The Four Post Majestic Bed

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Contemporary Drama Fiction

It all happened in that Lonely Guestroom as she stood there.

The tall slender figure of Namali stood looking at the door at the end of the Corridor with thousands of memories gushing and rushing into her head. Namali started walking the corridor.She approach the door at the end of the corridor. She held the broad brass door knob and pushed the door open. A single ray of sunlighet and rushed through the parted curtain brightening the entire  room. She entered the  Guestroom allowing the door to close by itself. 

Namali stood there in the Lonely Guest room with a thousand memories and thoughts engulfing her. Some of it brightened her tiny face while some of them made occasional tears  roll down her face .

She walked across the room. Her slender hand touched the floral curtains that covered the mahogany framed windows which still gave an elegant touch to this  mighty guest room that stood alone embracing its majestic appearence. 

I allowed my self to fall into the sofa next to the window. The warm Sunlight Brightened; wrapped around me like a warm shawl. A shawl of Love and hatred that was wrapped a round me very firmly. 

Suddenly I heard little foot steps: rushing towards the guestroom. I Sat there still. The laughter and the tiny footsteps approached the door. Little Namali burst in with immense amount of happinesses . Behind little Namali , ran Soma the little scrawny maid's daughter who was her only playmate. Namali jumped to the four post bed that was covered with a crisp white duvet , Soma settled herself beside Namali. They were filled with Joy as namali pulled a heap of freshly made milk toffees and put them on the crisp duvet. They both indulged in it immediatly. The Fresh Sweet melted in their mouths, their little eyes sparkled and twinkled with happiness like the only stars that brightened the dark heavens above.

Their world seemed beautiful. Namalee Started dancing on the four post bed while little feet printed a design on the duvet. Her only companion Soma started clapping her little hands. They both reminded me of the little daffodils turning and tossing their little head which filled with an immens amounit of happiness. Namale's little feet printed a beautiful design on the crisp white duvet. The print was filled with happiness and freedom. 

One thing was evident empty though this cold Guestroom which I entered now filled with warmth of childish Love happiness and comradeship ;It was definitley a profound sight to keep watching.

They did dance happily but they made minimum noise. They reminded me of two mice who were happily induldging themselves in a Piece of cheddar cheese. They occassionally turned their heads at the door and ran to the door couple of times pressing their ears against the door as if they were wandering if Tom Cat found them.  It was such a beautiful bight to See the two flowers so happy. Suddenly the mighty mahogany door burst open and in walked a tall woman with a straight face.Her hands tide behind hier. She wore a white laced jacket and a beautiful floral saree with a pearl necklace. Her hair tide back in a bun at the nape of her neck. In deed " her silhouette spoke great volume of the majestic heritage that this house held.

To me at this very moment she looked like a hungry liones. The two girls knew they had no escape but they shall be eaten in no time. The two daffodils that were swaying in the breeze suddenly Seemed to have been blown and shattered by a mighty storm They lost all colour. No Nords were spoken She walked up to them held them by their ears and dragged them down the corridor. Their cries of anguish echoing in the Corridor. The door closed leaving me alone inthe room. I stood up walked and parted the Elegant floral curtain and looked out to the well kept lawn. Each corner spoke the grandeur of the people who lived here. 

Two maids dressed in Jacket and cloth into the room. I stood by the Curtain. They started removing the bed Linen They spoke among themselve the majestic mahagony bed was rearranged with fine linen. They started cleaning and gossiping while I kept listening to their chatter. What I gathered was "Punchi Hamu was coming,  coming home . We will have enough work.”

Loku hammu will be after us. The word hammu" meant Sir or Madam in an aristocratic family. The maids gathered the Linen and stepped out of the room. They walked away laughing and chattering away.

What I gathered from their chatter was that Punchi Hamu was a handsome Young man doing a job in colombo He seemed to have his own way. from what I gathered and heard , I liked his nature. I felt a warm blush of happiness spreading across my face. For a moment I wandered whether it was the rays of the sun touching my face or the thought of the arrival of Panchi Hamu. 

I walked across the room and sat on the empty bed. I heard the roar of an engine approach this majestic house .I ran to the window at the right of the room which gave a full view of the driveway. I saw the car Coming up the driveway .I opened the window and looked with eager eyes. He stepped out of the vehicle thats all what I saw. 

I heard the warm welcoming and footsteps hurrying up and down. I sat while enjoying their chatter and laughter .

A midst  the laughter I fell asleep on the four post bed .Suddenly I was awaken by the footsteps crossing the bedroom floor.I quickly stood up arranged the bed and approached Hamu. His name was Nimal as I approached Nimal in ran Namali .Her eyes glistening with happiness and her face spoke a million things. Above all their faces exploded with Love. Namali had grown . She was a beautiful young woman. Their embrace was warm, as Namali buried her face in his chest • Nimali’s hands wrapped around her like a mighty eagle's wings.

Namali was Loku Hamu's distant relative who had lost her parents at a very young age. She was brought to the walawa and was brought up like their own daughter. As time passed Namali grew up to be a slender and elegant young woman.

Nimal was Loku Hamu’s only son who took an absolutely different turn from the typical aristocratic ways.

He was the pearl of her eye. NOW She was in search  of a bride for her son.

Namali and Nimal's relationship was n’t new found .They were in love Since the ages of 16, which was unnoticed to anyone Living in this house.

As she hugged Nimal and buried her head in his chest she for a minute Nor did Nimal thought that their destinies would change forever.

Next minute the only thing Namalee knew, she was Standing on the Streets not knowing where to go or What to do.Loneliness and helplesness enthralled her . Her only companion was the tears that ran down her tender cheeks. She felt that familiar Steady flow of breath stand behind her. She turned around and there stood Nimal as strong and majestic as the artistocratic house that Stood upon the hill. No rain nor storm could bring it down and so Was Nimal .His thoughts were So fixed that No storm could bring him down.

It was a bright sunny day that they held hands to walk the avenue of life.

Namali was back in this majestic realm to present her mother in law with a beautiful gift. The next heir to the throne.

The lonely Guest room was not any more alonely place. A place of memories that were her companions for a life time.

She kept looking at this Majestic four post bed that stood there steady and enhanced the grandeur of this room.This bed for Namali was like Nimal who stood steadily with his decisions in life.

The lonely guest room might encounter many a incidents in the years to come.

June 04, 2021 13:10

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Brian Schuiling
12:22 Jun 08, 2021

Lovely... 👍 great work....


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Danani Perera
13:10 Jun 05, 2021

Wow teacher! Its a beautifully written story, and the way you have managed to bring out the emotions of the characters and Sri Lankan culture here is exceptional! I am so proud to say that I am your student, and I always will be!


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09:51 Jun 05, 2021

One of the best short stories I ve ever read in a while! It's really amazing teacher, love the way how you have included all the metaphors and similes by bringing forth the tradition of Sri Lanka. Keep up with the lovely work teacher ❤️ always love what you doo !


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03:00 Jun 05, 2021

Beautiful storey. Waiting to read more.


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08:29 Jun 14, 2021

A good start Geshani! Keep writing. I like the plot. :)


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Charlie Murphy
15:30 Jun 10, 2021

Great story! Great descriptions! Can you read mine?


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Dilesh Algama
15:31 Jun 09, 2021

Very interesting and well written. Bravo


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Danoja Perera
03:55 Jun 05, 2021

A beautiful story woven round a traditional aristocratic family in the SriLankan context and richly embedded with literary values.


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