Ninjago Fanfiction___ Part-2

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CHAPTER 2: Gone Missing

Jay sure was happy to get his bed back.

“Yippie!” he shouted the moment he saw Lloyd walk into the living area where all the others were gathered.

And then he immediately ran off to the ninja’s room with a handful of his blankets and pillows. 

Mystery laughed and told Lloyd she was going to go to the bathroom, then left down the hallway.

“So. what made you want to leave the room.” Cole asked him.

“Uh. Bored I guess.”

“Bored?” Nya said with a frown, directed at Lloyd. “You know your such a-”

“Pile of trash?” Lloyd suggested.

“I was going to say such a Nadakhon… but yeah.”

The others looked at Nya with confused faces. 

“Um… okay? I guess I’m a Nadakhon.” Lloyd said after a few seconds.

“Did I hear the evil name of that Djinn I hate???” Jay shouted as he returned to the room.

“Yeah I was comparing Lloyd to him.” Nya shouted back.

Jay gasped.

“Nya! You must be really mad at him!” he said.

“Sounds about right.” Nya laughed, with a glare in Lloyds direction.

“Am I the only one who’s extremely confused right now?” Lloyd asked the others in complete and utter confusion.

There was a chorus of “Nope’s” and “uh-uh’s” 

“Inside Joke.” Jay said, smiling at Nya.

Nya smiled back, and things in the small room began to feel a bit awkward. 

“So! Lloyd’s feeling better!” Kai said. “It’s nice to have you back buddy.” 

“Here. Here!” Cole agreed.

Jay whispered something to Nya and she laughed.

The others shared a look, before there was a knock on the doors of the Monastery. 

The Ninja usually didn't get visitors, seeing that they lived on one of the highest mountains in Ninjago, and to reach the top, you would have to climb an extremely long flight of stairs. When they did, however, they always immediately answered. Who knows what it could be. Usually something bad…

Lloyd burst the door open.

It was a girl, and she seemed to be very out of breath.

A girl Lloyd recognised far too much.

“June? What’s going on?” 

“Lloyd!” She grabbed his shoulder to keep balance. “Something’s happened.”

The rest of the ninja arrived at the door at this. 

“What?” Jay asked, getting that look on his face. A mixture of excited and terrified, with a little pinch of funny.

“People in my town keep going missing.” June breathed.

The Ninja invited June inside, and gathered around to discuss the issue that the girl had brought to their monastery.

Jay was confused and disappointed on the whole matter.

Usually the police took care of these kinds of things. Ninja were reserved for more formidable threats.

Like say, an evil djinn who might kidnap Jay’s fellow ninja (Nya), because she looked similar to the person he’d liked back in his day.

Jay hated those kinds of djinns. Not that he’d met any other kind of djinn before. The other ninja, save Nya, had forgotten about even meeting the one djinn in the first place, which Jay couldn't fathom. How could you forget the day ninjago was torn apart bit by bit because of a power hungry djinn who wanted to marry Nya. 

He and Nya hadn't forgotten, but that was probably because they were the only ones not affected by Jay’s wish for none of the djinn craziness to happen in the first place.

Jay glanced over at the others.

“So, why did you come to us?” Lloyd asked the girl.

Jay couldn't help but notice a hint of familiarity in the eyes of the girl and Lloyd when they talked to each other. He whispered his observation to Nya and she agreed with him. 

Somehow Lloyd knew this girl.

“The police won't listen to me. Our town is such a small one, that the important officers of Ninjago City, don't really care” the girl replied in a soft tone.

“Wait, I thought that every town, big or small, had at least one officer in it?” Jay spoke up.

“She was the first to disappear.” The girl whispered. “Next was the children at the elementary school.”

“That’s terrible,” Nya gasped.

“Yeah.” Lloyd agreed, “and we are going to find them.”

“Okay,” Kai said, “but we need to wait for Mystery to get back before we plan anything.” he shivered. “Remember last time we made a plan without her.”

Cole made a scared sound.

“Yep. how could you forget.” he said.

“Yeah, you're probably right.” Lloyd said, and pinched his arm twice.

Jay remembered Lloyd and Mystery telling them about their strange connection. If either Mystery or Lloyd were to experience bodily pain, the other would feel the sensation just as one had. They explained though, that the other would not feel anything if one were simply touching a soft blanket, only sharp pains were felt, that’s why Lloyd and mystery used pinching to tell the other something. When Lloyd pinched his arm twice, it meant that he needed to speak with Mystery.

A minute later, she walked into the room and plopped down on the empty chair next to Lloyd.

“Man, this place is a maze.” She said, then, “Who’s that?” 

She gestured to the girl who was on her phone now for some reason.

“Oh!” She looked up from the device suddenly, “I’m June. Nice to meet you…”

“I’m the Mystery Green Ninja, you can call me Mystery if you want, or just Myst.”

Jay looked at June who was on her phone again.

“Uh…” he started to ask her what was so important, but she clicked her phone and apologized to everybody before he could get the words out.

“I'm so sorry, some people in my village just informed me that another child has gone missing! People are scared.” she said.

“We must hurry then.” Zane pointed out. “The longer we wait the more people might disappear.” 

