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November 13th 1835 14:16

I have just received you for my 13th birthday. Father worked extra hard at the wood factory to get me and you together. I saw him come back a few days ago with scratches on his arms. I hope he thinks getting you was worth it. Oh you are beautiful on the cover. I know you can't see yourself, but don't even stop to think you don't look as good! Father picked out my favorite sunset colors, and with the fur, it's so much better.

November 14th 1835 3:45

I saw you lying next to my mattress and I couldn't help but pick you up. Father recently got a three dollar check! I had to tell you. Now, he can buy me a home desk, just like the other kids at school. They tease me for being so poor. I hope you don't. I see tranquility in you.

November 17th 1835 11:02

I've been busy with school work. I can't always finish my work in school. The room is so hot, and my dress makes terribly worse. I wish us girls had more rights. It's Saturday today, so I didn't speak to you in the day earlier. Except my birthday when I stayed home. I'm going outside to run with the other girls. The boys don't let us play with them because we always wear dresses.

November 19th 1835 13:11

Father found a gorgeous doll by the trash bins. You can't see it, but it has jet black yarn hair, a white dress, and some laced gloves. I can't believe anyone would throw it away like this. You of course will be with me forever.

November 23rd 1835 2:50

I can't rest. I am rolling around my tiny mattress and clutching my new doll. I heard a gunshot a few miles away. Dirty teenage boys are always doing that. More jails are being built. We'll be safe. These boys haven't hurt anybody. They just do this nonsense. I'm going to put on my glasses and get some bread from the cabinet. With that, I bid thee goodnight.

November 25th 1875 16:35

Today is Sunday, so school is tomorrow, a boy that does not care that I wear a dress showed me how to make a small tomato rocket. You pull a trigger and a tomato shoots out. When I tried, he smiled at me!

November 30th 1875 15:22

I just got back home. It's the last day of November! Father is throwing a small party, as we enter our my father and mother's birthday months. Mother and I will be decorating. Hope to talk to you again!

December 1st 1875 12:19

It's been some busy days, but we are ready. Our neighborhood is coming, and some girls from school. Lots of people love Mother's cooking, and playing together is always fun. The party is tomorrow. Father will even get me a pastel pink dress with ribbon around the waist!

December 2nd 1875 21:58

The noise has died down a little bit. I've decided to come to you for now. Wait we are watching a movie. I have to go now, and then in two days there is school. I'll try to speak to you, but schoolwork can be hard. It takes about two to three hours a day. At least I have these weekends to sit down and play with my family and all of my friends!

December 7th 1875 17:30

I had to talk to you. An old man has been attacked by some young men. He had a funeral. I'm lucky I didn't know him. Are things safe anymore? But it was one death in the area. Father wants to wait, and Mother got mad. He loves our community, you see.

December 10th 1875 20:06

A girl not much younger than me from my school has been shot, and luckily will live. There have been more deaths and injuries besides her. Father won't tell me and mother. Only he gets to read the news. I've seen the women talking with the women about what is happening, and men talking with the men trying to sort everything out. I need to sneak in and try to find out what they are planning. School has been cancelled for a few days because of this incident.

December 12th 1875 13:21

I spied on the men. I unfortunately got caught and the men were scared. I'm not allowed to tell anyone and I won't. As long as I know, then I can take my own actions and fight for

Hi, my name is Eileen. I'm 13. My family moved into this modern house a few days ago. I found this super old diary, and apparently it's from 1875. I'm trying not to believe it, but by the looks of it, I think it's true. I'm thinking about keeping it and writing in it. Wait I need to put a date. June 28th 2024 14:05. I've read everything from the past girl, and she addresses this diary as you. So I will now address you as you. I found you lying in a cardboard box in the corner. According to the girl who used to write in you, this house was not for the upper class. Now, I guess it could be. It's a city now, if you wanted to know. There is violence here too. I don't know if I want to mention this, but I found you with dried blood all over your spine, and a blood handprint stain. Based off of what I read the other girl, her last sentence was unfinished. My conclusion is really creepy, but if I want to be a historian when I grow up, I need to say this. And I want to tell you. I don't want you not knowing where your previous owner ended up. On the cover, it says her name was Mary Elizabeth Connor. I will call her Mary. It's a nice name. Well, I need to stop stalling, at this point, I think you know what happened. I know, it's really bad, but it's better you know the sad part than never know at all, right? I hope that's what you think, cause I can't hear you. Well, given the fact that there were all these kills, I think she was killed by the men in midwriting. I could be wrong, so let's hope that, although I think I'm right. It really hurts. But what was the reason of the kills? Why were all these people mad? I guess in life, there are things you never know.

March 15, 2021 21:05

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