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“This is it World. It’s the P-O-L-Y news of the century! You heard me right. Tonight, Wired News Network brings you the exclusive first interview from Melissa and Nan- the genius twin sisters. It’s absolutely amazing their new creation? Can I call it a creation? Well it’s their new invention and folks listen when I say IT WILL SAVE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT..I MEAN IT WILL-SAVE-THE-WORLD.

But don’t take my word for it. Get it right here on Wired News Prime Time 7’O clock. See you there.”

Melissa clicked the replay button on the remote control. “Why are you watching that again. You’re not going to repeat all the broadcast play backs are you?” Nan asked her sister. They were sitting on the sofa at home. It was a Friday night- movie night. The only night of the week that they ever took off for sibling time.

Melissa Sighed.

“I just don’t get it. We worked for over ten years on this project…ten years. We brought it to life and…”

“And what? Should we have expected the world to change overnight?”

“No, not overnight but over two years-YES! The world should be healed of that…”

“Melissa, we are not responsible for the world. We are responsible for making incredible inventions. When the right people discover them, I think we will really see the change we hope for.”

Nan reached out and patted her sisters shoulder. They both lay back simultaneously and began to reminisce… the day they changed the world.

Melissa strapped the Velcro across the face of one black boot and then other. The laces were tight and the boots felt snug. She stood up tall and looked herself over in the mirror. The black leather jacket had a high collar that nestled against the grey turtleneck sweater. She had on a pair of fitting black jeans also. It wasn’t skin tight but enough to give her the look she wanted.

The Matrix look.

Nan slipped her foot into the black 3 inch heels with high strap. She snapped the buckle in place and then put on the matching high heeled shoe. She stood in front of the mirror. Nan wrapped the thin leather jacket around her and looped the wide belt. It was a clean look. Matrix wasn’t exactly her style but Nan understood Melissa’s nostalgia. They were about to unveil on the word what could be the single biggest game changer in centuries. Yeah…they should do it in a very cool way.

Melissa was 5 minutes older than Nan. She was the boss of the pair but neither minded. They were known as the Nerd pair since primary school and for good reason. Melissa and Nan had won every science fair competition they had ever entered into since they were in junior high. While they were never at the top of the class for overall achievement, they were always they clear winners in Chemistry, physics and Biology.

They soared through their Bachelor’s degrees at Florida State University and enjoyed the ride through Stanford for their Master’s degrees in Applied physics and Genetic polymorphic Microbiology. They chose MIT to complete their Doctorate degrees in applied polymer science. Yeah, they were smart girls.

“Are you ready Nan? Melissa gently knocked then opened her sister’s bedroom door. Nan was still looking at herself in the mirror.

“You look great.”

“I know. That’s why I’m still looking.”

They both laughed.

“Well, let’s go. It’s the moment we have been waiting for-literally. Today we heal the world of its poly-cancer.”

Melissa embraced Nan. They hugged for a moment.

The drive to the television studio felt like an eternity. It was actually 15 minutes. Melissa and Nan drove along silently. The anticipation was overarching. They wanted to conserve their words for the interview. They had practiced for months to create maximum impact for the world. It was going to be great. That coupled with the Matrix inspired outfits had them mellowed for the moment.

They were met at the entrance to the studio by Garth Wayne. He was the assistant to Alley Cavanaugh. Alley was the prime time Anchor for Wired News Network and the one who would be interviewing Melissa and Nan about their invention. Everything was perfectly set…or was it?

“Hi Ladies. Judging by your incredible beauty you must be Melissa and Nan or is it Nan and Melissa?” Garth Wayne gave them the cheesiest smile of all time as he fired empty finger pistols at them. Melissa looked at Nan and Nan looked at Melissa.

“Aha ha…So I’m Garth Wayne. No relation to THE- WAYNE. If you know what I mean. I know you wanted to ask.” Garth Wayne winked at them and laughed at his own joke.

This should have been an indicator…but…

“Thanks Wayne... I think.” Melissa said.

Wayne was still laughing to himself as he led them through the studio.

There was a lot of activity. People were moving about with prompts, costumes and even wall frames. One make-up lady was following the person she was working on trying to complete the work on her face as the woman moved about and darted across the studio. A big red and white painted clown man ran past rolling a big red ball in front of him. There were flashing lights of red, green and white.

Melissa and Nan weaved through the crowd trying not to lose Garth. It wasn’t easy. The place was bustling.

