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 “Wow, how special this evening is! Let’s enjoy the loveliness of the dazzling back yard.” I initiated in a little witty, to informally inaugurate the talks. We, all the five members of our family have arranged our folding beds in a pentagon shape, at our back yard, with a view to make it easier for us, to stop boredom from coming near our pentagon.

“Today, it’s full moon. See, how cool lights are coming from the beautiful moon.” Mom expressed happily.

“Yes. I agree Grama. It’s amazing to see and feel,” My son Ryan responded to what mom said.

“We really felt bore with our LEDs and the ACs.” my wife Rosy added to support her little one.

All the stars are also mightily twinkling, even though there are white clouds roaming throughout the sky. “It’s good that today there is a power outage. We will have a moon light dinner tonight, as if there will be an evening picnic.” Tara told loudly with lots of enthusiasm.

After listening to my mom, everybody has suddenly become busy gazing at the black sky with so many stars. “See the beauty-spots in the moon.” Tara is so happy to analyze! “Really. And oh my God, see the cloud like cotton fluff, flying and playing hide and seek, all along the sky,” Rosy added.

The relaxful conversation would perhaps continue throughout the night, had the same not been interrupted by a flying substance.

“Aaaaaaa, some crazy insect has just beaten me, in my leg” Tara shouted.

“Let me see, what’s that” Rosy went up fast to inspect the insect and the injury. She took my mobile phone, to make the torch on. But, alas the battery of the phone went so down that putting the torch would surely make the same off.

“Rather put the candle on.” I suggested.

“But, where is the match box?” After throwing the query, Rosy went inside the house, with the help of my mobile torch to search for the matchbox, as if she remembers, where she carefully kept, after using, last time. But, there was a big sound of falling something, inside.

“My leg is broken, Pal” Rosy’s sudden scream came from inside. Probably, before she found out the matchbox, my mobile phone went off and probably she collided with some object in the room. “Wait, I am just coming.” I ran away with a calculated risk. The moon-light from outside entered partially inside the house and on entering, I found Rosy, lying on the floor, crying and trying to get up.

“Are you OK, Rosy? Catch my hand.” I tried to help her standing up, but she could not stand up.

“It’s terribly painful. Something bad must happened to my leg. I cannot get up Pal.” All the other members of my family already gathered at the entry door, connecting to the back-yard.

“Mom, Tara, Ryan, please go back to your folding beds; but please do not enter inside.” I said, like an administrator and again went inside the master bed room with the calculated risk to find the pain relief spray. The moonlight again helped me to safely enter inside the room. But, the moon and the star lights were really insufficient to make me successful, in finding the spray.

“I kept the spray here only, who the hell has carelessly displaced the same” I spontaneously said, out of desperation.

“Where have you kept the pain relief spray bottle, Rosy? I just used the same, the day before yesterday.” I told with a louder voice, even though I knew that she would cut a sorry figure.

The power outage has been running since the morning, without a scheduled intimation by the electricity supplier. After the occurrence, the authority said that a major fault occurred at their Unit, without any prior indication and the electricity would be resumed within the next 48 hours. “48 hours!” mom shouted out of shock, after hearing about the probable time of resumption of power.

After 10 minutes of futile efforts to find out the pain relief spray, I have come back to Rosy.

“How are you feeling Rosy? I do not know, who the bloody keep on misplacing items, so irresponsibly. I definitely know that I surely kept the spray, there only” With big efforts, I am able to bring Rosy to her folding bed. She is still crying. Her mobile phone went out of charge in the afternoon. The conditions of Tara & Ryan are worse. They lost all the remaining charges of their mobile phones, by the noon. I asked them not to play any video game, until power comes back; but, neither of them listened to.

The whole family is in the dark, due to non-availability of the artificial light, as the best available lights of the full moon could not be of great help.

Now, all the members are on their folding beds. The pentagon arrangement of the night camp out venue is still there. The insect bite area of Tara’s leg is swelling. The insect comfortable fled away or has taken shelter at some nearby place. The nearby medical shop is already closed due to the long power outage. Rosy’s leg is badly paining.

“Now, my back also badly paining, Pal; there may be something wrong with my waist, also.” She has said.

Cool breeze is blowing, giving gentle touch on each of us. Some birds are still crippling pleasantly, probably from their nests. But there is no more enthusiastic talks, among us. Only the raw burgers are available to eat as the dinner. Cannot order dinner from outside, as all the four phones are out of charge. The remaining cooked rice & vegetable of the previous day might be making pungent smell, inside the fridge.

“Papa, what’s there at your pant?” Tara has just broken the prevailing silence of our back yard camp. Tara and I have discovered some sweet tomato sauce, spread on my trouser. “It’s tomato sauce” I said. “It means the tomato sauce bottle has fallen down. How to take the burger then, without sauce?” Tara expressed her concern.


Electric power has just come, bringing all  the pleasures and all the comforts of the house, back to us. The pain relief spray was there only, in the same room, where I searched. I have applied the same on the leg and the back of Rosy. Tara has got her amazing ointment for her swelling leg, in her dressing table. The tomato sauce lying on the floor is wiped out. All the four mobile phones and my power bank are already put in charge.


Now, we all are inside our illuminated house, with big peace. The pentagon of the five folding beds that was ready for a good night show, is lying alone and silent, at the back yard.                                                                         

September 12, 2020 01:52

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Raymond Kelly
16:00 Oct 21, 2020

Hmmm... I don't know about this one. I felt like they were too idyllically enjoying the time outside, and then without warning one member of the family is "beaten" (bitten) by an insect, and suddenly everything goes wrong, someone breaks their leg, and everyone is miserable. Maybe if you had explored them getting the announcement or seeing the power go out, then had the adults try to get people excited about going outside, then had stuff go wrong and someone still trying to maintain some positivity, it would have been better.


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