Black Fiction Mystery

I could have seen the entire New York, standing on the top floor of ‘one police plaza’ headquarters. New York was my first love from the beginning, as whenever I saw it sensed an even more affection. But that day my heart was not feeling that fondness. The events from the last few weeks had shaken my head completely. Why did they do it? And mostly who are they? These questions made me crazy from that morning.

“They are a community, I believe.” Detective Smith said.

“maybe, a gang.” Detective Rhonda said.

“no, not a gang, if it would, then they would’ve used such arms. They are harmless. They believe in torturing not in the killing. They made a joke of us in the media. They are the smart, young mind of today’s world, believe in the slow demolition of their enemies.” I said turning to the desk of the brief room.

All the four of us were gathered to get the conclusion for the incidents that had happened in the last two weeks. It all started with officer martin, a fat man in the entire staff, eating all the time whatever his filthy mouth could get.

He was kidnapped before two weeks while returning home from the duty. He stayed at the kidnapper’s the whole 24 hours. The entire city had known the news of the kidnapping, but then he was found in the washroom of a his own house, sleeping tightly, with his face smeared black. Nobody knew how he reached home.

At first, we thought someone did a filthy joke. but officer martin said he was kept covered his face the whole time. He was not fed anything or to go pissing. He pissed himself in his pants.

They did not damage him but mentally torture him. And then when he got slept on the chair with tied his both limbs, they left him dyed his face.

officer martin neither did hear anyone around him nor see any place where he was kept in. the whole incident was harmless yet meaningful, as ‘what they wanted to do’? we could not reach to them because we had no clue for anything that happened.

Another tragedy came into light when in the very late evening we got a parcel of a box.

There was a picture inside it. A picture of a wall, painted with spray colours. The graffiti painting on the wall shook our head. We had to find that wall as fast as we could. It was somewhere in the middle of the city we did not know. And it took a little bit more time to locate it. But When we had attained there, it was full of a crowd of people and media.

We could have seen the wall of painting displaying as of the New York police officers are scums. Doodles of officers playing in the muds with pigs and with the badge on their uniform and the police hat placed on the pig’s heads. And a poster beside written that ‘we are police, we are trash, and we deserve to be in the sludges.’

It was clear out that night that someone has a rival with police. And then the investigation got commenced, as I was assigned to the case. We dig deeper into the case, but neither could find a suspect, or anything to them. It was a very obvious thing that they had planned it very cautiously. I was only afraid with a question that ‘what their next move would be?’ and I was right because their next move was more dangerous than the rest one.

The next morning was going to be more difficult than we had thought. Tons of video clips and audio clips of NYPD staffs from every corner who had mistaken in their life to misbehaviour with or to fight with the people, were released on the social media, showing their cruelty at every point.

Some of the videos were old and some of them were fresh. And for the whole week, the whole department and the police around the united states faced real consequences. The media and the people questioned their reputation.

These unexpected events changed the life of every cop in New York. they were having death threats everywhere. The things were really daunting and unpredicted as cops were receiving death threats. The two weeks were cruel for department yet challenging. We found every small lead we could get, but none of them led it to the suspect linked to the affair.

The third week was started today yet our hands were empty.

“then what should we do? Waiting for their next action to make us feel more humiliated? We would be lost everything if we don’t find any suspect yet.” Smith releases his anger.

“We tried every small run. Every CCTV took interview of every suspect around it, and even our every news giver who gets underground news, whom hands are barren.” Detective Nelson said.

“but what is the reason they want to make us shame. Police are for their protection, to make them feel easier to live.” Detective Rhonda said.

“have we recently caught any most known criminal, whom they are angry for?” I asked as most probably some group of people or any kind of rival gangs who hated police on the extreme level are inspired by these events.

“I don’t think so. They just got some stupid videos of arguments with people as evidence that we are harmful to them. But there is nothing fascinated. They are tormenting us like we had done some extremity intensity that hurt people and their mental sentiments.” Detective Rhonda said.