“Zane’s right.” Lloyd said, looking around the room for something. “Um. Has anybody seen my Ninja Suit?” he asked the others.

Nya and Jay shared a look.

“We. Took it out to the trash.” Jay said.

“Wait what!?” Lloyd screamed.

“You're the one who threw it away.” Jay said.

Lloyd groaned.

Jay laughed.

“He was joking.” Nya smiled, and tossed him the suit. “I have it.”

“Thanks,” Lloyd said, with a little glare at Jay. “We should get going. June, lead the way.”

“When you said ‘lead the way’ I didnt think you meant ‘ride a dragon across the sky, in front of all of your other dragons.’” June screamed, somehow managing to keep her voice soft, and failing to keep up the balance on Lloyds dragon.

“Can you just drive it?” she asked him. “I’m not that great at flying things.

“Yeah. sure. Just tell me where to go.” Lloyd said as he switched spots on his green dragon with June.

Once he gained control, Lloyd heard a noise behind him. Mystery was approaching him on her green dragon.

“Is June alright?” she asked.

“I'm fine.” June called back.

Mystery, seemingly satisfied, turned around and continued to ride on from the back. 

When they finally arrived at the small town, Lloyd heard June breath a sigh of relief, as Lloyd made his elemental dragon disappear. She stood there for a moment, Lloyd assumed she was catching her breath, then she walked away from him, and over to Mystery. 

This confused Lloyd. 

They hadn't even known each other until today, I guess they just caught on quickly… he thought. 

“Well I’m going to head home.” June said suddenly. “Can somebody escort me, so I don't get captured or something? I’m feeling a little nervous about all of this.”

Lloyd jumped at the opportunity. He’d wanted some alone time with June since he saw her face appear at the doorstep of the monastery. 

Before he could offer however, Mystery patted June’s back.

“Of course.” She said, “I’ll escort you home, and the others can start investigating.”

June and Mystery started to walk off in the other direction.

Strange, Lloyd thought.


From the diary of MGN.

I don't know why I'm a Green Ninja, all I remember is waking up in my room and stretching, only to find that there was a large glowing, green ball of light protruding from my hands. I never told my parents about it, I didn't want them worrying. Eventually I contacted the Ninja, the masters of Spinjitzu, and told them of my powers. 

I had also gained parkour skills that I'd never dreamed of having in the past. Soon enough, Lloyd and I discovered that we shared some strange kind of connection. When I hurt myself, he would feel the pain, and if he got hurt… well, you get it. 

I began to go by the name of “The Mystery Green Ninja.” because nobody knew who I was, in fact, everything about me was a mystery. It was confusing. There was only supposed to be one Green Ninja.

Now there are two.

I covered my face with extensive makeup and masks, my face under the mask would appear white with red designs on my cheeks. Much like our old empress, and her daughter, Harumi. 

But without the mask you could probably still tell who I was, so I covered the makeup with a mask that felt like a soft scarf on my face. The mask was green, and resembled any ordinary ninja mask, with my own little variations of course, like how my hair fell out of the mask.

Or it appeared to anyway.

When I transform into the Mystery Green Ninja, using spinjitzu to quickly change, I direct some of my power to my hair, transforming it from its original color, to a pure white. 

I like it. 

When in costume, I keep it up in a ninja-style, messy ponytail. A tight, golden, metal band stands where my hair meets skin and connects to my mask. 

My Ninja clothes are long robes of silky green fabric, a-lot like the robes of my fellow ninja, Nya, but they are green. (obviously) 

I say I fit right in.

Except Lloyd is mad at me.

I want to show him who I am, I really do, but things are more complicated than that. I just can't tell him.

Maybe before, but not anymore.

Not now.

Things between us have changed too much.

“Hey Lloyd!” Mystery shouted as she returned.

“Hey Myst.” Lloyd replied. “Is June safe?”

“Yeah. She’s safe. I dropped her off at her house.” Mystery reassured him. “Why are you so worried?”

Lloyd shrugged.

“I-I just want her to be safe?” he mumbled, barely audible.

Mystery nodded.

“Yeah,” she said. “June’s safe.”

Suddenly Lloyd’s entire mood changed.

“Well then we should get to work.” He switched from a worried friend to a fierce leader in a matter of seconds, the others gathered around him.

“All we know is that people are going missing and not coming back.” he stated.

“No much to go off of...” Jay said.

“Although I hate to say this, Jay’s right.” Kai replied.

“Hey! What is so bad about being right!?” Jay shouted.

He was ignored.

“Yes, so we need to look around the town, search the place, maybe ask people closely related to the people gone missing a few questions-”

The ninja continued to discuss the issue until a few minutes later, they had a plan.

“Ninja-” Lloyd began.

“GO!” everybody else finished and ran off in their assigned directions.

Jay, Zane and Pixel were going into town, to search the area for clues.

Nya and Kai were looking outside of the town.

Lloyd, Cole and Mystery were going to interrogate town members.

The key to being awesome was to act like you were and look the part, this was Kai’s motto.

That and A Ninja Never Quits, of course...

And, “it's not the size of a Ninja in a fight, but the size of the fight in the Ninja”...

