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As the lady walked unhurriedly across the black cobblestone path, feeling no rush to get to her home to her lonely one-bedroom apartment. The woman shivered as the freezing cold sleet reached to the back of her neck dripping down the inside of her new red coat. She sighed as she walked past the rows of neatly lit houses with sounds of laughing and enjoyment. She passed the pleasant cafes and restaurants with friends chatting away with each other. She watches as a couple exit a store and she looked in a tinted shop window to see three teenage friends sipping blissfully at their iced lattes deep in conversation. Some bartenders caught her eye as they chatted merrily about the game, her hand gently extended to her face to wipe a silvery tear from her cheek. Thoughts flooded into her mind and she reflects on how no one noticed her beautiful haircut and when no one lent her a hand when she dropped her monthly report and the pages scattered along with the chalky grey concrete of the sidewalk.

Her eyes finally glittered as she saw the coffee shop had

finally opened after seeing the coming soon sign across the door for too long. She crossed the street into the light, and she saw people in there with the calm logo of Stacy’s stamped on the black aprons and amiable smiles imprinted on their kindly faces. She walked to the counter and was greeted by a series of grins and welcomes as she looked the pink menu on the chalkboard up and down and decided, “Lemon and ginger tea please”. 

“Is that all”?

“Yes, thank you”, she smiled sadly at the waitress. 

“Can I please get a name for that”?


The lady in the red coat took a seat at a table while she waited for her tea. She hummed a tune as she adjusted her neat bun under her hat. 

“Kate” exclaimed the lady holding the black cup. Kate stood up

and moved towards the tea. She thanked the waitress and went to walk out of the store. Her footsteps silent as she passed the door of Stacy’s. A solid body bumped into her making her drop her warm tea on the ground.

 He bent down to pick it up, “Oh my gosh, I am so, I’m so” he sighed and stood up straight with her empty teacup, “Look I am very sorry, can I get you another one”. He smiled apologetically at her, “Please”. 

“Oh, thank you” a slow red flush crept up her face as she watched him throw the now empty cup in the bin. She followed the brown-haired man inside and as they reached the counter he asked what drink she had previously had. 

“Lemon and ginger tea... thanks”, she replied quickly still feeling the hot flush on her cheeks.

"Does that taste nice?" The man asked curiously.

"I'm not sure," she replied slightly gesturing towards the door where she had dropped her tea.

"Oh, right," he grimaced, "sorry about that." He turned back to the cashier. "I'll have a vanilla latte with extra ice, thanks."

She followed the man to a table near the window, they took their jackets off and hung them on the side of their chairs. Kate sat down and crossed her ankles in a nervous yet subtle fidget.

"We don't usually get visitors out here?" Kate asked

the man, his hair a light shade of brown, almost looking ginger. His blue eyes sparkled in the neutral light of the cafe.

"Sorry, how impolite of me, I'm Adam, and yeah I'm from

Miami, my work flew me down here for a bit, to help set up the new office."

"I'm Kate, thanks for buying me another cup of tea."

"In weather like this, you’ll need it, it's freezing out

there. I think I just want to stay in here forever." He smiled as Kate

laughed. She looked beautiful when she smiled, her brown hair matched her red coat, hanging on the back of her chair and her stunning eyes shone as her smile creased the edges of her red lips. She adjusted her smooth scarf around her neck and placed her hands in her lap.

"Adam?" the waitress asked as she placed the two cups on the table and smiled fondly at Kate.

"Thank you," Adam shared as he reached for one of the two cups, passing it to Kate.

"Have you got time to talk?" Kate asked taking a sip.

A small chuckle left his throat, "I was only going back to my apartment, where I was going to what- stare at the fridge for a while maybe watch some tv., then maybe consider making dinner."

Kate laughed again this time more freely, "that sounds like what I was going to do, too." She settled back into her chair, "so what work are you doing out here?"

"I work as an architect and they moved me out here to set up their new office, I've been out here for a few months. It's so much colder here!"

"Yeah, it must be a bit warmer up there, you said Miami right?"

Adam nodded his head, "So what do you do, down here I mean?"

"I work in a law firm, just south of Portly street."

"I should have guessed, with a coat that nice." He chuckled again, Kate joining in.

"Yeah, there are some really nice shops around here, the ones along victoria parade."

"I haven't been there yet, you will have to take me one day." Kate smiled in agreement.

"Yeah definitely."

One of the cafe waitresses walked over to some of the people at the tables on the opposite side of the room and quietly tells them the cafe will be closing soon. The waitress turns around and walks towards Kate and Adam.

"The cafe will be closing soon."

They stand up and move to grab their coats, Adam pulls his coat back on and waits for Kate to finish.

"Is there a chance I could get your phone number?" He asks his left-hand fidgeting with his coat. She pulls out her phone from her bag and goes to her contacts page.

"Only if I can have yours too."

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