Christmas Holiday

                                MY. CHRISTMAS  BIRD

   Initially, when you hear in reference to a Christmas bird, you might think of turkey or goose for a festive dinner. Instead, I was given a parakeet, when my grandmother died, and I was asked to pack her belongings and clean out her furnishings. I guess you could say I inherited a parakeet of lovely blue and white coloring. She was given to my grandmother by my grandfather. Inez, the parakeet is 17 years old. My loving thoughts of my grandmother prevailed over my better judgement. This is an appeal of reasons not to get a bird as a pet.

    Firstly you must not fall for how pretty the bird is to look at. Prettiness in and of itself is not enough of a reason to keep a little bird. Secondly, the bird likes to spend lots of time out of its cage getting close to you and socializing. The bird likes up close contact, and little pecks or kisses on the cheeks. Thirdly, flying about in the rooms of your house, the tiny bird will poop all over the furniture, drapes or curtains and counter tops. Birds have no control over this, it happens constantly all the time.

    Fourthly, a healthy diet for your bird is very important. To begin: a pet store owner will sell you primarily seeds to eat. Parakeets have a varied diet of fruit: grapes, strawberries, apples, and bananas are some favorite fruits to name a few. Fifthly, a parakeet can live for up to 15 to 20 years. These is in some cases longer lifespans than other pets such as cats or dogs. This is not a pet to try out, then decide if you really want one. The sixth reason you might consider whether or not to have a parakeet is if you are a person that likes to travel. Finding someone to care for your pet parakeet might be a hassle.

   The seventh reason on my list is the pet owner may think they are selecting a parakeet of their choice but in truth the parakeet chooses their owner. Inez, the parakeet had only one previous owner and handler, my grandmother. The eighth reason is never insist or force a bird to do something for you. The bird has no inclination to please you. The parakeet might bite you, resisting your effort to bond and socialize. Bonding is a process in time for you and your potential bird.

   Ninth reason you might want to rethink a bird for a pet is that they can be extremely noisy and quite loud for up to 30 minutes at a time. This is especially important to remember for other people that may be living with you or apartment living. The tenth reason is the more parakeets you have the louder and higher volume they can be. One little blue and white parakeet was more than enough for my nerves. The issue of sleeping or should I say be unable to sleep was the eleventh reason enough not to have a bird?

   Keep in mind how messy a bird can be. A bird will scatter its seed and other foods fruit and vegetables in their cage and out of it. Sweeping the room you have the bird in is a daily task done two or three times to keep clean. The eleventh reason not to have a bird is continual messiness. Time is another factor in owning a bird. Prepare to spend a substantial amount of time with your bird. The bird comes to expect it and without that time, the parakeet will become distrustful. The bird will lose trust in you if you tire in spending time together. This is the twelfth reason, do not leave your bird alone for long periods of time.

    Selection of a bird cage is necessary for the bird’s well being. The larger the habitat for the bird the better it is. The parakeet needs a large area to live in, this is reason thirteen. Fourteenth reason for not getting a bird is the freedom it requires to be healthy. The bird may be out of it’s cage several hours a day.

    Fifteenth, reason for not having a bird is yelling or loud talking is upsetting for the parakeet. Always try to use a quiet, gentle manner about you. Use a calm voice when speaking to the bird or other people in the household. Gently speak and touch the parakeet, avoid having other animals like cats or dogs. Fifteenth reason not to have a bird, the interaction with a family dog or cat. No matter how tame your other pets may be tragic accidents can happen.

    The sixteenth reason not to get a bird depends on where you place their cage. It is accurate to place the cage at eye level with their human companion. Otherwise the bird will view the person as a predator. The parakeet will feel threatened. The seventeenth reason not to have a bird is a parakeet can be destructive on the keyboard of your computer to your kitchen cabinets to all types of furniture.

    Fortunately, a friend recommended a bird lover that is 17 years old, has her own aviary and is more than willing, excited to adopt my inherited parakeet. Felicia came to my apartment, Inez the parakeet immediately flew from open cage to her new owner’s finger. How delighted I was to have found Inez the parakeet a good and loving home. No more feelings of guilt that I was not spending enough time with my parakeet. I felt relieved that my roommate could study for exams in our apartment. I felt relieved that I could have a restful and restorative nights sleep.

   “Hello.” This is Angela calling to check on how Inez is doing.” Felicia answers, “Listen for yourself.” In the background I can hear Inez singing, “Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, everything is going my way.” This was a line from a song my grandmother had taught Inez seventeen years ago at a very young age. Inez had stopped singing while living with me, now she is singing again.

December 26, 2020 03:11

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