“then think of it that what have we done that made them angry?” I said and left my chair to reach the door.

“where are you going?” Rhonda asked.

“to get some fresh air,” I said and left the room.

“I need a break too. I am done with these conversations for now. I cannot take the burden of district attorney’s orders anymore.” Detective Nelson said as he was tired of everything and left the room behind me.

While walking down the floors I saw officer martin eating hot dogs and lots of having as extras on his desk. I could not think that how this man would have felt being a kidnapped victim and then came home as a black-faced, didn’t his mental feeling scream at him? not at once?

I felt like a newborn infant breathing first time as I stepped out the building. All I could see was my precious city whom I knew from the last 56 years. Same as always. My stomach hurt as it was craving from the morning. I had no breakfast and not even a single piece of grain my stomach got. All the things it was obtaining was caffeine.

I could see my dear friend Noah’s hot dog cart across the street. Martin was having them too. I reached near his cart, pulling out my wallet as I had to pay him of last weeks. The 50 years old black, African American, with a big heart as Mother Teresa. Noah started his cart here from last two months. His hot dogs always made my brain work with super-duper speed as his talks were the main justification for that.

He never made someone feel lonely. He could talk like a granny and also as a 12-year-old child. His talks and hot dogs could make someone’s day more energetic.

“Hey, buddy!” I greeted.

“Hey, Paul! How are you, my man? I didn’t see you the whole morning.” Noah said, showing me his big smile.

“good man! was just busy with work. Here you go.” I said and offered him money from last week.

“oh! Come on man we were talking some real work and you are giving these pieces of papers in between these conversations.” Noah said as it made me felt a bit humorous that he was so kind. People could die for these papers as they could kill others too for that.

“oh! I know man, these rival cases against the department’s humiliation getting worst.” 

“yeah, I could understand, don’t know who these people are? And what’s their reason behind the purpose.” Noah said, handing me the hot dog he made.

“Yeah, I mean they should ask it on the face what they want, hiding behind mask won’t help them.”

“true man, but maybe who knows they are wanting you guys to find the reason.”

His point made me think twice that he was right and maybe wrong too. What was the link we were missing in the case? My eyes got fixed on his face and he saw me back, making hot dogs. He smiled and said his all-time, always made me feel trusted quote, “you are the best Paul!” I could not reply to him as my brain was revising every event I passed through the case, in the hope I could get something.

“We found something detective” someone shouted from my back and broke my reel of thoughts. Detective Nelson was there. He did not come near me and was away from the cart. Noah’s smile got disappear as he saw nelson.

Nelson was the kind of person whom people easily get hatred. And especially he was harsh to every black people he could see. Rhonda was his senior and that is why he did not show outer hate to her but inside he hated her a lot because she was a black woman as a teammate. No one knew why he had those feeling for them, a lot lesson he was taught yet he never believed in other’s thoughts.

I said bye to Noah, and he smiled again to me. I left the place and walked to the building with Nelson. Nelson was walking behind me as he showed an angry face to Noah and indicated him of slitting his throat. Noah did not react anything on it and just watched him.

“Why do you keep eating at his, he is a black shit.”

“you know why your staff doesn’t really care about your thoughts? Because your thoughts are colourful shit, hashtag no racism.”

“Yeah, funny.” He said and we went busy in our case.


From that week we did not get any action from the enemies, yet we were concerned. The continuous week was going normal and the case was being cold day by day. After our meetings and investigation, we thought to have a lunch break at a restaurant outside with the team that day.

When we reached at a restaurant in lower Manhattan, Rhonda found a car suspected that it was chasing them from the beginning. She did not tell anyone about it as she was not sure. Nelson stepped out first from the car and I was stepping behind him. Suddenly and intense gunshot heard. It made Nelson’s left limb injured. Every people around us started screaming and rushing.

We immediately pull out our guns to shoot that man who was in the car behind us, whom Rhonda was suspecting. Rhonda saw his face clearly. A white man with long blonde hair was driving the car. He reversed the car and in the blink of seconds, he ran away with his car. Injured Nelson was screaming. But he was going to live more as his only leg was hurt but maybe he had to spend the life with one limb.

