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I walked down the cold, dark, street. No jacket, bruised, and trying not to cry. What a freak. Just my luck I would be the next victim of Tyler Malone.

"Elizabeth?" I stopped and turned. Draven was just coming out of the restaurant. "What happened?" He asked as he came up to me. "Nothing. Maybe I just felt like taking a walk." "Without a jacket, you're bruised and limping. What, did you take a walk off a cliff?" "I'm fine Draven-" "Elizabeth...talk to me please." I gave in and followed him to his car. We rode in silence to his house.

Once we were there, I talked as he cleaned me up. "Tyler wanted to go for a walk in the woods. He said it was just to talk. But he lied. He tried to kiss me and I hit him. He didn't take it well." "So he beat you?" "Yea, well." I just shrugged. He put an ice pack to my head. I flinched. "Sorry." "It's okay."

I just stared at his ice blue eyes. Why? What was it that had me so struck the first day I met him? I didn't even notice that he leaned in. "Drav-" He gently kissed me. "What..." He wiggled his eyebrows. "Love at first sight isn't a myth." He cocked his head. "Or one sided."

November 15, 2019 19:24

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18:15 May 25, 2021

Oh, that was very rude of Tyler. But Draven was very sweet. It's nice=] God Bless, Jesus loves you


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