Lord Farquaad Haircut

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Samantha and Whitney are best friends. They’re both sixteen years old. They’ve been inseparable since freshman year of high school. They felt like they’ve met in a past life.

On Sunday Samantha couldn’t stop staring at herself in the mirror. She’s always been happy with her appearance but something kept bothering her. Maybe it’s time to change up her style she thought. She went on Yelp and found a local hairstylist. She decided to make an appointment later that evening. Hopefully it wouldn’t take her long to finish.

"Here you go! This is a magazine I made. There are over six hundred hair styles.” Mary says.

"Wow thank you so much!” Says Samantha.

Samantha is sitting under the dryer. The aroma of deep conditioner filling the air in the shop.

"This one! Definitely this one!” Samantha says.

Looking puzzled, Mary asked if she was sure she wanted that one. Mary knows to give the customers what they want, so she proceeds.

“Notice something different?” Says Samantha. Whitney always comes to pick her up so they can ride to school together.

"Um…yes! I see you did something different to your hair. Do you like it?” Says Whitney.

"Heck yeah!” Samantha says.

"Well then so do I. I actually really do like it. It’s different and… frames your face nicely.” Whitney says.

Whitney knows how sensitive Samantha is. Hopefully she’ll come to hate the hairstyle Whitney thinks to herself. Sometimes a little lie won’t hurt. It’s to protect your friends, and their feelings.

Whitney and Samantha are walking down the hall to Math class. People are staring at Samantha and giving her strange looks, and smiling. Samantha thinks that they’re smiling out of admiration, but it’s for a completely different reason.

Samantha looks like that little man from Shrek. Whitney still doesn’t tell her.

There is this brutally honest girl, Joslyn, who sits next to Whitney and Samantha at lunch. Whitney and Samantha are sitting across from each other and Joslyn is sitting right next to Whitney.

"Hey Lord Farquaad, can I have a ketchup pack?” Joslyn asks Samantha.

"Excuse me?” Samantha says. Whitney attempts to hide her face behind her hand.

“She’s just joking.” Whitney says.

“You know this girl looks like Lord Farquaad.” Joslyn says.

"Oh my gosh stop! That’s kinda mean.” Says Whitney.

Joslyn has a laugh attack all of a sudden.

“That is the most hideous haircut I have ever seen in my life. I mean at least Farquaad doesn’t have split ends.” Joslyn says.

Samantha is fed up and gets up. Whitney followers her.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was bad Whitney?” Samantha says angrily.

“I-” Says Whitney but Samantha cuts her off.

"I mean it would have been better coming from you my best friend than anyone else.” Samantha says.

“I’m sorry Sammy! But you know how freaking sensitive you get!” Whitney says.

The bell rings.

"I’m late for class.” Samantha says after she rolls her eyes.

After school Samantha is sitting on the stairs outside waiting for an Uber with her head buried in a textbook. 

Whitney goes and sits next to her. Samantha turns her body a few inches away from Whitney. Samantha has on a snapback hat, attempting to hide her awful hair.

“You were right. I should have been honest with you.” Says Whitney.

Samantha looks up and closes her textbook. She sighs. “Ugh… I know why you lied. I can get over dramatic.” Samantha says.

"Again, I’m sorry.” Says Whitney.

They both hug it out.

“Come on lemme drive ya back home. By the way, I have these beautiful headscarf’s my mom bought from her trip to England last year. You know until your hair grows back.” Whitney says.

"Oh, that’d be great. You’re the best.” Says Samantha while sighing again. Mostly because she just wishes her hair would just grow back right now! Her and Whitney both get up and walk to the car.

The next day, when Whitney picks Samantha up for school, Samantha can already see that Whitney’s hair is shorter from a distance. Whitney usually has shoulder length black wavy hair. Now it’s the same as Samantha’s hair.

Samantha giggles while walking towards the car.

“Do you still want these scarfs? I have like five.” Whitney says.

“Um… why would you do that to your hair? My gosh you didn’t have to do that Whit!” Says Samantha.

“No stop I deserved it. We were right there at the same time yesterday. I should have been honest with you about the hairstyle. Everyone was teasing you yesterday. So please, just let me take on the embarrassment for today.” Whitney says.

“Ugh, no. You don’t have to do that. Give me the scarfs. You choose one and I’ll choose one. Just let it go. Alright?” Says Samantha with a smile.

"Fine. Again I’m sorry girl.” Says Whitney.

"I know! Stop saying that.” Says Samantha.

Whitney drives off to school after throwing the scarf with the green leaves on.

“Hopefully this taught you a lesson though.” Says Samantha.

“Yeah. Don’t lie to your best friends. Even if you think it’s small. It can spiral out of control man.” Says Whitney.

Before getting out of the car Whitney takes her scarf off while Samantha still has hers on. She doesn’t see Whitney take the scarf of. Samantha was already at the door. Whitney is behind her.

“No, Whit, put that scarf back on.” Says Samantha. She giggles a little.

“It’s okay. Laugh girl. To be honest, it’s not even that bad.” Says Whitney.

Whitney pulls out a mirror to check herself.

“Actually, it is.” Says Whitney.

“It’s really bad.” Says Samantha.

Whitney puts the scarf back on. Twenty people have already seen her hair but it doesn’t matter now. 

Whitney and Samantha both see Joslyn at her locker. Joslyn apologizes to Samantha about the teasing yesterday she did at lunch.

“You know how I can get. That was so rude and mean. I’m so sorry. You’re such a sweet girl who don’t deserve that.” Says Joslyn.

“We’re good!” Says Samantha.

“Awesome. Cool scarf.” Says Joslyn.

Whitney and Samantha lock arms and walk into home room together. 

August 15, 2021 05:52

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Rodrigo Juatco
00:17 Aug 23, 2021

Nice buddy story. Made me relive my high-school days with my best friend. Guess we all tell little white lies to spare hurt feelings especially with people we care about. Good use of the prompt.


Tiffany Skinner
22:10 Aug 23, 2021

Thank you that means so much. This is my first short story so I was kinda insecure about how it will do.


Rodrigo Juatco
01:12 Aug 24, 2021

You are welcome. Very good first attempt. Would you mind reading my story and letting me know what you think? I would very much appreciate your thoughts. Take care.


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