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Hi my dears! I'm sorry that I was away for a while, I was enjoying time with my family through the holidays, and also getting ready for school. I hope you enjoy this story!

Have you ever had the greatest feeling that people come to you to tell you their problems cause they trust you? Or maybe it's just because of your school diploma. Either way, I feel that every single day, at my job. I work as a therapist for a place called, happy mind. I love it, however it has its downsides...

I sat on the couch, across my client and held a pin close to the paper, practically brushing it. I wrote down their name, Sarah Wilson, age 16.

"Nice to meet you Sarah, I'm Angel. Do you know why you are here today?" I asked her, bringing a smile on my face.

"All I know is, my mom brought me here." She replied, fiddling with a rubric cube from the side table.

I wrote that down real quick, and started talking again.

"Well, your mom said that you have been having a lot of fights lately, why is that?"

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Do they hit you first or do you?"

"Me." She clarified.

I nodded and wrote that down.

"Did they do something wrong that made you want to hit them? I asked.

"No." She stuttered.

I sat there and wrote that down. Sarah Wilson. A 16 year old girl, who gets into fights and hits them first, without them doing anything wrong.

"Then why do you hit them?"

She sat there and grabbed another toy from the side table, this time a fidget spinner.

The rest of the time, was me asking questions and her just shrugging or a simple yes and no.

After her, came a older woman who I have seen before.

"Hello Lesley! Have a seat, I opened the door wider for her to come inside. She sat down the same time I did. I flipped Sarah's notes over and wrote down Lesley's name on a new piece of paper. Lesley Wilcox, age 33.

"So, how are you feeling today? Did you have those weird dreams again?" I asked her.

Lesley got a horrible divorce, with her husband 3 years ago, and it still haunts her this day. She has been with me for a while, and she still can't let it go.

"I have it every night." She replied.

"Well, I'm glad you came into day. I thought of some ways you can get rid of those dreams." I suggested, a smile taking over my face.

She clapped her hands in rejoice as I wrote things down.

"One way, is try to read before you sleep. When you read, it relaxes your mind, and helps calm you down. Another way, is to go yoga. I do it every night and it also calms me down." I mentioned, writing the suggestions down, with check boxes next to them.

"The last one, is breathing. When you have a bad dream, take a deep breath and breathe. Make sure to take the medicine, your doctor subscribed. Now, which one or ones, would you like to do?" I asked, getting ready to check off any one of the check boxes.

She rubbed the back of her hand, and thought for a second.

"Yoga. That makes me happy." She finally mentioned.

I smiled and checked that box off.

"Great! Me too. Is there anything else you want to do?" I asked, before circling the option.

She shook her head, a smile still on her face.

"Okay then, now, what happens when you have those bad dreams? What goes through your mind?" I wrote down the question and made room for her response.

After a long hour of the session, It was lunch break. I promised, my sister I would have lunch with her. We both decided on Panera Bread, and an hour to eat. After lunch, it was back to work. After about 4 more sessions, I was finally done with work.

The good thing about work, is that you can help people leave their past behind. That's what I do. Its in my nature to help people move on. Without moving on, the world would be a mess. I'm so happy to do this job. It means a lot. It really is a Therapist's blessing.

Goodness me. It took quite a while to do that. You might be like, "Katelyn, that could take me 10 minutes to do that, not even that!" Well, haha. It took me 2 hours. With the story plan, and writing. But, the reason why I chose a therapist, it was because it has been a dream of mine to be a therapist. I love it so much, and I hope to be one if the future. Writing...is a hobby. I don't know. I'm still young. ALSO, MAIL MAN PART 2 WILL BE COMING SOON!! Stay tune! I am waiting for a specific prompt so please be patient! Also, I am taking suggestions for stories!!! If you want me to write a prompt that you really want to see, comment below what you want and I will get around to it!! If any of my stories get a lot of likes I will make a part 2! (Remember, I love you guys!) Also, I might take a break from writing, cause of school and I'm not doing so well. Heh. So forgive me if, I don't post a lot. I will try my best and post, I love writing stories and sharing it with you guys! I did upload my bio, so go check it out right now! It has some juicy behind the scenes, and specifics to part 2 of books. Thank you guys for reading! Make sure to follow me as I TRY to post every week, I love you guys soooooooo much and I wish you nothing but a year full of happiness and love. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

January 04, 2021 14:14

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Katie May
15:30 Jan 04, 2021

Hey!! Thank you so much!! Sarah will be one of the main characters in part 2!


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Katie May
14:22 Jan 04, 2021

Aww thank you so much!!


Your welcome! :) Also, I am so glad you thought of giving me a shoutout!! You are so KIND!


Katie May
19:08 Jan 05, 2021

Of course! You are the best!!! :DDD


Thank you so much! You are too!


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Aaina Aleszezyk
15:17 Jan 04, 2021

Heyaa! I really want to know more about Sarah, so waiting for your part 2. Thumbs up!! Happy new year to you too!


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Hello there Katelyn! I am in love with this awesome story, and I am really looking forward to a part 2! :)


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