“Varun Bhaiya – the man who cared for everyone “

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                 “Varun Bhaiya – the man who cared for everyone “

“Varun Bhaiya- that cow is injured and is bleeding badly, its lying on the road.” – cried Shiva in a anxious tone.

“Where Shiva ? Come let’s rush to it’s help!!! “ replied Varun and they both rushed to the spot where the mute animal was lying helplessly. Varun Bhaiya did not waste even a minute and called his helpers from nearby and they all shifted the poor animal in the Van and took it for treatment in the nearby hospital.

Let’s introduce “Varun Bhaiya”. Well, he was a very fair , handsome, tall and robust man who was a businessman by profession. He was into the road construction business by profession and hailed from a very rich and wealthy family. Not only was he wealthy but was blessed with a big heart as well.

“Sir – my child is very sick and we need money urgently for his operation”. One day a poor lady sobbed in front of him, on his regular visit to the hospital.

“Sure, Amma!”. “How much do you want?” asked him , holding the poor lady by her shoulder. Well, tell me the amount and take hard cash from me. This statement of his made the old lady’s face sparkle with happiness. She was helpful that her son would be treated now.

Thanks to Varun Bhaiya. Varun Bhaiya was engaged in lot of social work activities and as he also had amassed huge wealth, he also had the intention as well to spend it on who needs it.

“Will you leave anything for our children or will you spend everything on your social work?” shouted his wife angrily on him, when he went to his home in the evening. “ Well ! You don’t know how much love and blessings are we getting from the poor, helpless people who are not able to afford food, clothing , education or treatment. Do you have any idea of the blessings that are being showered on us?”. My Darling just count your blessings and we will prosper day by day.

Dr Sumiti, a very learned doctor by profession whose house Varun Bhaiya often used to visit was on the verge of getting married. Her mother , a retired govt servant asked for some financial help from him. Varun Bhaiya, gave  the amount without any questions, to her.

Time went by and Varun Bhaiya kept on helping and doing his best in helping anyone who came to his aid. As he was in construction business, once he got a assignment of building a road between the snow capped mountains in Leh, Ladakh . He was entitled for this project as it gave him a lot of business profit. It has a huge and very luring project for him.

He had to stay for nearly a month and as the region was cold , he often used to suffer with cold infections off and on.

As he was doing some work one fine morning, he noticed a small blister on his face. Well just another allergy he thought but as days passed by the blister grew in size.

Varun Bhaiya was  very practical and too casual. He din’t take it seriously , however he got a bit concerned about its growing size. Once , he came back to the city, he however was asked by his family to take doctor’s opinion.

He went to the skin doctor and was referred to consult medicine department. He got a rude shock of his life when he learnt after going through a couple of medical tests that he had “SKIN CANCER”. Varun bhaiya was a brave person. He did not become upset by his condition but he surely was now aware that he had little time left. He was also very concerned about his family as he had a old mother, wife and 2 small kids to look after. He surely worried  as to how will they be able to sustain without him and as they would not be able to take the news he hid his disease. He also continued with social work activities and formed shelter home for the old people and procured volunteers for distributing medicines in the hospital. A few months passed and though his enthusiasm was intact however, his body had  started giving up. He started getting tired and losing his stamina as the disease had spread to his whole body. As his symptoms were very visible now, his family members came to know about it and they immediately shifted him to the hospital.

He managed to pull on with 2 cycles of Chemotherapy and as he was aware of his dim chances of survival , he donated most of his wealth to the animal welfare trust as it was his great wish to get the destitute and injured animals been treated and cared for properly.

He also gave huge donations in hospitals and charitable institutions.

When asked in hospital “ How are you feeling?”, he would laugh it loud like a kid that “Nothing! Krishna the Lord will take care of me and nothing would happen to me”. His wife , kids and mother somehow on hearing this could not control their tears.

He fought like a warrior against the disease and somehow recovered a little. He was discharged for sometime on seeing his improved condition. The moment he came out, he wrote a cheque for the patients suffering from cancer in welfare hospitals where they could not afford their treatment. He also made charity for poor small children.

Everything seemed ok for sometime, and he kept on taking the blessings of the people as he believed its more important to be rich with love , than being wealthy with money.

Good things don’t last for long and his disease relapsed a very short while after his treatment and this time he was hospitalized never to be discharged again. Yes, the deadly disease had taken over his entire body and he had a multiple organ failure. His faith on God and goodness could not somehow save his mortal body, but it did help him to fight till his last breath.

Yes, certainly he was no less than a superhero. A kindhearted person, who always came to the aid and help of anyone who needed it. Always there for others, even at his own cost.

Wherever he is , he definitely must be helping out someone. Yes , such was “Varun Bhaiya”.  

July 03, 2020 16:42

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Corey Melin
17:22 Jul 04, 2020

Very warm-hearted story. Bless the ones around you and you shall be blessed. To continue even after hardships. That is truly what we are on Earth for. Well done!


Alkaa Sharma
08:58 Jul 06, 2020

thank you so much


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Ravi Joshi
17:15 Jul 03, 2020

Noble souls like Varun bhaiya are reason for humanity and humility to prosper...Very touching


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Amcomputech Sol
16:54 Jul 03, 2020



Alkaa Sharma
12:03 Jul 12, 2020



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