A Gold Pot at the End of the Rainbow

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Dear Diary,

A Moon Shone Day

Little gems lay on the satin leaves that flow with the wind, buttercups are so glorious, aren't they, diary.

The evening winds are rustling through the fir trees, and the yellow stars are just beginning to awaken. The sky tonight looks like a long river dotted with water lilies, in the middle of it floats a big white circle. Today, the moon's like a tortoise, wise and strong.

Today, the moon is more beautiful than the sun, who always steals the spotlight. I'm going to call it a "Moon Shone Day".

Tuesday, Wednesday, and all those boring names sound bleak in comparison to that! Speaking of which, I don't know what day it is.

Everything is so empty and dull when I'm the only person around on this earth. I used to wish that I could spend more time, playing with the trees, and less time talking with stubborn humans. But now I regret that. It's so funny how they all disappeared at once.

My day was pretty interesting today! In the morning I feasted on fresh berries from the grove, then I filtered some lake water and made lemonade. It was splendid!

Then I went to the park, I pictured loads of people. There was a little girl who had been trying for days to create a raft out of big sturdy leaves. She finally made one, and the boat began its journey through the pond. I followed it and followed it until it reached a few thorny plants that sprung up from the water. Then it broke, which was really disappointing because a few fairy people hopped on it. Luckily I rescued them and took them to shelter, under a little home of moss and stones.

There was also a tragic-looking lady whose reflection I saw in the bay, she was so beautiful. Her ears were thin, peeked through her coils of deep hair, which seemed to glow from the core. Her eyes were little blue glimpses of periwinkle that stood above her sharp freckled nose.

She was crying over the loss of her mother, her mother had died in a fatal accident, see her mother rode horses. One day her mother was riding a horse called "Angelo". He was a faithful horse, a pretty one with maple hair and crow black eyes. But sadly, he fell off a cliff into uncharted territory and the tragic girl's mother fell along with Angelo.

"I went up and talked to her. I read a sweet poem that I composed.

Life is a rainbow.

That glows and twists.

It is red, sometimes

As warm as flaming embers 


It is orange sometimes

Like the tangy peel of a tangerine


It is yellow sometimes

Like the glimmer of the sun


It is green sometimes

Like those lucky colours you spot through fields of grass

Fresh and ambitious

It is blue sometimes

Like the hummingbirds' song,

Sad and calm

In many colours

Full of loops and turns

But at the end of this rainbow

If you have done well at this game

Oh you shall find a pot of gold, calling your name

It will call, full of paradise

So don't worry

Don't tire

Just wait

That girl hugged me, in a sweet bundle of joy. I giggled and gave her a biscuit. I loved that sweet look on her face, but a little sadness continued to flow through her, that couldn't be changed.

Diary, I shall call you Selene. Please write back.


Carrey May

Dear Selene,

An Elvin Day

I hope you got my address, I stamped it on the back of my envelope. If so, please write back. It will send my address, weekly. In case you lose it. Today is an amazing day, all the spirits of nature have come alive. The trees seem to be dancing. The flowers are chirping a chorus of melodic tunes. The wind is humming calmly. The sun is laughing so delightfully, I can hear it from down here in my room. The elves have come to town. 

One who I just came up with, is a branchy little girl with stick-strung legs. Her eyes are blue, I can’t come up with a word to describe the calling beauty in them. She came to me today, and asked, “Will I stay long, Carrey?”

And I replied, with a nod of my head, “I hope so.”

She is such a sad thing. Later I found out that her parents both died under a massive stampede. She lives with her grandfather, who is a whimsical being but he still cannot replace the joyousness that she felt when she lived with her parents.

I became quite tired after that, so I picked myself up and when to sit by a little pond, full of reddish hopping frogs that weren’t even afraid of me. They were fun to play with.

Serene, something was hurting in my heart today. It’s probably nothing, isn’t it?

Serene, when will humans come back? It’s not as happy without them.

Lots of love,

Carrey May

Dear Serene,

A Milky Day

Everything isn’t as clear as it used to be, my eyes are seeing everything through a different lens. The trees are whitish-green lines of colour. The sky is merely a faint blue. It’s so different seeing this way, Serene.

It hurts me that you’re not responding, Serene. It really does, I went and checked today. All my letters are stacked up by your entrance. That’s not fair, when will you come out Serene?

I went to explore the train today, everything was a glossy cherry, with a little blur of white. It was ineffably awe-filled. I went in and saw my daughter Marie, it’s so funny. She was sleeping in one of the booths. She was awfully cold too.

I kept shaking her and calling out “Matilda! Oh Matilda!”.

But she stayed asleep. Serene, I hate when people make jokes with me. I told her when she woke up, she’d come home to a blueberry pie and her mother, waiting for her.

I went home and cooked up a wonderful pie, it was shiny and golden on the outside, but I didn’t dare cut up the inside without her. I kept picturing the blueberry delight.

I waited for hours for her, The sun tucked into the rosy dale and little beams of crimson danced around the house.

Then I slept on the gingham sofa, downstairs. I woke up with a sore back. Why didn’t she come, Serene?


Carrey May

Dear Serene,

A Starry Night

I went to check on Matilda, my child was still lying, there. Paler than ever, she was so beautiful, her long eyelashes fell over her closed eyes. I tucked her hair behind her ears and left.

When I went home, I couldn’t see anything clearly. Everything was blurry and white. But it was sorta beautiful. The only thing that I could see clearly was the little stars that speckled my eyesight. A pain is pulsing through my heart. Serene, maybe I’ll take a rest under those stars. Maybe a long one. Serene, it’s hard to write to you. I’m sorry, but I can see my pot of gold awaiting me.

Goodbye Serene.

May 27, 2020 02:26

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