Adventure Drama Friendship

Childhood memories are very blissful moments in all of our lives which we live only once.

We all have many moments which remain capture like a photo frame in our life forever.

There are lots of good-terrible memories of our childhood which become wonderful remembrance as we become an adult. It sometimes brings a smile to our faces whenever we recall those days and sometimes it haunts us as soon as we remember them as those moments become histories in our life. There are several small-big events that occur in everyone’s life. The time actually when those events are happening in our life we feel scared of it to disclose it to anyone, especially our parents. We all love bunking classes during our school time. Here is the story of Dinesh Arora who is in his 50s. He was the only son of Mukesh and Tina Arora. His wife's name Gargi and two beautiful angles. Siya and Divya. Dinesh was always a fun-loving and naughty guy from his childhood only. So he had lots of events in his life that take place in his life during his childhood. He lived in Delhi for many years, from his childhood till now. One fine sunny day in July. Dinesh, recall one of his horrible yet blissful memories of childhood. The incident that Dinesh was recalling happen in August and the year 2000 that time Dinesh was in class 4.He has a gang during that time which includes four people with himself and they are Abhishek, Sameer, Bikram, and Keshav. Abhishek and Sameer were toppers in the classes, but Bikram, Keshav, and Dinesh himself were not good at all in their studies. Samer and Abhishek bunk no class but the other three do sometimes. One day during August month only Keshav convinces the two friends that are Abhishek and Sameer to bunk classes with the other three of them. However, they refuse but end up accepting and all the five roamed all outside their school before going home. All watched movies in theaters, there were no facilities to watch movies at home like today. Internet was very expensive and common people always go to the theater if they want to watch a movie. But sadly they didn’t get a ticket because it already sold. They bought black tickets but to buy a black ticket they don’t have enough money. But Sameer was a rich guy so finally, through the help of Sameer they buy tickets for all the four boys. But when the film ends, it becomes dark outside, and it scares them to return home. Because as soon as they reach home their parents will scold them badly so they stayed in a nearby lodge which is cheap at cost. But soon they discover that the lodge they booked was a place of gambling and kidnapers actually it was a fake lodge which is put by some mafias to trap their victims. They get scared again to get caught by the gamblers, so they headed back to their respected houses. But as soon as they are trying to go one mafia caught hold them and captivates them. All the parents were worried for their children they called the police and finally find them. The police arrest the mafias and that fake lodge get closed. Their parents scolded them badly. But these incident shocks they boys to the core thinking what would have happened to them if their parents couldn’t have found them. From that incident no one bunk any class among them. Because of their daring move, their parents have to suffer that day even their lives were at risk if the things gone went out of their parent’s hands. The mafias might have killed the boys. Whenever we bunk classes we should do healthy kinds of stuff we shouldn’t take our adventure in too dangerous which can risk our life. It’s better to get scold rather than risking our lives as Dinesh and his friends did. Moreover, we should always inform our parents about every move we take to save ourselves from any risk. However, there are some misdeeds we do without informing our parents but those should be small ones so that no harm is done to oneself. If Dinesh and his friends return that day as soon as the film end then they just get scolded by their parents only which they got when they come back anyways but at least they wouldn’t have fallen for prays in the hands of those mafias. But sometimes we do need to learn lessons from our mistakes as Dinesh and his friends did. But everyone is not lucky like them many others end up losing their lives by doing this kind of risky thing. Even today also maximum children lose their lives or destroy their lives by becoming victims of these mafias. Some are due to poverty and some due to hide things from their parents as Dinesh and his friends did. That is why no matter how wrong you do confess it to your parents especially if you fall in big trouble. And we shouldn’t try to take big steps, especially during school hours because during that time our parents are unaware of our whereabouts. Sometimes our childhood memories become blissful but sometimes it teaches us big lessons in the near future which we never repeat at any cause. As Dinesh and his friends get after this incident they never ever bunk their classes at any cost. And from that day everyone in that group always informs their parents before taking any steps in their lives be it small or huge.When Dinesh was remembering that day now he was still horrified when he was recalling that moment today because that day all his friends including him have seen the death from very close.If one minute their parents will be late to reach the mafias would have killed them.Life is very precious to everyone. In this world only 40% of people are innocent so we always need to take steps very maturely and when we are children we should tell everything that happens in our day-to-day life to our parents because no one can love a person as much as his/her parents love them.     

July 15, 2021 03:54

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