepper from the cooler and decided to eat. I finished eating, looked at the clock and it was only 10 p.m. I had no clue where John was, Who the Baby was, or whom she belonged to. I tried the payphone it was dead, my cell phone was home on the charger and what little I could see outside there was no one out in this storm. I checked on Rose again, She was still sleeping so I walked the entire store backroom included again. It was just Rose and I and there was no diaper bag or any indication that a baby was there. At 1 a.m. Rose began to cry, I changed her again, made another bottle, fed her, and laid her back to rest in the bassinet. The blizzard was really bad the windows were covered in snow, The door was covered in snow. I thanked God the lights were still on. I gathered a lantern and a sleeping bag and a small propane heater and put in the office, Gathered a flashlight and batteries and bottles of water and put on the desk in case the power did go out, at 3 a.m. I put the bassinet beside the little couch in the office. I unzipped the sleeping bag and climbed in it on the little couch, I was asleep in minutes. I was awakened at 5 a.m by Rose who was ready to eat again. I cleaned her up, put her in a fresh onesie and some pull-on leggings for babies, a pair of socks, and wrapped her in the blanket. I fed her and burped her and laid her in the bassinet once she was asleep again. It was dark outside and was chilly in the store. I put on a thick pair of wool socks and a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt over my pajamas. I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and another sandwich and ate while trying to think about the crazy night I had. At 7 a.m still, no phone all was quiet. I had made a list of everything I ate or used so I could pay John as soon or if I ever saw him again.

Three days passed with just Rose and me in the store, on the fourth day they cleared the road out front and the lot and shoveled out the door so it could open. In walks, John in a frenzy and he rushes to the office, Not even noticing that I was holding Rose. He comes rushing back out and notices me and Rose startled he says " I didn't even see you there, I was worried about Harriet, I left her asleep in the office long enough to run home in the storm to get her diaper bag, I slid off the road into a ditch, I awoke yesterday, in the Hospital, I was terrified that she had died. When did you get here?" I told him I had come Friday night when the storm first started, I had found her and then became trapped by the storm. I told him about how I had cared for her and used some of the merchandise of The General Store to care for us until We could get out of it. I told him I was worried and confused about finding her all alone. He said when he left he planned on being back in less than 10 minutes and didn't want to risk Harriet getting sick in the weather. She belonged to his sister who had passed a week ago, He got custody of Harriet being the next of kin and the only kin. He promised never to leave her again and He told me not to worry about the merchandise I used. He said he had prayed to God when he left that night for God to watch over and take care of Harriet until he returned.

I Babysit when he needs me to and I call her Rose still, it is her nickname, We hang out and play dress up and tell stories and love to read. We know all the Disney Princess by name and movie. Rose is 5 now and I will marry John soon, although he is 10 years my senior, We fell in love. Harriet/ Rose will be my daughter soon and I still Thank God for bringing us all together. If it wasn't for Dr. Pepper and Butterlicous popcorn I would not have found My happily ever after.

July 24, 2020 17:40

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