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Adventure Thriller Friendship

It was October 19th, 2024. The dusk of night crept into the room I was in. The moonlight glistened onto all the surrounding objects in my room. I get spooked easy so I got up to turn on the light. As I stopped in my tracks exactly. I saw a brownish truck pull in my driveway. I didn’t have any family members nor did I have friends. I only had one friend which was my cat Mr. Oiyz, I stared at the truck a little longer. Without my glasses, it is hard to make out the figure of the truck. Finally, my eyes weren’t deceiving me and I could see the brand name. “UPS” 

Thanking the gods that it wasn’t a random creepy person. Still astonished that I even got a package because I never ordered anything. Why would I order anything if I can barely pay my rent in time? I was also skeptical of everything. If you were in my shoes you would think the same too. Deciding not to waste any time I grabbed my cat Mr. Oiyz. Opening my room door, the door squeaking which startled me. Walking downstairs my hands dragging down the rails. The stairs crept as I made my way to the door. Grabbing onto the knob, cold metal and my hand making contact shaking a little as I opened the door.

Then flinching expecting to see some type of 6ft Freddy Krueger stuff, but in fact, I did not see Freddy nor did I see Krueger. So, in conclusion, I saw nothing but a single packaged wrapped securely. I crouched down to pick it upholding the small package in my hand. As Mr. Oiyz meowed at my foot. Nudging him to the side, I looked at the label that said “Please handle with care” with very horrible handwriting, as a horse wrote it. I never knew this address but I didn’t care, I just opened it.

A piece of paper got swept away with the autumn leaves but there was still one more so it could not be that bad. Inside with the two papers, one of them no longer being with me. I looked at it as it said “Camp of The supernatural” leaving the zip code. At the bottom was a necklace as I held it in the palm of my hands. As I examined it a little more it looked like to be an Ancient Greek symbol. I slipped the necklace on not wondering if it could be cursed or not but who cares. Before my body could even decide to make a move into the house.

My body collided with somebody else. feeling my head almost hit the pavement until a hand caught my hand. Letting out a scream but it was so hot like it was actually on fire? (no literally) The mysterious but very handsome boy looked at me but his face looked like he needed help with something. “You must be Chaya...I came looking for you but not like t-” his words got cut off from a sudden beeping from his phone. He murmured under his breath. “No time to explain. Let’s go” before I could stop me getting kidnapped ( he was hot but still,) 

I was holding his hand running into the dusk of night. The moonlight glistened onto us, he looked handsome, very handsome although he was shorter than me. 

The cold breeze hitting my face made me sniffle and since I was unathletic as I don’t know what. I was getting out of breath very fast he looked at me to make sure I was okay then we finally stopped in our tracks. I looked up at the sign that displayed in front of us “ στρατόπεδο υπερφυσικών” It looked like it was in Greek? Then my mind quickly translated it to “Camp of the supernaturals”. My mind was still registering with a lot of thoughts as to why I let a stranger kidnap me (a hot one to be exact) and why was I here, Then my mind started connecting the dots. As I looked around. This was the place I was supposed to be. Before I could say anything the stranger dragged me to the entrance where we heard what sounded like kid’s screams and a beast growling in the distance. Then that’s when I saw it. A seven-foot-tall half-naked beast. (cmon man at least put some clothes on) I looked at it again to make sure I was not going crazy. 

Blood dripping down off his two horns drool running down from its mouth, feasting onto one of his victim’s bones. I heard a shout “RUN!” there was a lot of cursing but nobody had to tell me twice. I started running but foolish me, why did I think a person who could not even run a mile outrun a beast..? I swore I almost ran into a tree but then out of nowhere I felt a sudden rush of pain in my stomach gods it hurt so bad. Then I felt a hot breath on the back of my neck. My head was getting so foggy and It felt like poison was shooting through every nook and cranny of my body. As I collapsed, my head thumped onto the grass. The last thing my mind could register was footsteps rushing over to me. Someone putting their hand on my belly where the wound was. 

~later that following night~

When I opened my eyes a sudden force of pain went straight to my tummy as I let out a groan thumping my head back onto the comfy surface I was provided with. At least 6 people were surrounding me as I looked at all of them recognizing one. The short boy that kidnapped me without an explanation. As I examined them a little better I saw a half-horse and half-human? Feeling my eyes rush to the back of my head quickly seeing the pitch darkness again.

I thought I had woken up but I was just in dreamland but I have never had vivids dream like this. Seeing a group of teens. The same teens I saw plus me. we were in a cave pitch darkness it looked like. All of us are being covered in sweat & tears. Someone was on the ground the others gathering around the one girl. She looked super bad, being covered in blood. She had multiple scratches, but most of all she looked like she was dying. I heard someone from the crowd “we lost her..we cant sob. We promised we would save the world. And she did her part..she will die with honor.” she choked out a sob. Trying to be strong for the whole team. But before anything could happen or a word could be spoken or anything.

 I was now interrupted from getting abruptly shaken. I opened my eyes to see a very pretty girl staring at me in the eyes before I could say anything to her she got shoved out the way. Recognizing her from earlier. She was the one that died? Why is she here if she died. The stranger from earlier looked at me “I watched Aldrich pull a minotaur horn out your stomach!” he seemed excited to tell me that like I was not about to die from this beast. “You are going to make her faint again” I heard from the crowd of the teens mixed with a “shut up Leto”  Leto?? I think that was his name got kicked out the way by horse hooves.

“CHAYA!!” the half-man half-horse shouted. as I did get a little startled, guessing he’s a centaur. 

“I am the one who sent you the necklace? The one that is on your neck now!” He noticed I did not have the same energy as him. “Oh..well I should get to the point. Yesyes! I will now ask you if you would like to help save the wo-” before he could say another word my head hit the uncomfy medical bed. The last thing my head registered once again was “ I didn’t know the child of one of the most powerful Greek Gods was the weakest link” A deep voice said as I heard a horse snarl and a girl wince in pain.

December 04, 2021 02:05

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IiSerenity Bliss
02:03 Dec 14, 2021

I love your work, can't wait to see more of it in the future.


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