Point being, Kai had a-lot of mottos, but that one was definitely at the top of his list.

Awesomeness couldn't simply be achieved when wanted. You had to work hard to reach Kai’s level.

But Kai had always been awesome, he decided.

Since he was born…

“KAI!? Are you even listening to me?” Nya shouted in his ear.

Kai turned to look at his sister. 

Of course, he’d heard nothing she’d just said, but she didn't have to know that.

“Of course!” he said, smirking.

“Then why didn't you respond to my question?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I was thinking about it.” Kai replied.

Nya rolled her eyes.

“You know, you can be really annoying sometimes Kai”

“Ah, there’s where you're wrong!” Kai chuckled. “You are the annoying little sibling in this situation.”

Nya growled.

“Woah tiger.” Kai said, holding up a hand as if to fend her off.

“ANYway,” Nya said, “I asked you what you thought this was.”

She held out a piece of cloth, it was an orange-yellow color and had a bit of brown in the corner.

Kai recognised it all too well.

He smiled.

“Well?” Nya pushed.

Kai shook his head, keeping the smile plastered across his face, and turned to look at Nya.”

“I can't believe you don't recognise it.” he laughed.

Nya looked at him dumbfounded for a moment, but then she recognised his smile.

It was a certain smile, he only wore when thinking of a certain person.

“Kai” Nya warned. “This isn't good.”

Kai looked at her.

“Why not?”

“If Skylor-”

“Finally! You figured it out!”

“Kai.” this time her warning was more serious. “If Skylor was here, and her ninja suit was on… and it ripped?”

Kai’s smile dropped like a hot stone.

“She could be in danger.” he said.

Nya smiled, a sad, scared smile.

“Finally. You figured it out.” she said.

“I know we're here searching for clues… but do you really have to do this again Zane?”

“Do what?”

Pixel put on her best, do you really want to go there frown and gestured to Zane in general. 

“You know, wearing an oversized trench coat and eyepiece, talking in a weird accent, pretending like we all can't hear you TALKING IN THIRD PERSON!?” Pixel growled.

Last time he had done this, her and Zane had been on a case: Find Milton Dyre. After Zane had been captured during the investigation, Pixel had found the man on her own. 

“I've already told you Pix,” Zane said in his normal voice. “All successful detectives on television and other such media act like this. It must account for something.” 

“I find that highly improbable.” Pixel deadpanned. 

In response, Zane just tipped his hat at her with a wink, before resuming his act.

Pixel shook her head and sighed. 

“Okay, but if you get us killed I'm going to kill you.”

“I think it's fun!” Jay piped in. “Makes the whole work thing more enjoyable.”

“Whatever.” Pixel sighed as she led the group through the town. “Anything we spot could be a clue, if you notice anything at all, examine it more closely. It's impossible to know for sure what part it may have played in the schematics of things. Who knows, it might be extremely important, we just can’t tell yet, so-”

“Of course, the lady was right.” Zane interrupted in his detective voice. “And I had every right to believe her words. She was like a fountain of the purest water spewing out truth and wisdom as she trudged on. Even through the darkest of our days, her light guided me, and I followed closely in its wake…”

As Zane continued to talk nonsense, Pixel turned to Jay. She’d never thought that she’d pick Jay over Zane to discuss her plan in length, but when Zane turned detective, he went full on Sherlock Holmes. 

But of course, Jay was fixated on Zane, laughing his guts out as Zane went on to talk about how Pixel had “appeared when all hope was lost.”

Pixel frowned, but continued to search for clues.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, other than my Oc's June and Mystery, this is a fanfiction.

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Keerththan 😀
06:28 Aug 11, 2020

Cool! Amazing story. Loved it. Keep writing.... Would you mind reading my story “The secret of power?”


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Yageen Faiz
14:48 Jul 06, 2020

hello! can you read one of my stories if you have time? thank you!


Cam Croz
02:39 Jul 09, 2020

thank you for reading! Ill see if I can take the time to read one of yours next week! (ill be offline all weekend!)


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Corey Melin
06:12 Jun 30, 2020

Keeps you reading to find out what happens then it ends. Ugh! Now the wait


Cam Croz
15:56 Jun 30, 2020

Thank you! Im glad you like it. (seriously Im really glad)


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Batool Hussain
16:25 Jun 29, 2020

Cool story! Mind checking my recent story which I just posted:) Thanks.


Cam Croz
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Sure! Thanks for reading, if you did indeed read it!


Batool Hussain
16:00 Jun 30, 2020

Lol, why wouldn't I?


Cam Croz
16:07 Jun 30, 2020

idk 😂 Thank you for reading tho! you have any feedback? 🤔


Batool Hussain
16:40 Jun 30, 2020

So, is this a part of some book you're writing? Cos it really keeps one intrigued:)


Cam Croz
17:59 Jun 30, 2020

I guess, Its just a fanfiction, I don't know when ill end it...


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Eddie R
20:54 Apr 16, 2021

this is a pretty good story and I really want it to be an actual season


Cam Croz
20:54 Apr 17, 2021

haha thanks! that would be quite interesting lol.


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