We could not chase the car as we had to take Nelson to the hospital. But Rhonda had noticed the number of the car.

Nelson was survived. And we had luckily found the owner of the car and his house. We officially got a warrant of arrest of that man named James Wayne.

A SWAT team and the police team went on to his house as soon as possible. We could see his car parked at his house in Brooklyn. The whole team was prepared and broke into the house.

I could see a man tied on the chair. A SWAT team took him at the gunpoint and asked him to surrender, but he was unconscious yet alive.

He was someone else whom we were not looking for.

He was the wrong man.

We did not understand at all the whole thing because as we had made a trap for someone, that someone had made a trapped for us from the beginning.

There was a big black poster hanging on the wall. And it was written that,


A slogan that was very famous in 1920 in New York as a flag particularly used to hoist on a building when an African American man used to get lynched. But what is the connection of it with the misfortune?

Suddenly a SWAT member yelled inside a room as he found something. The whole house was normal and clean with furniture like a family was living there.

The man got a box from inside the room and put it in my hand. The box had a note written on it with big fonds, ‘FOR POLICE’. It did not take more time to me to understand that it was all made of and we were in a trap.

I opened the box and watched it till I understood all the things. It made me laugh.

There was a hot dog placed inside with a note said, ‘you are the best Paul!’

Well, well, well, my dear hot dog friend Noah conned me from last two months just to tell me how these white people society is eating black people as a giant worm.

I never noticed but a thousand of time he used to tell me why black people are being hatred. He was the mastermind behind the plan to humiliate the police as I never thought that in last hundreds of years there were lots of false arrest or any kind of fight of police with black people had happened and he talked about it more than once.

He just opened his cart over there to understand the innermost minds of police and who knew there were others cart standing by too near at other precincts.

Oh! He said all to my face, yet I caught the wrong suspect. He injured Nelson on purpose as a big lesson to him and entrapped us here in someone’s house who is not even that criminal we were looking for. He made a team of his people to kidnap martin, to painting that wall thing and behind those video clips.

His intentions were to protect the black people, but he had mistaken in the end. He had lynched a white man that day, which made me laugh again on his smartness.

He was right that everything happened by reason. But I felt poor for the world that they judge people based on racism and make a difference between the people, make them feel low on every position.

He put an example of those events for people to learn a lesson for it. He tried something new, targeting cops other than to protest in a rally.

Well, he did the whole thing to teach the universe a lesson. But at the last, he took a wrong step.

I had to arrest him as by law, and also had to pay him for this last hot dog. 

December 18, 2020 22:14

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Lis Lovén
04:55 Sep 05, 2021

Well, I don´t know - but crimes and - really it´s difficult to get into this story. I have lived in SWeden, where we have been outside wars for twohundred years, so I want things to be POETIC ROMANTIC ROSY COLOURED...if you see what I mean. The harsh world is so devastating to my mind that I tend to reject seeing it...But anyway - keep on...


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Vinu. Agarwal
06:25 Dec 25, 2020

It was amazing my friend❤I hope you keep writing like this, and I am eagerly waiting for your next stroy


Show 0 replies
Jenne Gentry
23:41 Dec 23, 2020

I really enjoyed your story! I liked the main character and thought you did a great job with his character. It was very interesting to follow him on his case and hear his thoughts about all of the things that were happening. I loved that the villain was the very likable hot dog vendor trying to teach a lesson while Detective Nelson, a “good guy,” was the most flawed and easiest to hate. Your story had a very effective, timely, and moving message. Great job and happy holidays!!


Show 0 replies
Kaniz Shaikh
11:09 Dec 23, 2020

Wow it’s a great one !!!! Love it.


Show 0 replies
Magdalene Lam
08:22 Dec 24, 2020

It was a fantastic story, but I noticed several grammatical mistakes in the Essay. Such as Hatred should be Hated. But over all, its a great story


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