snowy drive

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Bedtime Christian Christmas

Mason was driving on a country road to his aunt Felicia's house when a blizzard rose up. He suddenly hit an icy patch. “This is all for naught. I am going to pass away in this blizzard and no one will find my body,” he thought worriedly. He was suddenly in a ditch when his life flashed before his eyes and he said in a barely audible whisper, “Jesus, I know I have not been a perfect child and I so often forget what’s important in life. Please forgive me. I have sinned in thought, word, and deed. By what I have done and what I have left undone. I know I am not worthy to be called your child. But I know you are faithful and just if we confess our sins. I want to stay in this life and live with those I love but if it is Your will I will join You with a glad heart but please don’t condemn me to the pit. I know to live is Christ to die is gain. Please send help.Amen.” With that, he exhaled and closed his eyes, and waited for help. After an hour there was a wail of sirens that signaled that an ambulance was nearby. Mason Opened his eyes and he was pretty sure his left ankle was sprained. He adjusted himself in his seat and rolled down the window. He started yelling to attract the attention of the ambulance. He had tried to call the ambulance earlier but his phone had been smashed to pieces. The ambulance passed him by. He waited still because he saw more headlights in the distance. He started unbuckling his seatbelt and had successfully opened his car door when a large semi-truck stopped in front of a large burly chested man. He was wearing only a tank top and sweatpants. “What a crazy old man to wear only that in this weather,” Mason thought as the man got closer mason saw that the man had a flame torch for a right hand and that he had no teeth. He only notices this because the man was grinning creepily as he approached Mason's car. But the man's eyes were oddly white and blank. When the man was a foot in front of the car Mason closed his eyes and said "in the name of Jesus Christ I exorcise the demon inside you." with that the demon went out and the man fell to the ground. Another hour passed when the man finally awoke. "hey where am I how did I get this torch on my arm last I remember I was doing an ouija board with friends." Mason has crawled outside to check on the guy "you had somehow become possessed and were about to murder me but I am curious what is your name," mason asked. "My name is Jacob I seem to be about thirty years older than I remember. Please tell me what city is closest and where I can get some clothes," the man asked. Mason replied "the nearest city is 50 miles east and the best place the get clothes is about 25 miles west. I could take but my car is totaled. Can you check that semi you were in and see if there is a ham radio so we could get some help." I can try to get up and walk over there." Jacob said. Jacob got up and walk to his truck and in the truck, there was a dead body in the passenger seat. Jacob suddenly fell ill. "who was I with that demon in me," he whispered to himself. He looks on the dash there was a phone he grabbed it and dialed 911. "911 what is your emergency," the dispatcher asked. "there has been an accident," Jacob replied. "can I please have your name and location," the dispatcher asked. "my name is Jacob Davidson and I'm on Ornery Lane." Jacob replied. "thank you someone will be there shortly to assist you." The dispatcher hung up and called the police "The FBI's most wanted just, called he seems unaware who he is," We'll be right there." the captain replied. Meanwhile, mason and Jacob sat freezing waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive. After a while, they heard the wail of the sirens. Jacob stood up and started waving his hands when the police captain said "put your hands where we can see them and stay sill Jacob Davidson are you hurt mason." "I think my ankle is sprained but other than that I'm ok but why are you arresting him," mason asked. "this man has murdered 50 people to this date. he is dangerous. Please stay back the" captain warned. the police put Jacob in handcuffs and arrested him. The ambulance arrived and inspected Mason. "I'm afraid the ankle is much worse than we expected I think we will have to take you to the hospital for x-rays if you could come with us." the doctor told mason. "I was on my way to my aunt's house and my phone broke so may I use your phone to call her and tell her I won't be able to make it," mason asked. "you may when we get to the hospital I'm afraid the signal out here is too spotty." the emergency medical technician replied. The ride to the hospital was long but comfortable. When they arrived mason called his aunt but there was no reply. "that's odd she hardly ever leaves home," so he tried several times throughout the next day but no reply was given. When he arrived home he filed a missing person report when the police arrived at his aunt's house there was blood splattered everywhere. "let us go in first I fear for the worst sonny," the lieutenant said. when they went into the living room they found the aunt's body. The living room was torn apart. papers were scattered everywhere. "We think Jacob the guy we found you with did this, there is a trial on Monday on whether or not he's guilty," the officer said. "But if he is he'll be given the death sentence"

November 03, 2020 19:11

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