Finally, they approached the filming room. Alley Cavanaugh was front and center getting her last traces of make-up applied. She was sitting in her famous black arm chair on the platform with a handful of notes in front of her. She was glued to the notes at the same time trying to get rid of the make-up woman.

Melissa and Nan stared. Alley Cavanaugh had a great reputation in the news anchor market. She was known to make or break a person depending on her take on their story. Her stories were always big news. She made big news.

Melissa coughed lightly. Garth spoke up.

“Uh, hey Alley…the girls are here.”

Nan looked at Melissa and Melissa looked at Nan. Then they both looked at Garth.

He had a weird grin on his face and his voice quivered slightly.

Alley looked up from her notes but only with her eyes. Her head remained tilted for a moment. Then a wide grin appeared on her lips.

“Ladies, you are here!”

She waved the make-up woman away and stood with extended arms to usher her guests to the chairs on the platform.

They would be seated one on either side of Alley.

“Ok ladies. We’re moving rather fast here. We are on in five minutes. Are you ready? Feeling ok tonight? How are you?”

Alley talked fast.

Melissa and Nan sat. They tried to answer Alley’s question but things were moving too fast. They didn’t really know which question to answer.

“Wait…” Melissa interrupted, “…I thought we would go over the questions. I…”

“Oh no honey. Let’s keep it natural. Besides, we exchanged information already right? Just take it easy. It will be great.”

Before Melissa or Nan could answer a loud speaker blasted out…

“We’re alive in 5-4-3-2…”

Melissa and Nan stared into the protruding cameras that were now staring at them.

“I’m Alley Cavanaugh and welcome to Wired! Tonight we deliver on our promise. We have Melissa and Nan. Those super genius twins that claim to have come up with a solution to a real problem we have been facing across the planet. Now let’s hear from the girls.”

Melissa looked at Nan. ’Claimed?...Girls?’ Melissa was getting a weird feeling in her gut.

“So after 50 years of producing PETE. HDPE, PVC and other forms of plastic that have transformed the world, you ladies are claiming now that we should destroy the work that has transformed civilization? I mean plastics are everything in our world, why do you want to take that away?”

Alley looked from sister to sister. She was cold, hard and expecting a response.

“What….what are you saying? We don’t want to destroy plastic?” Nan started.

“Oh really? Your manifesto says you have created a machine that operates by natural sunlight that has the capacity to decompose Polyester plastic products to harmless carbon fiber.” Alley was reading from her handouts. She looked Nan in the eye expectantly and cold.

“Wait a minute.” Melissa said. “ We don’t want to destroy plastic. We know it’s a good thing but we want to decompose the…

“Aha, I don’t get it. Is plastic good or bad. Manufacturing giants like Plastex and Polymers are creating incredible products that are important for the world and all you can think of doing is destroying it? Alley asked now staring at Melissa.

Melissa stared dumbfounded. This isn’t what they signed up for.

“It recycles old used unwanted plastic. Our invention cleans up the environment. We…”

That was as much as Nan got in before Alley cut her off.

“so this is about competition. Who make the better product? You’re in it for the money.”

Alley counter attacked.

“It will save…”

“Ladies I want to thank you for joining me tonight on wired. You got the scoop here on Wired Tonight! Melissa and Nan, the brilliant twin ladies of science. That’s a wrap.”

The cameras took their last cue from Alley. Suddenly the lights died and the loud speaker blasted…

“That’s a cut everyone!”

“WAIT! What? What was that?” Melissa asked.”

“That was a great shoot ladies! Thanks for coming. Garth will show you out.”

Alley disappeared behind a stage door.

Garth appeared again with an even more ridiculous grin.

“Ladies, I’ll show you to the…”

“No thanks Garth.” Melissa and Nan said simultaneously.

That was what happened.

Melissa and Nan sighed as they thought back. Just then the phone rang.

Nan picked it up.

She listened nodded, said yes, said no, listened, nodded, then said ok.

“Who was that?” Melissa asked curiously

“Science Today Magazine. They want to do an article on our invention.”

Melissa looked at nan and Nan looked at Melissa. They smiled.

February 09, 2021 19:41

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Luna Suarez
14:28 Feb 18, 2021

I actually really liked the pace of this story. It was straightforward, entertaining- a really good piece of writing. However, the plot of the story itself- at least, the way it's written out, is a bit rushed and slightly unclear. I mean, I enjoyed reading the story a lot, but it seemed as if it was written too quickly, without much attention to detail.


Madisson James
20:26 Feb 23, 2021

Thanks Luna. I will pay attention to that. Don't want the story to feel rushed. I just don't want to drag on. Thanks for the feedback.


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