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New York, 2034

It comes as a surprise sometimes that I was so calm about my powers. They were my own, a part of me. I knew that if I shared the info to anyone, I would immediately become part of the big, science project known as Ascenders. It was started by S.H.I.E.L.D a long time ago, but now was when the whole thing came together. When kids, such as myself, were found to be part of a large organization dedicated to replacing the long lost Avengers. It's not that the idea didn't sound awesome, but the fact of how they did it. 

They made you forget everything.

Absolutely everything.

There were to be no distractions from your assignments and missions. Secluded from the world, while your family had to sit and watch as you became a mighty hero, given no recognition whatsoever. 

I loved my family, but that's not why I didn't want my memory wiped.

I had important information in my head. Stuff I knew should at least be known by one person in the world. And that's where we start, following me as I race through crowds of people to school, unaware of what was about to happen. Unaware of how much I would change from my former self as I developed my powers and used them to make a difference against enemies, and eventually, the Ascenders.

“You're late.”  Mrs. Bridges said with her arms crossed.

I sighed and slumped down in my chair.

“I know Mrs. Bridges, I was-”

Mrs. Bridges held up her hand for me to stop and I did, with a downcast look.

“No more excuses. Just get your work done. If you don't, then it will be a problem.”

I looked up with a grateful look.

“Thank you so much!” I said, immediately opening my backpack and grabbing my homework.

School wasn't hard for me. I already knew everything. And the things I didn't know, I could learn in two seconds. I was called the living computer, I could pass all my classes without even being introduced to the topic in class.

Though it was awesome, I was one of the most hated kids in school.

I was hated also because no one, absolutely no one had ever beat me in a fight.

I was self taught. And quite proud of it too.

I finished my work in less than twenty minutes, standing up to leave the classroom. 

“Done?” Mrs. Bridges asked with a small smile.

I nodded, packing my stuff up and hurrying out into the quiet hallway.

It was currently 11 o'clock, my lunch period. 

When I reached the lunchroom, though, everything was oddly quiet.

I pushed the doors open and found everyone sitting attentive and alert as a man stood on stage where we typically had plays.

Everyone was looking at me, and I shifted uncomfortably.

“I'm fairly certain they told everyone to report to the cafeteria no matter what.”  The man on stage said, his piercing and oddly gold eyes boring into mine.

I gulped.

“Sorry sir.” I said, finding a spot next to a girl named Cary.

Cary was not the nicest person to sit next to, but she was nicer than Cedrik, who was simply a horrible bully.

I sat down and studied the man, who's spiky blonde hair and pale, ghost white skin made me shiver.

“...We are here to select the few children that have potential. S.H.I.E.L.D needs all the smartest and fittest kids to start training. By the end of the day, ten of you shall be coming with us to headquarters, where you will be pushed to your limits and be tested on your strengths and weaknesses.” The man continued, a grim look pasted  on his face.

“If you are even slightly interested, please come talk to me or my attendants and we will perform a quick and painless test on you to see if you are one of the special few.”

I rolled my eyes.

Special few. Whatever that meant, I didn't want to be a part of it.

But when I looked around, I saw most kids faces alight with curiosity and excitement.

When I looked back up, I saw the man watching me silently, lips pressed firmly together.

I return his look with a glare and I see him give me a small smile before turning away to walk off the stage. Almost immediately after he does, the whole room starts talking at once. Cary beside me is smiling and talking quickly to her friend beside her, and I realize she's probably going on about what just happened, as everyone else is.

“This is stupid.” I mumbled under my breath, standing up and walking over to the doors.

I push them open, but stop when I feel a hand on my shoulder. 

“Just hold on one second.” Someone says behind me, and I whip around to find the man from S.H.I.E.L.D standing behind me with a searching look.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” He asks, taking his hand off my shoulder.

I roll my eyes.

“I don't know, do you?” I answer and the man laughs.

“Smart-mouthed, just like Fury.” 

I step back, pushing the doors open again and turning around quickly to get away.

I really really don't want to be here.

I hear shouts, then the doors slam open behind me and I'm running through the school, men with guns following my every move. I cutted a corner and stopped. It's a dead end. I whirl around, holding my hands up with a panicked expression.

The men hold their guns up, aiming them at me with grim expressions.

The man shows up breathless, but he straightens his suit and takes a deep breath.

“Why did you run?” He asks, stepping forward and motioning for the men to put down the guns.

I smirk. They're not going to shoot me.

“Because I wanted to. You have a problem with that?” I ask, putting my hands down.

The man sighs and shakes his head, mumbling something about ‘kids these days.’

“It makes you seem suspicious. You made my men almost shoot you.”

I force a laugh.

“So you think you can just shoot me and not get sued? I don't think so mister.” 

The man frowns and motions for the men to put up their guns again.

I freeze, realizing I calculated their moves wrong.

“You are very certain about all this. You sure you don't have something to tell me?”

The man said, raising his hands to where if he dropped them the men would shoot.

I gulped and shook my head, suddenly aware of the danger I was in.

“I-I don't know anything, I promise.” I said, my courage suddenly diminished.

The man looked at me, then dropped his hands.

I barely had time to scream as one of the men shot me.

I thought it would be more painful, but when I looked down all I saw was a dart.

The man smiled.

“Sweet dreams…

April 01, 2021 18:00

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Ne Bula
19:00 Apr 01, 2021

At least every week I will post a story about Silverwing. It won't go with the prompt, so sorry, but I will always do one going with the prompt of that week, as well as a Silverwing story until her story is finished. Then I will move onto to another character and so forth. Hope you enjoy, and sorry again for this being off prompt!


Endellion .
20:41 Apr 01, 2021

This is really cool! sounds familiar to my cast series! Because I love Marvel, I love this! Well written, with minimal mistakes, that's my style!


Ne Bula
22:47 Apr 01, 2021

Thx. I am using the idea of multiple stories from you, but ill try my best to make sure it doesn't get too similar. I promise, just the beginning is similar, the rest is going to be completely different. I already have the idea in my head. I actually made Silverwing four years ago. She is a very interesting character, and ill give you a secret about the upcoming short stories if you want. If not, it's fine, but I'm willing to tell you if you want.


Endellion .
12:46 Apr 02, 2021

Ofc! Sure! I love secrets!


Ne Bula
17:11 Apr 02, 2021

Silver wing is the daughter of Thanos and an asgardian. Though she doesn't have purple skin, she also can't die, bc in the comics Thanos was literally rejected by death.


Endellion .
18:53 Apr 02, 2021

*whispers* Awesome!


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